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Bastian Barami

Blogger and Entrepreneur

“It wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that Nomad Cruise has changed my life. It’s not the first time I’ve participated in coworking and coliving concepts. But in the middle of the Atlantic? – In regular coworking spaces you often just have superficial relationships with the people you meet there since they are often on the road anyways. But if you are on a cruise ship on the Atlantic for two weeks with about 500 other like-minded „weirdos,“ you can’t escape and will inevitably end up having way deeper conversations and really get to know each other. You are willing to sacrifice more time since you can’t expect to have a flawless internet connection at all times in the middle of the ocean.

Apart from getting to know awesome people, with whom I’ve traveled through numerous countries, I also gained a lot of insights from experts in many different fields, and I truly value the inspiration one gets from all the workshops and mastermind session.

It’s tough to put the whole experience into a few words, but I can’t think of an event that I’d rather recommend and always be part of again.”

Bastian is an online entrepreneur, public speaker and founder of the infamous German blog Officeflucht. He travels the world on a mission to change conventional career thinking and shows his audience alternative ways to “be successful” and live a self determined life. He is an expert in the Airbnb field and sets up multiple home bases around the world, that he runs remotely and automated.

“I’ve been a full-time digital nomad for three years now, and while I know
that’s a long time already, going on the Nomad Cruise made me believe that
this lifestyle is actually more sustainable than I ever thought.

Firstly, the community that you get along with the cruise is well-curated and lasting, which I think is because it naturally attracts people who love to learn from others, to share what they know, and believe you can never have enough friends. The cruise itself can be an intense trip, as you spend every day meeting interesting people, attending inspiring talks and practical workshops, and having non-stop new experiences both on and off-board.

In the end, you walk away with more knowledge, skills, inspiration, personal insight, and connections than you’d believe. I really can’t recommend it enough for current digital nomads, as well as wannabe nomads, or just anyone looking to get inspired.”

Stefan Klumpp

Co-Founder and CEO Mobile Jazz

“Being a nomad now for over 10 years and running my own remote company for 7 years, my biggest learning has been: you can’t do it alone. You need the help and support of other people in order to be successful in life. And while I know already many people, the Nomad Cruise has been a fantastic experience to connect with amazing new people and re-connect deeply with those that I’ve known already. In our current times of hustle and bustle and constant connectivity, being forced to disconnect from the Internet for 2 weeks during the Nomad Cruise is actually a very pleasant change.”

Mobile Jazz co-founder Stefan Klumpp grew up in a small town in the Black Forest in Germany. After dropping out of high school he started an apprenticeship as a car mechanic and decided from then on to live the life he really wanted.
This path lead him to developing self-driving cars at Stanford University, attempting to become a professional kitesurfer on Maui, and finally to running a multi-million dollar business out of a camper van whilst traveling the world.
He has managed to achieve all that with just one goal in mind: making people happy.

“On a surface level, the Nomad Cruise was a thrilling experience – 13 days spent at sea taking in the Atlantic Ocean and four Caribbean Islands was an unforgettable journey I’ll savor for many years.

But I think the real benefit for me was something deeper – the close friendships and bonds that will surely last a lifetime, the workshops I attended and the personal growth I ultimately underwent as a result of the experience.

I’d like to thank the entire Nomad Cruise Team for all their tireless work in making this spectacular event happen; their attention to detail, ability to make everyone comfortable and welcome coupled with their excellent organizational skills all came together to make my 13 days at sea a truly unforgettable experience.”

Pearl Design is a Hong-Kong based “direct response” web design company, working with copywriters, marketers, entrepreneurs and others who believe that a website must earn its keep and produce results, as opposed to merely produce vanity metrics like shares, impressions, and likes.

Keith Commins

Founder & Webdesigner

Julie Clark

Founder & CEO
Capa Consulting Group

“As a busy business owner of a distributed team, this was the perfect trip to bring everyone together and bond on a deeper level. The experiences my team shared were priceless, personal, and life-changing. This trip was well organized from the time before leaving until the time we returned home. Any questions we had beforehand were answered in the form of a very detailed email. Their level of execution, during the two weeks, made it possible for our team to focus on engaging and enjoying my time on and off.

The Nomad Cruise organizers were a perfect mix of personality, fun, informative, entertaining, attentive and helpful. They created an environment that fostered organic and meaningful friendships.

Whether you’re looking for self-enrichment, networking, business and skill development, travel, goal-establishing, or friendship; Nomad Cruise will exceed your expectations. On our flight home from our first Nomad Cruise, we started planning our next Nomad Cruise. We’re hooked!”

Capa Consulting Group is a Philadelphia-based social recruitment and HR consulting company with a 100% remote team.

