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Take a look at the program of our third cruise to get an idea of the awesomeness awaiting for you on Nomad Cruise 6!


Dive into the endless world of skills, experiences and tipps that will be shared on the upcoming cruise to Santo Domingo. Meet the people who will tell there stories, share their wisdom, and who will help you get where you want to get.
They might change your life.

Want to organize a workshop on our May cruise?



Melissa Packham – “How to create a killer brand blueprint: Awesome brands begin here”

Melissa has been a marketer for 12 years in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) for two of Australia’s largest food companies, managing multi-million dollar brands: Parmalat (market-leading impulse beverages), and Campbell Arnott’s (marketing Australia’s favourite biscuits, and the iconic Campbell’s Soup).

Creating a brand blueprint to guide your path is the key to a strong, enduring brand. In her talk Melissa is going to illustrate how marketing isn’t just about advertising. Creating a brand isn’t just about designing a logo. True marketing is strategic, and begins with brand strategy, and is something which is relevant for ALL businesses, no matter what size or stage. Brand strategy captures everything: who you’re in the sandpit with, who you’re talking to, what you uniquely offer, why your audience should believe you, how you speak to them, why you exist. A brand blueprint acts as the summary of this – your brand’s DNA.

Greg Curtin – “Losing Yourself – A Talk on Work/Life Balance”

Greg has worked in four continents with experience a diversity of industries. He holds a BA in Finance and he’s an active member of the couchsurfing community since 2006.

In his talk, Greg will share a journey of stories showcasing the successes and challenges of balancing the age old work/life dilemma. Focusing on non-traditional jobs, this talk will dive into the warning signs, self awareness, comfort zones, and relationships one needs to keep on track in the future. Life lessons, humorous stories, and even a few action scenes will be sprinkled in throughout the talk. Benefits of the advice given will be backed up by researchers, psychologists, and, of course, other successful entrepreneurs. The Q&A session will allow for audience criticism, questions, and further sharing of personal stories. A meet-up later in the day will be planned as well to delve deeper into your specific journey and how the talk relates to you.

Johannes Voelkner – “Taking small steps – Lessons learned from starting Nomad Cruise”

Johannes is the founder of Nomad Cruise. He is the mastermind behind all the ideas that lead to this journey. He had to make decisions and take responsibility.

Many people think that we started Nomad Cruise with a simple Facebook post. While this is true, it’s also only half of the story. Nomad Cruise is the result of over 6 years of work. It’s the story of failing, writing an ebook that no one cared about, a lucky shot at a 4 hour work week business and one of the largest Facebook groups for digital nomads. In his talk Johannes will give you an insight into the early beginnings of digital nomadism and the hype around it, and he will share with you where we’re planning to head with this amazing project.

Adam Suckling – “Structure and Creativity: How to harness the creative beast”

Adam was a product development food technologist for 8 years. In that role, he took new food product concepts and made them a reality. He has launched over 100 new products.

In his talk, Adam will share his experience leaving the corporate world (and its meetings, politics and structure), to pursue the digital nomad lifestyle. As many others in his position, he was ambitioned, had a thousand ideas and was going to make all of them work without being weighed down by the slow people and processes of corporate land. He will illustrate how he could only make process, when he found his way of incorporating some discipline and some structure into his new lifestyle. He learned to embrace some of the process I had left behind. Being creative is fun. Systems, not so much. Structure doesn’t need to inhibit the creative process though. With the focus that some organisation can provide, creativity can become innovation that will lead to success. The talk will cover the structures that aid Ideation, Research, Project Choice, Timelines and Launch.

Neil Kelliher – “How to get started, survive & thrive in a competitive online market.”

Neil has ten years of experience working as a multi award winning personal trainer and founder/owner/operator of Inta-Fitness Personal Training in Melbourne, Australia and two years in SEO reputation management. In 2011 he transitioned from in person training to online training and created a complete downloadable diet and exercise system as well as the 28 Day Flat Belly Challenge in early 2013.

In his talk Neil is going to share his best advice on digital product creation & delivery, email marketing, overcoming adversity (eg. shut down ad accounts or merchant account such as paypal), lead generation (free reports/tripwire), customer relationship building, product ascension. He is also going to introduce you to the world of online advertising (fb/adwords etc – do’s and dont’s), software/s to use, and he will explain how to create a personal brand/identity.

