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Nomad Cruise V Program - September 2017

Join us for workshops, talks and networking on the Atlantic Ocean!

Take a look at the program of our last cruise to get an idea of the awesomeness awaiting for you on Nomad Cruise 6!


We are super excited about the program on  Nomad Cruise V in September.

Participants can join all talks and attend four of the workshops mentioned below.

Besides talks and workshops many special events will happen during the cruise!


Santiago Sosa – Why Selling and Traditional Marketing Doesn’t Work Anymore

The world of marketing is constantly changing and as customers demand more from brands they love, how we market our products needs to be adapted too. And, of course, the digital space has changed all the rules. Santiago has been running a successful online marketing agency for just over a decade working across a vast number of brands each with their own particular niche and audience. This puts him into the best space to share his expertise and knowledge around Value Driven Marketing.

He will tell you why you need to OWN your brand and the strategies to ensure that you are sending the right message to your audience. Santiago is a strong advocate of creating a unified marketing system where your SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing and other channels are connected to deliver a consistent message to your potential clients.

Christopher Dodd – How I Built the Largest Youtube Channel on Digital Nomadism

Chris is one of the pioneers of bringing the Digital Nomad lifestyle into the spotlight with his Youtube channel. With the largest audience on a Youtube channel on the topic, Chris highlights all that’s great about being a nomad and some of the bigger challenges too. Chris started his journey almost 2 years ago when he created the “Chris the Freelancer’ brand.

His story of his discovery of the nomad lifestyle and his mission to tell the world all about will be a central theme of his talk. You can also look forward to a behind the scenes look at how he made his Youtube channel such a success. He’ll also cover how to monetize your Youtube account without professional expertise  and how to create really engaging content.

Annemarie Konijn – From travel blog to online travel shop

Annemarie is a former communication strategist, who currently runs one of the biggest Dutch travel blogs and the travel online stores “Ik wil meer reizzen” and “Traveling Dutchies“. Together with her business partner (her cousin), she’s created a completely virtual office, that allows them both to manage their business location independent.

Annamarie’s story is one of unstoppable passion and drive.  She and her business partner began a venture that over a period of three years became a successful location independent business that boasts one of the best travel blogs and international travel webstore’s in Europe. Their story of taking a Facebook community and leveraging that community to create a successful business is one you should not miss if you are dedicated to your digital nomad life. Especially if you’re looking for a way to create a business that provides you with the security to pursue a lifestyle of adventure and travel, this talk will be inspiring for you.

David Vu – Zero to Million

Born a son of Vietnamese Immigrant’s, David grew up in the US with his mother who, while watching her husband toil endlessly with limited growth, pushed David from an early age to learn English, build his own business, work for himself and become an entrepreneur. This advice and taking advantage of all the opportunities made available to him by living in the US has seen him become an entrepreneur at a very young age and start multiple businesses.

In his inspiring talk he’ll share how he followed his mum’s advice. Starting from nothing to become a serial entrepreneur! David has various business ventures including; an Airbnb business, seeing him open more than 20 locations in just under a year, and being one of the most successful teachers on the online learning platform Udemy. Learn that taking the leap towards working for yourself will end in the ultimate reward – freedom!

Johannes Voelkner – How to travel the world as a digital nomad

Besides being the mastermind behind Nomad cruise, Johannes has been living and working around the world since 2010. He has had some truly incredible experiences but he believes there are definitely a few things he would do differently if he had to start over. In his talk he’ll share his personal story, telling you all about the bumps along the road to some of the best destinations around the world.

He’ll also focus on how to find the perfect work/life balance, one that allows you to keep your business running, while you explore the world. Remaining productive while still enjoying the lifestyle can be tough but Nomad Cruise has you covered! Johannes will teach you a number of business and travel hacks that’ll help you live a life full of adventure while still maintaining a profitable professional enterprise.

Diego Araos & Sean Casey – How to Invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are set to revolutionize the financial industry! So there has never been a better time to get the down-low on what they are and how it all works. Diego and Sean met on the previous Nomad Cruise. They are both entrepreneurs and developers, whose keen interest in digital currencies have driven them to begin the creation of a Beginners Cryptocurrency Investing Guide on their startup Coin Coaching dedicated to inform people about this groundbreaking technology.

