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Frequently Asked Questions

last updated: 12.02.2024.

Below, we’ve listed the most common questions about Nomad Cruise including everything from the preparations, cost of the event to the refund policy and more, giving you all the information you need about participating in Nomad Cruise and what to expect at the event.

Who is the Nomad Cruise for?

We are looking for creative, productive and passionate people at different stages of their digital nomadism/remote working. Nomad Cruise is for beginners as well as for pros because we believe that we all have different talents and we can all learn from each other.

We always have a heterogeneous group concerning age, gender, nationality, experience, skills and interests, yet homogenous concerning open-mindedness and choice of the nomadic/remote working lifestyle.

While many participants typically range from 25 to 50, we warmly welcome nomads of all ages, whether younger or older!

If you haven’t booked yet and want to join us on our next cruise, please do so soon. Keep in mind that chances to get better deals are higher if you book early.

What happens after my booking?

To book your spot, select your favorite cabin type, fill out the form and pay the deposit/full amount to confirm your booking.

Once you’ve booked, you will receive access to our Cruise Wiki, offering even more information to help you plan your cruise in advance.

The full ticket price only needs to be paid 90 days before departure. Once you fully paid for your ticket, we send you a confirmation along with your final invoice.

About 45 days prior to departure you will also be invited to our Telegram Group, so you can connect with other participants and plan your trip together.

Is the ticket for the cruise tax deductible?

Yes! Many participants have used it to reduce their taxes. How much you can deduct in the end depends on your country and tax advisor.

What is included in the ticket price?

  • A cruise for the given itinerary including all port fees, taxes and service charges
  • Accommodation on board
  • Three delicious meals per day & onboard snacks
  • Signature drink package
  • Wifi
  • Access to the onboard conference and workshops
  • Private theme dinners & parties
  • Access to all onboard activities
  • Access to full reunion program
  • Access to private excursions (free & paid)

What is NOT included in the ticket price?

Not included in the price are:

  • Airfares
  • Visa fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Paid excursions
  • Crew appreciation: $17 or $19 /day/person
  • Other additional services like spa or laundry

Are the excursions included in the ticket price?

Some of the excursions are free, for others we will ask you to pay an extra fee if you wish to participate. More details will follow later but we can already promise that we won’t leave you without a program on any of the trip-days.

How do I pay for my ticket?

Your booking is only secured after paying 20% as a non-refundable deposit. You will receive a confirmation email of your booking, including a link to pay the outstanding amount. Please pay the full amount at the latest 90 days prior to departure.

We offer you 3 options to pay the outstanding balance:

1. Bank transfer
Please make sure that you refer to your order number in your transfer.
NAME: DN Ventures
IBAN: BE69 9672 0305 1678

2. Transferwise
Please make sure that you refer to your order number in your transfer.
BUSINESS E-MAIL: BUSINESS NAME: DN Ventures ADDRESS: Nefeli Complex, Unit 105, Dios Street 29, 7562 Teresfanou, Cyprus IBAN: BE69 9672 0305 1678 BIC: TRWIBEB1XXX

3. Credit card

If you would like to pay by credit card and you can’t find the payment link in your booking confirmation, simply send us an e-mail to and we will resend it to you.

Do you have a refund policy?

If for some reason you can’t make it on the cruise, you can cancel your ticket by simply sending an email to

The following conditions apply to cancellations and booking changes for the trip:

> 60 Days: Deposit is held as cancellation

60 – 30 Days: 33% of the tour price is held as cancellation

29 – 19 Days: 67% of the tour price is held as cancellation

18 – 0 Days: 100% of the tour price is held as cancellation

Tickets are not for resale.

Can I bring my partner/family along?

You are welcome to bring your partner/family along and share your cabin with them. You can choose a cabin with either a large double bed or two separate beds.

You can share a cabin with up to 4 people. Simply send an email to if you would like to book for your family. 

Remember that the minimum age to join the cruise is 6 months on shorter, and 1 year on longer or Transatlantic/Transpacific itineraries (please check with us before you book).   

Women cannot have begun their 24th week of pregnancy at any time before or during the cruise. If you are pregnant or sailing with a guest who is pregnant they must provide a physician’s letter stating the expected due date, medical fitness to travel and the pregnancy is not high risk. Please note that the ships are not equipped for assistance with pregnancy and birth.