Michael Seifarth – “HTTP2 – A revolution 15 years on the making”

Michael is a web developer from Germany, who has moved to Spain recently. He has worked as a freelancer in the past, but now settled down with a Dutch company.

In his talk, Michael is going to illustrate how HTTP is the new protocol to transfer websites over the internet. The internet changed a lot since it was first developed over 15 ago and the new HTTP2 changes a lot for developers and designers alike. Various practices to make websites faster for the users we adapted over the years are not necessary anymore or even hindering now. You’ll explore some of the concepts introduced with HTTP2 and he will explain how it makes life easier for developers, designers and even users.

Imke van Kuppeveld – Being true to yourself in a sea of outside expectations and distractions

Imke is a Lifestyle coach who loves writing.

Originally she’s a physiotherapist and mostly worked in the psychosomatic sector, where she learned a lot about how our body, mind and heart are constantly connected. Imke believes that in life there is always a choice. That life, with all its experiences, is always working for you, not against you. Even in moments you find yourself in totally lack of focus or questioning what purpose actually drives you.

It is so easy to get distracted these days. Social media, social pressure, expectations from others and not to forget expectations from yourself. Everything seems possible. How than to keep focus on what is most important for you? She will share her best tools to get (and keep!) focus, but she will also help you discover what is holding you back from being focused most and how your brain is from major impact on this.

Jo Sprague – “Ya Tu Sabe – An Intro to the Dominican Republic”

Jo is a software engineer for a company in Oakland, California. He’s been working remotely for almost three years. But best of all, he considers the Dominican Republic his second home. Before going remote, he spent years in the Dominican Republic volunteering at a school.

Well aren’t we lucky? In his talk, Jo is going to share his insight into the Dominican culture. He is going to introduce us to language, music, food and culture, but also he’s going to give us valuable advice on dating and other practical tips for making the most of our time in the Dominican Republic.

Bouwke Franssen – “Leadership – a Love Story”

Bouwke has an academic background in organisation science, psychology and social psychology. In her last job, before going nomad, she was a change manager / coach in a medical institute. She worked with professionals, mainly doctors. A very specific group of people. Bouwke loves working with people. People have stories, all different, but also with a lot in common, more than we know. In her last job she tried to bring personal stories together with the story of the organisation. In her talk she will share her insights about leadership. She will share her experience of how being a leader can lead to change and development in the most beneficial way. She will also illustrate how listening to employees / people and their stories helps her in creating meaning in her and their professional life. Leadership a love story is about personal leadership and storytelling to help with change.

Mike Miler – “Avoiding the most common WordPress mistakes”

Mike is an undercover king of WordPress. He supports people creating their own WordPress website. He understood early on that the design part of creating a website is pretty easy. His work is crucial for his clients when it comes to the technical part. Nobody really enjoys doing that. But with his experience Mike has built up a loyal clientele over the last years. More than that, he’s currently building a network of experts for SEO, legal advice, copywriting, graphic design and so on, to provide the best possible optimization of his clients’ websites. In his talk he will share his best tips and the most common issues his clients face.

Jackie Hole – “Adwords for Nomads – A Beginners Guide”

Jackie is a Multi Award Winning International SEM Strategist, Consultant & Trainer. Also a judge for UK, EU and USA Search Awards and Digital Nomad at heart. In her talk she will introduce you to the system of paid media. She explain what you can do to be found in the interwebs and  what Adwords, Bing, Facebook Advertising, Twitter Ads and Youtube can do for you.
Paid media is constantly changing but it’s the perfect profession for today’s digital nomad. This talk takes you through the basics and shows you how to avoid the pitfalls of the paid media like a pro.

Torsten Kramer – An Introduction to Investing into Stocks

Torsten is both a computer scientist and an outdoor fanatic. So he’s pretty experienced with the ups and downs in life. He started investing his money when he left school and thus experienced the last major crashes (dot com and Lehman) and used them as a growth opportunity. Since the Lehman crash he has massively broadened his knowledge about where to find valid information and how to read it. He’s aware that history repeats.

In his talk he will help you understand investing with its complicated business speak. He will illustrate why you should invest, too, even if you know somebody who knows somebody who already lost a lot money with stocks. Protecting his money from inflation long-term is his biggest concern and it should be yours as well. He will equip you with the most important tips and tricks about stock market investing and teach you about its assets like shares, bonds, fonds and ETFs. He will cover the most important financial ratios and also he will give you a short introduction to strategies (e.g. growth against value) and into chart patterns.