In the talk you’ll learn all about what Bitcoin is, how the Blockchain works and what other currency exists out there. Most importantly, Diego and Sean will share their strategy for investing in cryptocurrencies. A talk not to be missed – guiding you into the future of the financial industry.

Stella Romana Airoldi | Making an Impact in the World: Creating a Social Business

Stella is one of those people who seem to have been everywhere already. And it’s probably true! In 2008 she decided to travel around the world by herself for about eight months. Wherever she went, she felt like she was confronted with poverty and injustice. Long story short: she got her Master’s in Public International Law and became a board member of SIFE Leiden, where she learned that the best way to help people out of poverty is by making sure that they can provide for themselves. Soon after she founded 22STARS in Uganda, a business based in Kampala, in which women make jewelry from recycled paper. With the project, she enables children to attend school.

In her talk, Stella will tell you just how difficult it can be working in different cultures and especially with war victims without academic education, how to deal with obstacles at the start, how finding the right community will help you forward.

Lukas Fingerle – Beyond the Magic Pill – How to finally reach your health goals

Throughout our lifetime it is likely we will, at one time or another, struggle against our own bodies. Whether it be a problem with your physical or mental health being able to overcome the hardship can take it out of the best of us.

In Lukas’ talk he will share his experience of battling against Crohn’s disease and fighting through it to live life on his own terms. Since his diagnoses in 2005 he has shared his strategy with over 600 other IBD sufferers and helped them to do the same. He will explain how with the right approach and attitude everyone’s health goals are attainable!

Osan Altun – Travel Photography Hacks

Tired of coming back from your travels with boring snapshots? Want to learn the best hacks from a fellow nomad to take much better photos as you visit wonderful locations in the world? Join this talk by Osan Altun to lean all the tricks that pro’s use to come back home with killer photos. Osan runs the biggest photography school in Geneva where as the lead photography instructor he shares his passion and skill with burgeoning photographers in Switzerland.

In his talk, he will guide us through how to take killer photographs while you’re travelling light, how to plan to be at the right place at the right time, simple composition techniques and more, as you charter your course around the world.

Jamie Keddie – Videotelling

Jamie, a storyteller and Youtube enthusiast, has made it his mission to bring teaching into the 21st century, coaching teachers on how they can incorporate visual materials, video cameras and storytelling in their lessons.

He has authored three successful books, Images, Bringing Online Video into the Classroom, and Videotelling. Over this time, he has developed a technique that he refers to as Videotelling: a novel and engaging approach to teaching. Each delving deeper into the topic of Videotelling and how it can be used to educate in a new and more engaging way. The video-sharing culture that was born with Youtube in 2005 continues to grow. In this fascinating talk Jamie will take you through his unique approach to storytelling and video, which has proven very successful in grabbing and keeping the attention of your audience.

Bori Vigh – ‘The Bucketlist’

You will see Bori a lot on the cruise. As the host of the conference, she will not let you bored for even a moment. She is a traveller, a marketeer, a blogger, a nomad and the organiser of FreedomX in Budapest. Yep, we told you she is everywhere. We met Bori on our 3rd trip, and now she is back with all her energy to create a great vibe on the 5th one and also share her popular “Bucket List” talk.  She wanted to live based on my bucket list.

When she started to talk to people about her bucketlist project, she understood that people had no clue what to write on their own paper. They didn’t how to identify their wishes or even if they did: how to reach these goals. So  she created a “formula” to solve these problems and this is exactly what she will talk about.

Daniel Monhof – The Future of Travel – and how Technology is going to shape it

Technology is changing the way we travel and it’s not just about booking flights online and accommodation on Airbnb. Daniel leads technological innovation projects at Amadeus, a company dedicated to upgrading the way we travel using up and coming technology. Generally this involves finding use-cases for emerging technology whether it be mobile, chatbots or AI related, the focus is always on how to make travel simpler.

His talk will take you through what technology innovation is likely to look like in the industry from 2025 and beyond. He’ll cover the basics like how we search and book flights, hotels and activities. Then going deeper into how the internet of things, chatbots, AI, visual and augmented reality will change the way we experience destinations and how, ultimately, big data will revolutionise the way we travel.

