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Nomad Cruise X Program - November 2019

Join us for workshops, talks and networking on our journey to Dubai.

We are super excited about the program on  Nomad Cruise X in November.

Nomad Cruise is a skill sharing journey. The entire program is co-organized with our participants. We’re thankful to all the amazing speakers who volunteer to organize a keynote, a talk, a workshop or a special on Nomad Cruise!


Tobias Rauscher

Musician & Entrepreneur

Income on Autopilot: Membership Sites vs. Online Courses

It’s never been easier to earn income in your sleep. You have all the tools, resources and knowledge at your fingertips to start highly profitable businesses in a matter of weeks. Tobias will be sharing his experience with two of the best business models to generate automated (passive) income. He will also help you discover strategies and funnels that bring in real results using these two models.

Ben Lakoff

Entrepreneur & Investor

Investing for Nomads: How to do more with your money

Ben is a CFA Chaterholder and boasts impressive global experience across various areas of finance, investments, and strategy. He is an angel investor and is passionate about helping create, support or lead fintech startups. In Ben’s talk you’ll learn how to invest your hard-earned savings without taking excessive risk, and how to set up systems to manage your investments to make saving and investing automatic.

Ruth Cremer

Finance Coach

How to present your financial planning without an excel sheet

In an investment pitch session, one of the phrases that fill a lot of entrepreneurs with dread is ‘show us the numbers’ and it’s here where a lot of people with excellent ideas look incompetent. In this talk, Ruth will teach you how to identify the KPIs and central mechanisms of your business that really count as well as how to create a solid financial plan within minutes

Lýdia Machová


How to build your dream team out of your fans?

Scaling a business is almost impossible without growing your team, but hiring new people is a big challenge for most entrepreneurs. Where do you find the right people? Lydia will share her own story of building her team from former clients and her biggest fans while also giving you tips on how to keep your existing team happy and motivated.

Sam Vowles


Selling through story-telling

Sam is a talented digital designer with years’ of experience in both corporate and freelance. In his talk, Sam will explain that we are storytelling animals wired for narrative, and being able to tell effective stories is a key skill for success in our professional and personal lives. Sam will also take you through 10 tools for telling better stories that you can use immediately.

GW Curtin


Philosophy to shape a better future

Exploring our own philosophy helps us solve our problems and exist better. In this keynote, you’ll gain a better understanding of how our everyday actions can be guided by the wisdom of thousands of years of human thought. Curtin will discuss how to find a combination of classic philosophical principles that suit you and can shed light on your next steps.

David Stache


Smart health for high performing nomads

What is the secret to a more fulfilling life? In his talk,  David will share how a combination of a good diet, enough sleep and exercise can transform your life. As a performance nutritionist, for the last 15 years, he has worked with elite athletes and business owners, helping them to optimise their health to ensure peak performance whether it’s on a track, in the ring or in the boardroom.

Christoph Heuermann

Traveler & Entrepreneur

Travelling the real unbeaten path

Cristoph will share his experience with less-known, but immensely rewarding travel destinations. He has travelled to 150 countries already and favours unusual and remote places over tourist hotspots. In 2019 he has visited places like Syria, Somalia and Venezuela. In his talk he’ll provide some real strategies for travelling off the beaten path safely.  Enjoy this window into countries you may not have considered before.

Sean Tierney


The seven-step approach to systemize sales

Whatever your industry, mission or role, your ultimate success will be determined by how well you identify the activities that move the needle,  while also establishing repeatable systems for executing those activities. Sean will teach you how to embrace the practice of systems thinking and how to build “systems that solve.” He will also share his approach to systemizing the sales process and ensuring you have the revenue you need to grow.

Sylvia Jagla

Leadership Coach

The neuroscience of self-leadership

In this keynote, we’ll do a deep dive into the neuroscience of loneliness and happiness. Sylvia Invites you to harness neuroscience and mindfulness to ascend to the next level of conscious self-leadership in life, your relationships and at work. With the tools she will share on creating happiness and overcoming loneliness you can begin to really understand your own YOUniverse and pave the way towards professional and personal success.

Lydia Baikalova


How to toss the fear of rejection and build a life of freedom

Rejection is one of the most painful things for a human to experience and little by little the fear of it starts crippling us and stopping us from going for what we want. In Lydia’s keynote, you will learn how to stop the fear of rejection by becoming your own best friend, supporter, and fan. Gain a stronger sense of self and be able to navigate life like a boss.