Nikola Krzalic – “Crypto Currencies and how they affect YOU”

Nikola works as a consultant in the area of IT infrastructures. This is a background type of job, that mostly involves setting up the infrastructure that runs various software products and companies. One of the companies he currently works with is a FinTech startup which has created a crypto based transaction platform.

In his talk, Nikola is going to introduce you to the topic of crypto currencies from a more general point of view. He will explain to you how they work and how they affect our society compared to traditional (fiat) currencies.

Bori Vigh – ‘The Bucket List’

When Bori was eleven years old, she saw a documentary about the tango in Buenos Aires. She  decided, that she would have to see it at some point in her life. As many Hungarians don’t travel she didn’t even realize that it is possible to just grab your backpack and go, but she did anyway. The moment she saw tango dancers for the first time quite literally  changed my life. She realized, she don’t want to make a living based on promotions, diplomas or bonuses at a company. She wanted to live based on my bucket list. She wrote down all the crazy things she had  always wanted to do, but never thought she could.

When she started to talk to people about this project, she understood that people had no clue what to write on their own paper. They didn’t how to identify their wishes or even if they did: how to reach these goals. So  she created a “formula” to solve these problems and this is exactly what she will talk about.


Michelle Kutzner – “Creative Photography”

Michelle (or as we call her: Shelly) is an Online & Photo-Designer with over twelve years of experience in advertising, who studied digital media & photography in USA & Germany. Photography has been her #1 passion for years – from commercial, art, portrait to travel photography.

It’s always a great challenge to bring fresh perspectives into your photography and create something new. So in her workshop Shelly is going to get you inspired and teach you new photography techniques for a more creative & fun approach. Creative photography is going to give you a new perspective on life, isolating truth and preserving reality. Everybody can be creative. Learn to see & photograph the “world” in a different way.

The workshop is divided into theory & practice. After a photo presentation with some useful hints and new ideas, we are going on an experimental photowalk. Bring your favourite Camera, no matter if mobile or SLR Camera. It’s not about your Camera, it’s more about YOU! So let’s create something new and unprecedented “while painting with light”.

Derek Murphy – “How to use a book to grow your business.”

Derek started an editing company and a book design company while finishing his Ph.D. in Literature, and has switched to online courses lately so he can focus more time on writing. His books get about 500 downloads a day.

Books are useful for more than just credibility boosting – they establish you as a trusted expert and can also help you stand out and get found online, even in competitive markets. And they’re much easier to write and produce than you probably think they are. We’ll talk about how to write and design a book that fits your brand goals, how to do a bestselling book launch, and how to leverage your book into a reliable lead-generation machine that brings a steady stream of clients or customers.

Viktor Vincej – Let’s get ready for SEO in 2017”

Viktor is an online marketer, founder of & & With over five years of experience in digital marketing, such as, SEO, social media, affiliate marketing, PPC.

In his workshop, Viktor is going to share his best SEO advice hand-on. As he himself despises the generic blur of advice out there, he will illustrate his content with examples and answer specific questions with precise answers. It’s time to have open discussion / workshop about the best SEO tips, techniques, strategies and start ranking in 2017. Topics: content, back-linking, smart guest posting, social media impact, tools, common mistakes etc.

Ulrich Demmel – “How to organize a retreat in your own field of interest”

Ulrich isn’t just one thing. He believes that shifting your professional focus every ten years keeps life interesting. So far, he has focused on academic teaching, dance teaching, manual therapy as an Osteopath and Rolfer®, but also organizing retreats in the field of dance.

In his workshop, Ulrich is going to share to his own experience organizing retreats and events for Tango dance. He’s going to illustrate where his passion for his job is coming from, how he does organizational work around his ‘dream’, how he stays in touch with partners long term, how he can bring people together.

Together you will identify your own retreat theme of choice, analyze important issues when setting up and marketing a retreat, structure the organization process.

Tina Reimer – “The Language of your Body – Heal yourself with the power of foods and lifestyle choices”

Tina is a trained TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) nutritionist. After having struggled with her own health for a while, she discovered the nutrition concept of TCM and realized how much it benefited her own health. She educated herself on the topic and soon TCM changed her life from struggling to healthy.