Tomas Laurinavicius – 7 Strategies I Used to Get Featured in TIME, Forbes, HuffPost, Observer and More

Getting the publicity you need for your business or personal brand can be tricky and the competition out there is rife. Tomas provides insight on how to get to the top of the media list when it comes to hot news. Calling himself a lifestyle entrepreneur his mission in life is to travel the world and empower at least 1 million people to change their lifestyle for the good. He believes this can only be achieved through adopting a healthy lifestyle and creating meaningful work.

In his talk he will focus on how to get featured on some of the biggest publications globally. The do’s and dont’s when pitching to media houses like Time, Forbes and HuffPost and some key strategies he has used in the past to successfully get his message out there to the largest possible audience.

Pauline Paquin | Freedom Through Financial Independence

Pauline is a personal finance blogger and a location independent entrepreneur who left the rat race eight years ago to live life on her own terms. From early on, Pauline realized that money buys freedom and set off on a journey towards financial independence, building one income stream at a time. After business school, she started a company, got into real estate, and now manages a guest house and an education project in Guatemala. She has been blogging about all things money for the past five years and is passionate about empowering other people financially.
In her talk, she will cover the basics of personal finance and show you how creating sources of passive income can help you live the life you want. She will help you plan ahead to avoid the cycle of saving/travel/go broke/go home/repeat. Pauline will show you how you can have your cake and eat it too, and prepare for a bright financial future by laying the foundations right now.

Sean Casey | An Academic Perspective on Mobility – Capital, Power, and Belonging

Sean is a digital nomad multitool. He’s a full stack web developer and a cultural anthropologist. He currently holds an MA in anthropology and am a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, exploring the role of location independence in the identities and relationships of digital nomads.

In this talk, he’ll introduce – in plain, non-jargony language! (he promised.) – one area of social science theory that digital nomads can greatly contribute to: “mobility.” The freedom to move is what we mean by “location independence” and lies at the heart of our collective ethos. He will discuss mobility as multi-faceted:

  • a type of capital that has processes of accumulation and spending
  • inextricably linked to power and social status
  • a core value of this community that is used as a mechanism of belonging

This talk is meant to help us think together to process our experience as digital nomads, and to involve everyone in a discussion about us that will only continue to gain traction as our community matures and grows.

Lars Müller – How to earn money with Amazon FBA without having own products

Lars, an entrepreneur from the age of 15, will talk about how you can, not only start a business with Amazon FBA but also how to make it profitable very quickly. Create a venture that can generate enough income on a daily basis that you can diversify your business easily while providing sufficient residual income so you can pursue your travel passions worry free.

It took Lars only a few months to build an Amazon business that generates over €1000 profit a day. He will teach you the difference between private label and wholesaling and how to leverage other branded products through ‘product flipping’. Through this fascinating talk you’ll learn the most important things you need to know to get started.

Melanie Hafner – How to Integrate Healthy Eating Habits into your Daily Life and Increase your Energy Level

Healthy body, Healthy mind. This motto is central to Melanie’s philosophy for a good work/ life balance and guides her in her pursuit of becoming a certified health coach. She currently runs a food blog that teaches all you  need to know about how what we eat has a direct effect on our energy levels. And how to eat optimally to boost your vitally and live a more fulfilling life. She also has extensive knowledge on how to develop healthy habits.

Realising that life on the road can make it difficult to eat healthily and keep your healthy habits in place Melanie’s talk will offer easy and practical steps you can take to make sure you are thriving in the digital nomad world.

Daniel Moran – Personal Finance Management for Nomads – Basic Tools

Digital Nomadism is truly ahead of the curve, which means that there will always be something that can’t quite seem to catch up. Daniel tackles the topic of personal finance management for nomads, dealing with multiple currencies, methods of payment and saving for a rainy day becomes all the more complex for a nomad. So it’s imperative that each and everyone of us has at least a basic financial education. People are hesitant to talk money but the truth is, in an uncertain environment like nomadism getting to know the basics around financial concepts, jargon and how to manage your finances on daily basis is essential knowledge we all need.

With a background as a financial advisor and software developer, Daniel is particularly well positioned to both understand the life of a digital nomad and how best to help them manage their income and grow their wealth. He has worked with multiple people with different financial priorities, helping them to get out of debt and reach their financial dreams.

Janina Breitling – How to Travel the World with Kids

The idea is frightening for many and it certainly isn’t common – traveling with children can be daunting. Janina, a journalist from Germany tells an engaging story about traveling the world with her six year old son Max. Together they had countless adventures, got exposed to new cultures and ways of living that few of us will experience in our whole lifetime.

