The Concept

The concept of working remotely has established over the last years and without a doubt: the number of people who can work location independently is growing fast. People from different fields quit their jobs or change their positions to live the nomad lifestyle. Nomad Cruise jumps in, where decisions have been made: living life on the road, independently, free. But lonely? Nope. We are a networking catalyst. We put 200 people on a boat and introduce them to each other. We create an environment of learning, sharing, creating, and connecting.

We make you go unplugged for a week or two and dive into the incredible possibilities provided by the pool of talented, motivated, and successful people, who join us on our journeys across the Atlantic. We don’t offer trips. We offer experiences of a lifetime.

What starts on a boat may never actually end. We lay the base for friendships, collabs, and projects, which commence on the cruise but may last a lifetime. Nomad Cruise is not just a travel agency. It’s a community.

What we stand for








Founder, CEO
& Visionary

Blame him. He had the idea. In 2015 Johannes turned a crazy flash of genius into a company, which today has connected over 450 participants from more than 40 countries. After years of digital nomading, he sought to create a platform for individuals like him, who wanted to connect with like-minded people sharing the same lifestyle. He started the Web Work Travel online community, wrote a guidebook for digital nomads, founded Nomad Cruise and the rest is history.



Community Manager &
your on-board Mama

You read it – she wrote it. While she is in charge of all communications, Lina also executes the pre-cruise organization as well as the on-board conference management. After discovering nomadism on the first cruise, she helped Johannes develop a vision for the onboard program. Together they implemented today's structure and tools. Aboard she is the host of the conference and your go-to person if you got lost, missed information or forgot what’s next on the program.



Creative Mastermind
& Cruise Pioneer

Like what you see? Sascha designed it. He’s responsible for our über fresh appearance, the website, the banners, the t-shirts, the wristbands, the graphics, the maps and pretty much anything else that is Nomad Cruise related. He knew of Johannes’ vision before anybody else did and keeps the earth below our feet when our ideas get a little too big or things go a little crazy in the Nomad Cruise headquarters. Challenge him to a round of Ping-Pong, and bring a gin and tonic – just in case.



Customer Support
& Red Tape Specialist

Any questions? Ask Reni. She is the brain of the operation, sorting out all the red tape that Nomad Cruise faces day in and day out. Also, she secures your bookings, does all ticketing and billing. She pretty much gets you on board. Thank the Lord.
She likes numbers, structure, and she likes Ryan Gosling. And we like her. So we're pretty darn excited to have her on our team, with all the loveliness that she conveys, all her smart ideas and all the skills that she brings to the Nomad Cruise Team.



Conference Management
& Chief Nomad Fairy

Sara came into our lives during Nomad Cruise III, where she spread her fairy dust like Tinkerbell. She is here to help. In her position as Conference Management Assistant, she can combine all her strengths: her strong organization skills, her creative problem-solving approaches and her ability to give kudos right when they’re needed. Approach her when you need an honest compliment, a genuine smile or a bit of positivity. She brightens our days, and surely she will do the same for you.



Media Production Manager
& Master of Storytelling

Talking about fairy dust: Erin does her magic by asking the right questions at the right time. With her ideas, she sparks joy and our own creativity, and we couldn’t be more content to have her as our new media production manager aboard. Erin’s portfolio includes reporting courtside at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, being a correspondent for CBS News Radio, and social justice filmmaking in New York City. In May, she will take over the coverage of Nomad Cruise IV and tell the stories we will all be writing together.

Comments or Questions?

Check out our FAQs for any unanswered questions or shoot us a message, if your can’t find a satisfying answer. We can’t wait for you to join us on board.




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