In her Workshop she’s going to share her knowledge about the connection between our body, our mind, our soul and nutrition. Traditional Chinese Medicine could help you find balance between body, mind and soul. She will show why nutrition, movement, breathing and emotions are the pillars of your balance, and she will also introduce you to how your organs, their functions and emotions are related to each other. Characteristics, impact and effects of foods could help you to heal yourself. Find out how you can change your nutrition (and lifestyle) to get healthier, fitter and more comfortable.

Julie Paelinck – “Health Action – Take it Healthy!”

Julie is a half French, half Flamish Belgian and half physiotherapist, half superwoman. To be more precise, she is currently studying health and nutrition at Cadence Health Institute and holds a Masters in physiotherapy. She’s gained experience working with disabled kids and elderly people in hospitals and schools and also worked in a private physio practice for a couple of years. In her years in the practice she noticed that many of her patients had a lot of questions about their health in general and the right types of food to eat to feel good. That’s why I decided to dig a little deeper into this subject of nutrition and health, since it has always been a special interest of mine.

In her workshop she is going to give answers on a balanced and healthy lifestyle. She’s going to explain to benefits of healthy lifestyle choices and share her knowledge she accumulated over her studies and her experience.

Jessica Weber & Göran Hielscher: “Commonalities of Love and Business relationships“

Jessy has a background in communication in society and economics in Berlin. In 2014 she co-founded the German online magazine „Krautreporter“ through a successful crowd funding campaign with almost one million euros. She was then responsible for the community management and learned how to mediate between the journalists and authors – an unexpected challenge as so many of them are used to act as lone wolves instead of accumulating their expertise in a pack. Göran (mostly called Gö) is a workshop maniac, both as an attendee and a facilitator. He became a workshop facilitator for creativity, design thinking and conscious relationships & sexuality.

Being home in the business realm as well as in the conscious community, Göran’s and Jessy’s aim is to built a bridge between both of them, hence they created „Commonalities of Love and Business relationships“ an exploratory workshop especially for the cruise. With „Commonalities of Love and Business relationships“ they created an exploratory workshop especially for the cruise!

Amy Daroukakis – “You Can Always Change Direction“

Amy splits her time between advising companies on the latest food and lifestyle trends, helping expats plant roots in Berlin via her co- owned company, Bee in Berlin and coming soon, a line of Uncomfortable greeting cards.  Amy has proudly been fired three times, divorced once, seduced a twenty-four-year-old, called six cities home, traveled to sixty and convinced the US government to give her a four-year visa via an eco-friendly sex toy business that she started. In her workshop, Amy will have you listen and – if you’d like – open up:
Beginnings cannot happen without endings. But that’s not what we tend to share. Celebrations are shared but hurt and healing tend to be hidden. This interactive workshop is about  sharing our collective failures, unexpected left turns and scraped knees. Since we’re all sailing into a new year, now is the perfect time to pause, reflect and in some cases re-chart where you want to go in 2017.

Rebekka Burch – “Attract the right people! – How to create an irresistible LinkedIn Profile”

Rebekka has been working in sales and marketing for years. What she loves most about it is to bringing the right people together. About two years ago she started “Telephone Rockstars” with her business partner, first offering Telemarketing Services for B2B Costumers. By using LinkedIn the extended their service as the main medium for finding new prospects for our customers, because it’s just amazing how easily you can find exactly the right people, who would benefit from what you have to offer.They are now running Campaigns on LinkedIn (and Xing, a German business platform) for B2B Costumers and show people how to use these platforms effectively.

In her workshop she will illustrate how LinkedIn is a highly effective search engine. Guided by the question of “How to be found by your potential prospects?” she will lead a very hands-on workshop with the intention to create (or optimize) your LinkedIn Profile. Together you will answer the questions: “Whom do you help?” and “How do you help them?” and find our how to get this information into the relevant sections on LinkedIn. Rebekka will focus on the following questions/tasks: “What should your Profile- and Background-Picture look like to attract the right people?”, “Finding a good headline” and “ How to structure your profile and pimp it with relevant media information?”

Keith Commins – “Succesful Email-Marketing”

Keith worked in IT systems and networks since college before setting up a web design agency in 2011. He struggled for 2 years to land a consistent stream of clients until he discovered “direct response” marketing, specifically email marketing and list building to not only produce a steady stream of clients but work with a better type of client also.