Of course it’s not all sunshine and roses, there have been challenges that they have had to overcome together. In this insightful talk Janina will tell you more about her incredible story, why she made the choice to travel with her child. Most importantly she will provide tips for (future) parents who’d like to do the same. She has documented their travels and currently keeps an online journal – sharing their experiences as they cross the globe one country at a time.

Michaël Krens – How the internet works, what to learn and what to expect from the future

Michael’s background is in social, organisational and cognitive psychology, but he quickly found his passion lay with everything online. He is a self-taught programmer and has been in the tech field for several years. After working his way up the corporate ladder to eventually run a tech team for a 600+ people company, he realised he wanted to strike out on his own. About 3 years ago he started SignRequest together with Geert-Jan and Nick (also on the cruise).

His personal goals include teaching anyone who has an interest in programming and making sure the kids of today are exposed to programming languages as much as possible. His talk will cover how each and everyone of us contributes to the internet every day. He’ll help us answers questions like how it all actually works and what it can be used for – yes there is more to the web than Youtube, Facebook and Google Search. This talk is for everyone looking to unravel the mystery of the internet and see the bigger picture of what you can expect from it in the future.

Julia Riss – Crisis Communications in the Digital Age – Why does it matter & How can I prepare?

Crisis communication is overwhelming. What to do when your world, your customers or your brand’s gone crazy? Julia has over six years experience in the PR and Communications field, specialising in EU public affairs and crisis communication. While digital now allows any business access to the whole world it becomes particularly scary when a mistake has been made and you and your brand/business come under scrutiny

Julia’s talk will delve into how to manage and respond to negative customer experience and bad press, that within the digital age can bring a business down in one foul swoop. Being prepared for difficult situations like these can quite literally save your business. She will focus mainly on which tips & tricks you need to know to assess & improve the crisis preparedness of a business and she will share simple tools for addressing an ongoing PR crisis.

Jeremiah Rygh – “Connect and convert” – How to boost sales through authentic connection and create raving fans that will never leave you.

Jeremiah has worked in sales and marketing for over 12 years in his real estate brokerage as well as a representative for his family’s owned custom home building company – one of the few that survived the 2008 housing crash in the US. The core value of both businesses was to help customers purchase and build their own dream homes. Working with their national sales coach for over a decade to create a sales program built around connecting with customers and using that connection to ensure conversion.

In this workshop you can look forward to learning how to connect with customers on a deeper level using ‘follow up and follow through’ techniques so that customers build a lasting bond with you and your brand promise. He will also teach you the personality selling method so you create customised buyer experiences that help you close sales more ‘naturally’ and avoid seeming pushy.

Dr. Ronald Kandelhard – International tax and corporate law for digital nomads

Dr. Kandelhard is a lawyer specialising in commercial and corporate law, he also runs his own online business. Through his experience as both a business owner and legal eagle, he has gathered great insight into the sometimes muddy waters of international tax and corporate law for digital nomads.

In his talk he will cover basic principles of international corporate law and taxation that every remote worker needs to know. He will also provide us with details around the rules around information exchange between countries. A must attend talk for anyone working remotely.

Jannis Riebschläger – Produce amazing videos for your business, only using your Smartphone

Jannis is a multi-media expert starting out as a travel blogger and copywriter, he has successfully written and published two books as well as filmed and produce his own 90 minute travel movie, which was screened across over 40 cinemas in Germany. His love for film has grown and he is particularly interested in how to innovate in the space, believing all you need is a great idea and a Smartphone

Truthfully speaking these days, video is the best way to boost engagement online. In his talk he will teach you simple tricks that will get you great video content with your Smartphone from the first setting to the final edit.


Michelle Kutzner – Creative Photography

Michelle (or as we call her: Shelly) is an Online & Photo-Designer with over twelve years of experience in advertising, who studied digital media & photography in USA & Germany. Photography has been her #1 passion for years – from commercial, art, portrait to travel photography.

It’s always a great challenge to bring fresh perspectives into your photography and create something new. So in her workshop Shelly is going to get you inspired and teach you new photography techniques for a more creative & fun approach. Creative photography is going to give you a new perspective on life, isolating truth and preserving reality. Everybody can be creative. Learn to see & photograph the “world” in a different way.

