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Four of the Best – A Conference with a Difference

By November 5, 2018 No Comments

A networking conference in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, sounds awe-inspiring and that’s definitely the case. Of course, being on a cruise ship is great, but what makes Nomad Cruise so special is our unique conference program. Nomad Cruise is a skill-sharing conference. What this means is, our community is based on knowledge sharing and an openness that results in spreading great ideas and lots of support. This is where you and all the other nomads joining you on this journey come into the picture! With hundreds of us on the on one boat, there is an insane amount of knowledge and skills onboard. To ensure we all get the benefit of this expertise, we use four different ways insight and knowledge are shared during our conference program.

Our Nomad Cruise Alumni are probably very familiar with Talks, Workshops, and Specials already. But this time around we’ve added something extra special. Without a doubt, there will still be a bunch of inspiring talks and refreshing workshops for you. But going forward Keynotes will play a major role in our program. Not sure what the difference is between Keynotes and Talks are? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this sweet little blog post we’re going to explain all the formats you will be exposed to during this 13-day adventure. So let’s get to it.


Every conference day will be kickstarted with 3 Keynote Speakers. These speeches will hold value for the whole community and will last approximately 30 minutes. Keynotes will be held by very experienced speakers with tons of knowhow on their subject of choice. You will be enlightened by motivational messages, general business thought-starters and personal development perks. Everybody can and should join these sessions, there will be space for everyone. We really encourage all Nomad Cruisers to attend these fascinating Keynotes. We guarantee that you will be touched, inspired or amazed and all this before lunchtime.


For those who have been Nomad Cruising before talks are nothing new. But we’ve made a few small adjustments: we’ve moved the Talks to the afternoon and made them more subject specific. Talks will last up to 60 minutes, so the speakers will have more time to really deep-dive into their topic promising you a more detailed look into the subject matter. Between fifty and eighty people are able to join an afternoon talk. It’ll work on a first come, first served basis, so make sure you’re on time for the talks that you’re dying to see. This change also means that Talks will take place in a more intimate setting than the Keynotes. These talks will cover almost every subject under the sun including everything from international tax law, cryptocurrency to photography and ways to master house sitting. The list of talks we have confirmed is long and you can be sure that you’ll find something of value, either associated with your field of interest or ideas that you really want to know more about. We’ve done this so you can choose the topics you are truly interested in. This way you get the most out of your Nomad Cruise conference experience. .


When it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Our Workshops have always been a great success so we thought why to mess with a winning recipe. And why would we? For those who’ve never gone to a workshop, you’re in for a treat. In these sessions, the workshops workshop facilitator (that’s you guys) really get into the meat of the topic. You’ll get a real hands-on experience of how to overcome a challenge that is facing you, some practical guidance on how to implement a new idea and frequently you’ll even get to look at your own business or personal situation and get help there and then with anything you’ve been struggling with. During Workshops the facilitators will work with you, so you can practice your newly learned skills on the spot. In ninety minutes,  facilitators will share their skills and passions with you all while imparting tips and tricks that will allow you to get better at whatever it is you’ve been longing to accomplish. This is your opportunity to participate actively! All Workshops will accommodate in small groups of 30-50 people and will happen after lunch. Get ready to upgrade your skill set in a fun and supportive environment.


Last but not least: our Specials. Past cruises included a few special events here and there, but for NC7 we’re integrating our Specials into our conference program. Generally, these are pretty active sessions that involve a lot of people. Think ecstatic dancing, salsa classes or meditation. As many as 200 people can join the Specials and they will be held in the disco. Specials have been very successful in the past, they’re often the events that help nomads build true bonds with each other and this time around we’re sure we’ve selected the best nomads to lead these sessions to ensure you get the most out of each one. Have you ever attended a deep connection workshop, a speed networking event or learned about emotional blockages and how to release them? If your answer is yes, then you already know it is amazing and we expect you’ll be there again. If not: this is your chance to experience something that you’ve never done before. Specials take place in the afternoon and will last up to 90 minutes. When you leave the room expect to feel lighter and happier. These are what we like to call feel-good sessions.

So now you see! This is what makes Nomad Cruise so special. You get exposed to loads of new ideas from incredible individuals who cover a wide range of topics. It’d be impossible for you not to find something you’re interested in. So now the only thing you have to do is choose! Check out the conference program for Nomad Cruise 7 and meet our speakers and workshops facilitators. We invite and encourage everybody to share what they know best. It doesn’t have to be on a stage though, you can always organize a meetup with a few people or do a one-on-one session with your cabin mate, new best friend or dance buddy. So buckle up and be ready to get inspired by a bunch of like-minded people all while enjoying everything there is to see and do on an all-expense paid cruise ship. Join us for a  journey of a lifetime!