For freelancers arguably their biggest challenge is developing reliable systems to produce a steady stream of new clients. Often they turn to freelancing sites like Up works and Odesk to find clients, but the problem with these places is that often the quality of client leaves a lot to be desired. You will work for less than your true worth, and endure hassle with fussy clients who often will pay late, if at all. What if there was a way to work with the kind of clients that pay well, and are all round less hassle to deal with? Enter email marketing. Email marketing gives you the opportunity to demonstrate value, authority, and expertise to potential clients by building a relationship with them over time. It allows you to show up in their inbox day in day out, and demonstrate you’ve got the chops to solve their problems. In this talk, he’ll cover how to build a responsive email list of potential clients, and how you can use that list to land as many high-quality clients as your hands can handle.

Daniela Schubert and Heiko Harthun – “Writing a successful blog”

Daniela is Social Media Manager and Blogger and together with her boyfriend Heiko, who Coach & Public Speaking Expert/Trainer, they write the successful German food blog ‘Teekesselchen’.

In their workshop they will talk about first steps getting an own website as well as Social Media skills and being a successful blogger. They address both beginners and more advanced bloggers. Daniela and Heiko will clarify which skills you will need, what you should know about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Co., and how do you can organize writing a blog besides working full-time. They want you and your blogging to reach a whole new level. They will give inspire you to try out new ideas, create structures and finally tick off some to do’s  in order to let your blog shine in a new light. Let’s get some new blogs started on the cruise!

Marijke Hoebee – “Vlogging for the win – the hidden benefits of VIDEO for your company”

Marijke is a filmmaker and she has realized big projects for international companies. A few years ago she started teaching filmmaking for media/communications professionals. She understood that more and more people want to make video’s, with a (semi-)professional look, without having to break the bank on hiring a filmmaker or buying expensive gear.

Video is not the latest hype. It’s here to stay and the demand for moving images is growing explosively. Facebook predicts about 70% of all mobile traffic in 2021 will be video. Using video as a marketing tool is becoming almost obligatory for running a business. Everyone can make videos nowadays. It’s as easy a pointing your mobile phone and pushing the record button. But making a reallyl engaging video people like to watch is a different story. OK, video it is, but where do you start having (almost) no fancy camera gear and/or filming experience? The focus of this workshop will be on VLOG’ing and making movies yourself with ease. What gear suits your purpose, how can you quick and easy edit your movies and make compelling videos on the go? And most importantly, what makes a video interesting to watch?

Elmar Haker – “How to start with WordPress and make a living from it.”

Elmar quit his job and traveled around the world for a year while setting up the GlobalTradeProject: a fair trade platform for talented artists in developing countries. While the project was not durable, Elmar learned how to make wordpress websites and do online marketing. It took him three months to get enough money and network to make my living. Not he wants to teach others how to do the same within one month. He made most of the mistakes already, so there is no need for you to make them too.

WordPress is the most used Content Management System in the world. If you know how to make websites in wordpress, you can make money. It’s a jungle out there with regards to information, so in this workshop Elmar will focus on exactly what you need to know and how you should start if you want to earn money with making websites in WordPress. After this workshop you’ll be able to install wordpress and understand how it works. You will know how to create very professional looking websites with the right tools and how to find the best sources to use for design inspiration and extending your wordpress knowledge. Most importantly though, you will be able to sell your first wordpress website with confidence.

David Kuster – “Digital Nomad Banking – What your bank can do for you”

David has been working as a business analyst and requirements engineer in the financial industry for over 15 years. Over the course of the last years his focus shifted to eBanking and mobile solution.

In his workshop he will illustrate how interacting with banks has changed over the years. He will illustrate which benefits eBanking and mobile solutions can bring you and what exactly is missing in this highly digitalized approach to banking. After this workshop banking while on the road will be a lot easier.

Rahila Brika – “Improv to Business”

Rahila considers herself a multilingual Marketing & Digital professional… in dire need of some laughs and sunshine. After having left her home base of France to Barcelona, she immersed herself in the Barcelona improv scene. Improv is short for “Improvised Theater” and refers to an unscripted form of theater where actors compose theatre as it is performed. Characters, dialogue, and story are created spontaneously through a collaborative effort of the performers.

