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Before we set sail on our very first Nomad Cruise in 2015 we had no idea whether it was going to be a success or failure. But you guys showed up, and have continued showing up ever since and now our community is growing so fast we can’t hardly believe it! This makes our hearts swell with joy.

But with growth comes a certain responsibility – a responsibility to retain the spirit and integrity of Nomad Cruise and to remind ourselves why we do this. We want to ensure that no matter how big we grow, we still are able to create our unique Nomad Cruise atmosphere on board with each cruise.

So we tried to create a list of what makes the Nomad Cruise experience so unique and magical. We wanted to explore what makes people from all over the world want to join us, and what makes you guys keep coming back for more.

We’re hoping that by making them ‘official’, new members to our community will find it easier and quicker to adapt to our cruising way of life.


We are an open-minded community full of open-hearted people. We are always ready and eager to enjoy new experiences, and take in new sets of knowledge and skills. Nomad Cruisers are a curious species.


We are a skills and knowledge sharing community, which means we share our expertise and know-how to help each other grow and flourish. All talks, meetups, and workshops on board are voluntary and free – this means no sales pitches.


Like any decent human, we respect each other, our fellow passengers and cruise staff. We especially respect our environment. We are respectful of each other’s need for space. Hateful speech and harassment of any kind is not tolerated. 4. RESPONSIBILITY

We are all responsible for our own behavior and what we take out of our Nomad Cruise experience. We know our limits and we take care of our health and well-being. We are all adults and we expect us all to act like it.


Each of us is an important part of the Nomad Cruise experience and our audience is just as important as our speakers. We want you to be an active audience, and we encourage you to organize something unique. We’ve created an extremely special community and now you’re part of it. Each and every one of you!


Kindness is the language we speak. We are all fluent in this regard and we encourage you to continue the conversation on board, always! This is a non-negotiable.


Know that no is no! Whether you’re engaged in a business opportunity, a friendship or more, or even if it is for just one more drink: always accept ‘no’ for an answer. Consent is nothing less than a ‘hell yes!’.

As you can see, our Nomad Cruise principles aren’t rules, per say. They are values that we all believe in and treasure, and we’ve all decided to build our communities on these pillars.