We are about to embark on the biggest (and hopefully the best) Nomad Cruise ever. With more than 450 participants, we are facing our very own Mount Everest, meaning: we need to be sure, that no matter how big we grow, we still have that unique Nomad Cruise atmosphere on board, which is what makes people want to sail away with us, again and again.

At first, we thought a cruise with 500 people, simply couldn’t possibly have the same vibe. Then we started to think again, what generates this vibe, we’re talking about? What are the qualities of our community that make it so easy to make friends, and make us never want to get off the ship when we reach our destination?

Our team sat down and started throwing out words, we all felt were building blocks of Nomad Cruise. The most interesting part of the process is that there were no questions or arguments about the principles we uncovered, and we think the reason for this is: that it wasn’t just us who came up with them, it was all of us. The whole Nomad Cruise community. Everyone who participated in a Cruise. These have been our unwritten rules which we have simply taken the initiative to put into words, write down and now share with you.

We’re calling them the Nomad Cruise Principles.

We’re hoping, that by making them official new members to our community can adapt easier to our way of life.


We are an open-minded community and open-hearted people. We are always ready and eager to enjoy new experiences, and take in new sets of knowledge and skills. Nomad Cruisers are a curious species.


We are a skill and knowledge-based community, which means we share to build the community up and to help fellow nomads on their way. All talks, meetups, and workshops at our digital nomad conference are voluntary and free! This means no sales pitches!


We respect each-other, fellow passengers, the staff on the cruise and our environment. We understand each other’s need for space. Hateful speech and harassment of any kind (age, gender, nationality, race) is not tolerated.


We are all responsible for our own behavior, and what we take out of our Nomad Cruise experience. We know our limits and we take care of our health and well-being.


You, as a nomad cruiser are a valuable member, and a building block of the Nomad Cruise experience. We know that the audience is just as important as the speaker. Be an active audience, or organize something unique, we welcome you. We’ve created an extremely special community on Nomad Cruise and now you’re part of it. Each and every one of you!


Even if we had a hundred different languages on board, our native language is a kindness. Sure, maybe we use different dialects of it, but it’s a language we all know and understand and it is the way we communicate – always!


Know that no is no! Whether you’re engaged in a business opportunity, a friendship or more, even if it is just one more drink: Accept no right away. Consent is nothing less than a hell yes!

As you can see, our principles aren’t rules. These are values, that we all believe in and treasure, and we’ve all decided to build our communities on these pillars.

Now, we’re sure, that we’ll get to the top of our Everest: We’ll be able to create the magic, we’ve always had on board.