The skills of improv are listening authentically, reacting in the moment, creating collaboratively, trusting your partners – these are the skills that allow a business to work most effectively. In her workshop she will lead you through barrier-breaking games, focusing on fun and expression and playing freely to connect with others. She will teach you agreement and acceptance, focusing on learning to listen to and accept the ideas, reasoning, and emotional investment of others. Also, she will get you to listen, beyond just processing the words, and allow yourself to be affected by what others communicate to you. And last, she will focus on trust building, focusing on building a safe environment to express oneself, nurturing the ideas of others, and releasing vulnerability.

Melissa Peckham – “Craft your killer blueprint”

In this workshop, you’ll use the concepts from the How to Create a Killer Brand Blueprint presentation to craft a brand blueprint for your brand. Having this important piece of brand strategy in your kit will help you develop better proposals, more effective briefs, and create a clear vision for your teams to align to.

Hodge Hodgson – “machine learning | predictive analytics | artificial intelligence”

Hodge has done pretty much everything from drumming in Germany to teaching English in Mexico, from composting in Ghana to building a solar house in Spain – which he presented at TEDx. He spent the last years developing business models around ‘energy as a service’ for utilities, and is currently involved in data science consulting. The workshop will kick-off with a quick game of big-data-bullshit-bingo, before you’ll dig scrape the surface of the hype and explore different use cases around one core principle: ‘if I knew more about ‘a’, I could decide ‘b’ much better’. applications range from optimizing your online marketing strategy, to anticipating certain events, from predicting price trends to capitalizing on sales.

Mike Miler – “Optimize your Images for a successful WordPress Page”

In his workshop Mike will put the information of his talk to practice. He will enlighten you on how to let your images work for you. Not only does he share his best tips and tricks on how to optimize them for better page loading time, but he will also explain how they can get you a better ranking on Google and other search engines.

Markus Müller – “Disrupt and sabotage to create”

Markus started his career as a graphic designer in the early nineties and went all the way from analog to digital. After having worked for a couple of years, he went for a second degree at the renowned Film Academy of Baden-Wurttemberg. After his graduation in 2003 he soon founded COSMOTO – an interdisciplinary design agency focusing on digital communication.

„Disruption“ has been a big buzzword. In his workshop, Markus will first talk about what the buzz is all about and then introduce creative techniques that build upon destruction within a brief workshop. Learn about a way to optimize, innovate or develop ideas by breaking established business models.

Stella Airoldi – “Making the world a better place – Social Entrepreneurism’

Stella is one of those people who seem to have been everywhere already. And it’s probably true! In 2008 she decided to travel around the world by herself for about eight months. Wherever she went, she felt like she was confronted with poverty and injustice. Long story short: she got her  Master’s in Public International Law and became a board member of SIFE Leiden, where she learned that the best way to help people out of poverty is by making sure that they can provide for themselves.  Soon after she founded 22STARS in Uganda, a business based in Kampala, in which women make jewellery from recycled paper. With the project she enables children to attend school.

In her workshop, Stella will share her experience in designing/creating a unique product. You will learn how difficult it can be working in different cultures and especially with war victims. You will find out how to find your market and how to sell. After the workshop, you will know how you can earn money yourself with selling products.

Nils Heymann – “Messenger Bots – A new channel for communication and sales”

Nils has over fifteen years of experience in web development, hosting, network administration, infrastructure setup, DevOps and a lot other related topics. Currently he focuses on automating tasks including communication on messenger platforms.

In his Workshop, he is going to enlighten you on how mobile usage is increasing and messengers are used more than social networks already. The new kids in town are the messenger bots. Nils will explain to you how to automate your communication and reach your customers everywhere. This workshop will show what messenger bots are, what they can do and how you could integrate them into your business. Nils will base his talk mostly on Facebook Messenger this will be an interactive presentation which will include a discussion about what is possible, where you see chances to integrate it and what else this could be used for.

David Canat – “The end of miscommunication: putting cognitive differences to work”

David has over six years of experience in group facilitation, team project mentoring, and training in group dynamics.

In his 2-hour workshop you will explore the cognitive diversity among participants using the MBTI personality assessment tool with him. Through experimenting and discussing situations together you will learn about interpersonal differences and how to accept others for what they are: differently great!

The precondition to participation is to take the MBTI self-assessment test (30 min, available on board) at least one day prior to the workshop.


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