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Not like we need many reasons to visit a vibrant, historically rich Mediterranean capital city, here are 6 to add to the long list of why you should experience Athenian culture for a few hours or even days.

It was the heart and soul of Ancient Greece

Discover an enchanting city dominated by 5th-century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis, a hilltop citadel topped with ancient buildings including the Parthenon temple. Walk the same streets as the ancients on your way to the Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum to see preserved sculptures, vases, jewelry and more from Ancient Greece.

It’s digital nomad community is growing fast

Thanks largely to the efforts of nomadic trailblazers like Demi Papageo of Digital Nomads Go Greece, Greece’s digital nomad community is swelling, particularly in Athens. Her online community, as well as the Digital Nomads Athens Facebook community, are slowly building online resources for savvy location independent workers to figure out how to make Athens the next Bali of Europe. Link up with locals and nomads alike to collaborate and inspire the new wave of Greek digital infrastructure.

It’s really beautiful

From the historic Acropolis to the legendary Parthenon, Athens is home to some of the world’s most ancient and acclaimed historical sites. Every alley and avenue is steeped in history with each turn taking you on a journey through the generations. The Plaka district serves up authentic Greek culture in the boatload and is renowned for its ancient trees, green leaf canopies and coffee shops and restaurants. The views from the mountains are breathtaking.

It’s super affordable

The economic uncertainty of Europe over the past few years has yielded some rather unfortunate circumstances for some EU countries, with Greece having been forced to undergo some transformational economic sanctions and austerity measures. Fortunately for travellers this has resulted in price drops across the board, making Greece one of Europe’s most affordable travel destinations.

The food

Take a gastronomic tour of one of Europe’s most distinct and vibrant food cultures. You can eat your way through the city in a few days and still only cover the tip of the iceberg cake. From authentic street food to the well-appointed restaurants of the Plaka district you can digest the culture and live like a local. We’ve all got our favorite Greek classic dishes, from bakalairo and flaouna to traditional lamb meatball pitas, if you haven’t tasted them in Athens then you haven’t really lived.

The people

The Greeks have an esteemed, illustrious and rich heritage that is so infectious you’ll be smashing plates in no time. Athens is the melting pot for Greeks form all across the nation, where the dynamism of past and present culture becomes entwined in the bustling chaos of the city streets. Rub shoulders with the descendants of Socrates and Plato as they win you over with their unique culture and fascinating traditions.