Nikki Bartol


Find more happiness with daily gratitude 

You’ve probably heard about techniques like gratitude journaling and affirmations, but how can you implement them to truly start seeing a difference in your life? In Nikki’s talk, she will teach you how to optimize and hack your gratitude practice to start increasing your happiness on a daily basis. She’ll also dig a little deeper into the science behind the practice to explain why gratitude gives you all the feels.

Sherina Shamdasani


How to develop your emotional intelligence

What is emotional intelligence and is it important? Sherina, using her experience in the field of psychology, will discuss how building your Emotional Intelligence can help you become more self-aware as well as assisting you with communicating effectively and creating stronger, long-lasting relationships. She will also share some practical tools to use so that you can start your own personal transformation on your way to becoming more emotionally intelligent.

Julia Shem

Entrepreneur & Life Optimizer

Tools to cure entrepreneurial anxiety, beat overwhelm and increase productivity

As an entrepreneur you have the stresses and ups-and-downs of growing a business, combined with fear of failure and technology overwhelm. Julia, a serial entrepreneur, will share her story of battling with entrepreneurial anxiety, give you tactics and tips to define and combat your fears, decrease anxiety and insomnia, increase your productivity and improve overall well-being. Because in the end, success means sleeping well.

Keith Commins


Dopamine Fasting for Better Health, Wealth and Relationships

As digital nomads we expose ourselves to digital stimuli more than most and it’s been found that the overuse of technology contributes to depression and anxiety. When we’re online we’re flooded with dopamine leaving us feeling sluggish and unmotivated. The solution? Dopamine Fasting. In Keith’s talk he’ll share his personal experience with dopamine fasting, how it’s impacted him and improved his well-being… and why you should consider one too.

Sean Tierney


The 10 most powerful insights I’ve gained from interviewing 30+ nomads

Sean is the host of and has spent his free time over the past year interviewing thirty successful, location-independent individuals. This talk is the distillation of the ten most powerful & actionable insights gleaned from those interviews that can help others achieve greater success and fulfilment in their nomadic journey. Get inspired and learn more about effective strategies and tactics that will help you to travel smarter and better.


Markus Bosch


Facebook Campaigns for Passion Projects

Markus is an expert when passion projects and social media campaigns meet.. Having worked for many years building campaigns for clients he has discovered a few characteristics of the algorithms that not very many people are aware of. In his talk he will share those along with advice on which statistics you should pay attention to as well as how to set-up high performing ads.

Surya Sanchez

AI Entrepreneur & Synergologist

Body Language in the Digital Age

Surya is a certified Synergologist and builds AI tools for automation. Our communication has become digitalized by the use of computers and mobile phones. But have you ever considered what your body language through a computer’s lens might be telling others? In this workshop, Surya will introduce you to the foundations of body language and reveal how to analyze it through the camera. You will never look at Instagram stories the same way again.

Jessica Yubas


Nomad Packing Hacks

Jessica has a background in architecture and her training in spatial visualization helped her develop super bag-packing efficiency! Jessica will teach you the economy of space, more effective physical organisational skills, and the potential for reducing the bulk of your luggage. Learn how to optimise the configuration of your travel gear for smooth and comfortable travels in the future.

Lars Müller and Gloria Hecker


How to grow a healthy and high performing team

If you want to scale your business you’ll need a good team! In their workshop, Lars and Gloria, will talk about their own experience of hiring and running a remote team, which helped them grow their business. The secret to success lies not only in finding the right talents but also in finding ways to keep your team motivated. If you’re considering growing a team then this workshop is for you.

Rachel Thiel 


The base of building your brand

Authentic and outstanding branding is the key to a successful business. In Rachel’s workshop, you’ll learn how to accurately position your brand so that it is perceived by customers the way it’s meant to be. Find out more about the key pillars of good branding and why consistency is king when it comes to brand messaging. Also, take away some practical tips for developing the visual feel of your own brand.

Tijmen Hobbel


Unfuck your photography workshop

If a picture paints a thousand words, then Tijmen has ‘written’ a body of work that tells stories that you simply can’t tear yourself away from! In his workshop learn everything you need to know about Light, composition, camera technique, and post-processing. This workshop is for both novice and veteran photographers. Come learn how to take pictures and video that will make your professional brand stand out.