Can I share my cabin with other participants?

We do offer shared cabins with another Nomad Cruise participant. Each cabin can have a setup with two separate beds. By providing shared cabins, we can get more people on board, and you can save costs for your ticket at the same time. You can either make a suggestion of who you would like to share your cabin with or we will choose another lovely participant of the same sex for you.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my cabin?

If you want to upgrade your cabin, you have to do so at least 60 days before the cruise departure date without any extra charges, depending on availability. Downgrades are unfortunately not possible. To request a change, simply send an email to, and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Passport and visa requirements

Nomad Cruise cannot be held liable for insufficient travel documents.

All passengers, including children and babies, must have their personal documentation (passport, visas or national identification document) in order according to the country or countries we are going to visit. You must research if with your nationality you need a visa for any of the stops of the given itinerary. To research visa requirements we recommend VisaHQ or Passport Index.

All passports must be valid for at least 6 months after arrival.


Nomad Cruise does not provide insurance with your ticket. You are obliged to insure that you have sufficient health, travel and accident insurance coverage.


If anything goes wrong, don’t worry! Our excellent customer support department will get back to you soon, and you can always get in touch with us under Please pass this email address on to your family in case you like to go on a digital detox but want to make sure they can contact us in the case of emergency.

Do you have advice on booking our flights?

You will have to make your own flight arrangements to our start and from our final destinations. To start your research, we can highly recommend Kiwi or Google Flights.

When should I arrive before the cruise?

Most cruisers will arrive to the departure city 1-7 days before the cruise starts. One day before departure we organize a welcome party which is not to be missed!

If you can only make your way to the departure city on the day of departure, we recommend arriving early that day so you can make it to the ship in time. We recommend having a printed version of your boarding documents on hand, as you might be asked to show them when entering the port territory.

If you check in early, you can have free lunch on board.

Any suggestions about accommodation in the city of departure?

We recommend staying close to the port, if you arrive just a few days prior to departure. We will also make some recommendations for accommodation or you can find people in our Telegram group that we open ~45 days before departure to share your accommodation with.

Are there any luggage restrictions?

You may bring as much luggage on board as your flight company allows you to. You can’t bring your pet, your car or your bike. You will check your luggage in during check-in. It will then be dropped in front of your cabin door.

What to bring?

We have been on many cruises by now, and they all have been a little bit different. Our recommendations are based on our experience, and obviously, you know best what you will need on top of that.

For the Conference

  • Bring your own pens and paper. Yes, we’re all super digital and stuff, but honestly, taking notes on paper sometimes is just more convenient.
  • The outlets in the cabins accommodate standard U.S. and EU devices, please bring power adapters if needed.
  • Bring a multi-socket.
  • Bring all the material you may need for a meetup or mastermind session. We will provide the material for speakers of the curated program.

For Cruise Life

  • Bring jackets, layers, wraps or thin scarves for the evening jam sessions on board. You can wear what you wish to wear, however in the evenings shorts, pool and beachwear, distressed jeans and tank tops are not permitted in table service restaurants. There will be at least one Captain’s Dinner, where many of the general passengers will dress up more or less glamorously. You choose whether or not you want to go all suit and tie or cocktail dress.
  • Earplugs for a good night’s sleep.
  • Bring your own yoga mat if you want to participate in the on board yoga sessions.
  • There have been themed nights before. ‘All white’, ‘Tropical’, ‘Pirates’, ‘Rock’n’Roll’, ’70ies’ and so on. We usually don’t stick to the rules more than necessary, but if you really care: prepare for this.
  • Bring one or two swimsuits. With all the networking and socializing and conference going on, you will enjoy some downtime at the pool.
  • Bring sunscreen.
  • Bring your own meds. We are not allowed to give out any medication. We recommend a carry-on pharmacy with band aids, cold-meds, Ibuprofen, Voltaren, motion sickness meds, and the like. Bring hand sanitizer. There will also be dispensers around, and we highly encourage using them. In a narrow space like a boat, germs spread quickly, and it’s on you to do what you can to stay healthy. For the female members of the group, we recommend bringing tampons. Everything you have to buy on board will be ridiculously expensive. And parents: bring enough diapers.
  • Bring books, music, small board games.