“Nomad Cruise was an amazing experience for us. When we signed up, we had no idea what to expect. Yes, we knew we were going to cross the Atlantic and only see water for over a week and visit some exotic Caribbean islands. What we found was a group of enthusiastic, friendly and open-hearted new friends. All the fun you get out of eating fancy dinners every night and enjoying all the amenities of the cruise pales in comparison to all the activities, workshops, talks and meetups facilitated by Nomad Cruise.

There is never a dull moment when you put 150+ interesting people in one place – you know amazing things will happen. From Salsa dancing at the disco to creating new business ventures and playing guitar to the sound of the waves, Nomad Cruise was a great experience that we hope to enjoy again very soon. By far the best thing about the Nomad Cruise are all the amazing people you meet and their stories.”

All Digital Media is an Online Marketing Agency based in the US that specializes in helping small business owners generate more leads and sales with effective Web Design, SEO, and Social Media Management.

Santiago Sosa & Victoria Zapata

All Digital Media

Greg Berry

Founder & CEO

“When a friend of mine first suggested the Nomad Cruise to me, I thought it sounded awesome and a great way to get away and meet new people while crossing off a bucket list item… crossing the Atlantic Ocean by boat! When I arrived to board, I only knew a few people and not really well.

Two weeks later, on the other side of the Ocean, I came away with new friends from all over the world and real, actionable tactics and tools I could immediately implement in my business. From advice taken from workshops I attended, the two workshops I ran, and simply talking shop with my shipmates, we were able to see measurable increases in specific areas of our business.

One example was implementing tactics which have helped our Instagram followers grow from 50 to over 7,500, average likes from about 3 to 150 per post, and email subscriptions from our Instagram landing page go from 0 to hundreds, all within six months. We were also able to further refine our sales funnels, especially through Facebook, with advice from fellow entrepreneurs.”

Municibid is an online auction site that allows US-based governments and schools to more easily and efficiently auction surplus goods and forfeitures to the public in an easy-to-use and convenient manner. 

“Nomad Cruise was an important experience for me. After three years as a nomad, it was harder and harder to work on my own. I chose to go on this trip to meet other nomads and to find motivation again. The people I met challenged me and my ideas and it was a complete success.

Of course, the experience was more than that. It was also a great journey across the Atlantic Ocean, and an opportunity to connect with awesome people whom I now call friends.

It’s not the first time I participate in an event like this, including traveling and networking, but I have been impressed by the organization and communication skills of the Nomad Cruise Team. They contributed to making this trip perfect.”

Tour Monde is a successful French travel blog.

Christopher Guyon

Founder and Author

Stella Romana Airoldi

Founder and Designer
22 Stars Jewelry | 22 Stars Kids Foundation

I’ve been on my third Nomad Cruise trip, and I’m already booked for my fourth! As a nomad with my projects in Uganda, I travel most of the time in Africa. I love it there, but it can be a bit lonely at times, and I really missed a community of like-minded people to co-work and travel with. I found this kind of community at the Nomad Cruise!

I found friendships that will last a lifetime. After the three cruises I have done so far, I co-lived and co-worked with several Nomad Cruisers for another month after. Since almost everyone at Nomad Cruise works remotely, we are all super flexible to meet up with each other around the world.

Also, the co-working with each other and the workshops helped my company a lot. I run a social jewelry business, kids foundation and I will organize four social workations in Uganda in 2017. Thanks to Nomad Cruise I found people who were helping me with my website, give valuable feedback and helped me to the next level. Also, I am proud to say that at least 20 people that I met through Nomad Cruise are long-term sponsors of my children at the 22STARS KIDS Foundation and also, a couple of Nomad Cruisers were already in Uganda to visit my projects!”

22STARS is a Uganda based social jewelry company, with products that are made from 100% recycled paper. The company empowers Acholi women who survived the war in Northern Uganda and who now co-design and produce jewelry. The 22STARS KIDS Foundation allows children to attend school and protect them from child labor.

“The thought of being offline while cruising across the Atlantic was at first, one that had me in heart palpitations. But that feeling quickly dissipated as we set sail. Being offline enabled me to meet and connect with people from so many different backgrounds with varied skill sets, and allowed me to really value my time more generally.

I was privileged to host a talk and workshop to an audience who were hungry to learn and keen to participate – which was a real thrill to be a part of. I gained valuable insights from experts in so many different fields and made real connections with people.

Lina, Johannes, and the team got the balance of work and play just right. I thank them for the opportunity to join them on board, and I leave Nomad Cruise filled with new ideas, new wonderful friendships, and lasting memories.”

Melissa has been a marketer for 12 years in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) for two of Australia’s largest food companies, managing multi-million dollar brands. Recently, she successfully transitioned to self-employment to pursue the digital nomad lifestyle.

Melissa Packham

Entrepreneur & Marketer