Georg Schmidt


How to overcome Stage Fright and enjoy your own Speech!

If you get stage fright when you have to deliver a speech, know that you are not alone. Georg went from having a problem with stuttering to being able to confidently deliver speeches over and over again. In his workshop, he will provide you with tools to tackle your stage fright and really help you dig deep into what causes the fear in the first place.

Edu Grossman

Entrepreneur, Coach & Dj

How to Intentionally Use Nomadism to Become Your Highest Authentic Self

After time and location freedom, what’s next? As a nomad, you’ve already adopted a lifestyle many don’t understand. Edu, who has been working for Silicon Valley’s Unicorn Startup, will share his own journey to reframing his lifestyle, one which is nothing like what traditional society calls normal. He will also invite you to reflect on your own personal intention so you can plot your path to becoming your highest self.

Ruth Cremer

Advisor – selection and preparation

Piranha Tank & Business Breakthrough Session

If you’ve got a great idea and you don’t know how to pitch to the world then Piranha’s workshop is for you. During the workshop with Ruth, who is advisor for the selection and preparation of the candidates at the german version of “Shark Tank”, you’ll learn the elements required for the perfect pitch and you’ll be able to show off your newfound skill and your super idea to your NCX tribe at the Business Breakthrough Session and get real-time feedback.

Mel Judson


Save time with an epic onboarding system for your clients

Mel Judson is the founder of a Creative Agency empowering high-achieving women to build powerful online businesses. In this workshop, Mel will show you how to level up systems and automation in your business. You’ll learn a simple trick you can use to cut out almost ALL back and forth with your clients. You’ll also learn how to ensure you get paid on time using the right kinds of apps or software.

Jan Ollig


Priceless – Freelancers, get what you deserve for your service

In this practical workshop, Jan, an international pricing consultant, will help you with define value for your customer and how to set the right price for your services. If you’re selling a product instead of a service this workshop is also for you as he dives into how you can use psychological and dynamic pricing for your products that ensure the best profits. Please note this workshop is done in two parts first for services providers and second for product sellers.

David Vu


The Airbnbpreneur: Sharing Tactics, Strategies, & Stories on how I earned $4m+ (Revenue) in the last 6 years

If you’ve ever thought about earning money from short term rentals, you will want to attend David’s workshop. Whether it’s renting out a shared room in your apartment to earn $ to pay rent, or building and scaling a real business with multiple properties I answer some key questions about getting into the biz.  At the end of the workshop, you will get a clear roadmap and effective strategies on how to get started.

Marion Hochwimmer 

Mentor and founder of Aha Retreats

Design Your Life by Design Thinking

Mentor and founder of Aha Retreats, Marion will detail how the creative methodology of Design Thinking can be used to design your life. Through guided personal development, thinking outside the-box, and life and job design, the message is to design a life based on your values, strengths and interests. In her talk, Marion will help you get creative and interactive to reveal important ‘aha’ moments about yourself, including your ‘why’.

Michelle Kutzner


Creative Mobile Photography

Michelle is an Online & Photo Designer with over twelve years of experience in advertising, who studied digital media & photography in USA & Germany. Her workshop will go into the theory of good photography and then she will take you on an experimental photo-walk. Whether it’s an SLR camera or your mobile camera bring it along and become inspired and create something new and unprecedented “while painting with light”.


Ecstatic Dance

Come get lost in the music! Ecstatic Dance has become one of Nomad Cruise’s most popular specials. It’s a safe place where you can truly be yourself as you join a judgement free 2 hour dance floor journey. EDU will be in the decks, bringing crazy good vibes. Not only does our DJ work in the music industry he’s also been putting down beats on the Playa of Burning Man.

Speed Networking

Think speed dating, but instead of searching for love you get to network with your fellow cruisers while your business contacts blossom. It’s fun, entertaining and a great way to get to know your fellow nomads in a semi-professional, laid back setting. Make close friends and business partners – or both!

Talent show

Join us for an evening of entertainment as we host our very own Nomad Cruise talent show. It’s a chance to see your fellow cruisers in a new light as they sing, dance and dazzle us with their unique and hidden talents. If there’s a performer in you thirsty for the limelight then be sure to sign up!

This is just the beginning. We will add more great keynotes and workshops to the list during the coming weeks.