How to connect with fellow cruisers before the trip?

We will start the official trip-related Telegram group about a month before departure. In this group, you guys can connect, exchange travel plans, and get in touch with the workshop organizers.


The on board meals are included in your ticket. You can expect a wide variety of food during meal times with options for vegans and vegetarians.

  • Buffet in the morning (fruit, cereal, eggs, variation of bread, pancakes, sausages and more)
  • Buffet for lunch (salad bar, variety of fish, meat, vegetables and desserts)
  • Dinner a la carte or buffet style

If you are vegan or have any allergies, please let us know beforehand, so we can communicate this to the ship.


Your Nomad Cruise ticket comes with the Signature Drink Package included.

Holland America’s Signature Package is an alcoholic package for guests ages 21+. (Minibar in the cabin is not included).

You can choose from a selection of beers, spirits, cocktails, and wines by the glass up to $11 per serving. Plus, you can choose from all non-alcoholic options available with the Quench Package (Coca Cola products, premium coffee such as espresso and cappuccino, juices, mocktails and bottled water).

There is a daily 15 drink limit for both alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages.

Are there any additional charges?

Keep in mind that additional charges apply for selected on board services SPA packages, casino, laundry.

How is the WIFI?

Our ship will be equipped with the Starlink broadband internet connection system, which is a faster and more reliable internet experience compared to our previous trips. Holland-America’s Premium Wifi package is included in your ticket price.

What's a typical day like on Nomad Cruise?

One of the fun things about Nomad Cruise is that there is something different going on every day. In the beginning, we focus a lot on breaking the ice between our participants. While that’s not too hard,  as they are carefully selected through our application process, it’s an important part to develop the community vibe early on.

We start the days with a big breakfast, then our curated conference program begins with talks, different workshops and mastermind sessions. These can be inspirational events or full-on business oriented. There are sessions on SEO, programming, marketing, finance but also on breathing, relaxation, relationships and balance. Talks are open to the entire group, while workshops are limited to smaller groups to make them engaging and more hands-on.

We use the late afternoons for meet-ups, mastermind sessions, relaxation by the pool or to make use of the leisure facilities on board, go to the gym, for a run or play basketball. Everybody can organize their own events at this time, and the outcome is often mind-blowing.

In the evening we meet again for dinner, which is usually wild with all the stories people have to tell about their days, followed by special evening activities like themed parties or our famous talent show.

What will be the program on land days?

On land days, team up with new nomad friends to try the cuisine, discover the picturesque landscapes and immerse yourself in the local culture at each of our stops. Some of the excursions we organize come for an extra fee, but there will usually be a free option to explore these beautiful places. We have amazing plans and ideas for special activities every day.

How to organize a talk or workshop?

Speaking on stage at Nomad Cruise is one of the best ways to show your expertise to other members of our great online-entrepreneur community.
As a skill-sharing conference, we do not offer any compensation for the talks/workshops – we are looking for voluntary contributions.

You can find all the information about giving a talk or workshop on board and apply here.

If you are not chosen as a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator, we still encourage you to be an active part of the program. Organize your own meetup on your specific topic or participate in the various special events we host (e.g. talent show, mastermind).

Are there going to be other people on board besides our group?

Yes, we are not the only ones on the ship. Most programs will take part in our private venues though.

All these days on a ship. Isn't that boring?

You mean with all the workshops, talks, meet-ups, masterminds, acrobatics, meals together, chilling by the pool, meditating in the sunrise, listening to impromptu jam sessions, starting new businesses, exploring islands? Well…No!

What happens after the cruise? Is the trip over or do people continue to travel together?

We suggest not to make early flight arrangements for the day of arrival, because disembarkation can take a while. In general we can encourage you to stick around at least one week after the cruise and discover amazing destinations together with us.

As we always say, Nomad Cruise is really just the beginning. After our arrival, everything changes. Suddenly you have a global network of new friends, new potential business partners, travel companions, and soulmates. Many team up and travel together or meet in different places. We will also organize some informal meet-ups within the first 2 weeks after our arrival. More information on our plans will follow but we can already recommend to stay for a few weeks after our arrival if it suits you calendar!

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

No worries, we’re here for you. Please send a message to our customer service at – our colleague will answer any questions you might have.