The workshop is divided into theory & practice. After a photo presentation with some useful hints and new ideas, we are going on an experimental photowalk. Bring your favourite Camera, no matter if mobile or SLR Camera. It’s not about your Camera, it’s more about YOU! So let’s create something new and unprecedented “while painting with light”.

Bodei Brouwer – Story Time & Act like a child

Bodei is the owner of The Story Clinic, for all your painful stories. A business that takes a very different approach to solving business problems and challenges through the power of storytelling. Bodei also always had a passion for the stage. She is accomplished in scripted theatre, storytelling, musical performance and comedic acting, but her biggest theatre passion will always be improv. She will host two workshops:

Story Time: In this workshop Bodei will introduce you to the 5 ingredients of an enthralling story. You will walk away with new inspiration and a sense of how to use storytelling in your pitches and presentations. You will also have made a start on your own brand story.

Act like a child: We’ve got some good news for you – it’s play time! Bodei will take you through some of the key principles of improv theatre. Taking you through exercises that will help you build scenes and step out of everyday life into a life of possibility and fiction. Leave this workshop saying ‘Yes’ more often.

Daniel Reinold – Visual Facilitation – Basics

Our brains are wired to perceive images faster than words. So it only makes sense that,
to truly unlock your interpersonal communication potential, investment in understanding the power of visual tools should be a priority for anyone in business today.

Daniel is a Visual Facilitator and Agile Coach, he believes the best way to activate the creative part of your brain is through the use of pictures and visual tools. His workshop will provide you with basic visualization apparatus to communicate faster and more comprehensively within your team and for your customers. You will work with blank paper and some canvas types to learn to convey your message with visual aids.

Rob Bertholf – Demystifying SEO – Modern Tactics & KPI Reporting

We know what SEO stands for, we sort of understand what people mean when they say you need to optimise your website but beyond that it’s all a bit of mystery, at least for most us out there. Rob, a digital marketing instructor at the University of Hawaii for startups in Honolulu is here to help us decrypt the mystery that is SEO. A field that changes as constantly as the internet, SEO is something everyone in digital needs to have a firm grasp of.

He will take a look at current tactics you can use for your site (business) and what KPI reporting really means. Most importantly he will show you how to use this reporting to upgrade your performance and ranking online. In his talk he will explains the fundamentals of SEO and guide you through how to manage a strategic content framework that will have you ‘rise through the ranks’.

Marius Schulz – Web Development 101

Every business needs a website because if you’re not on the web you don’t exist. Marius is a freelance software developer with over a decade of experience in web development. He’s also a prolific blogger in the tech space, covering everything from JavaScript to developer productivity.

In his workshop you will learn how to create and style a basic website using HTML and CSS. You’ll walk away with the know-how to take the first steps towards creating your own compelling online presence. Helping you to avoid paying astronomical prices to get your website created by someone else, or at least be in a better space to speak the lingo with your developer.

Ali Binazir – Super Charisma: How to be a compelling speaker

Steve Jobs. Martin Luther King. Mahatma Gandhi. What did they have in common? They all got Very Big Things done. And they did it by being compelling speakers. Whether you’re asking for a raise, presenting to a client, getting a seed round going, or asking someone out, there will be points in your life when your fate hinges upon the quality of the pitch you make. In this workshop, you will be taught some of the main principles behind being a compelling speaker

Dr Ali Binazir is a speaker, author and certified clinical hypnotherapist specializing in happiness engineering and mind management. He will guide you through tips and techniques that will help you present yourself more professionally and speak more confidently. In order to participate in this workshop please prepare a 1 minute speech or presentation on any topic of your choosing.

Sergio Sala – The business of freelancing: How to attract better clients, book yourself solid and earn more

If you’re a freelancer, then you’ll understand the pain that comes with trying to find great repeat clients (the freelancer’s dream). It’s tough! Sergio, a self-taught web designer from age 14 knows the hustle all too well. Starting out charging a cheap hourly rate for minimal work to working on some of the biggest high-budget projects in Spain. Working with the likes of Angel Alegre, Victor Martin and Sonia Sanchez all entrepreneurial heroes in the Spanish online community.

Being a true nomad at heart Sergio is now able to travel the world with his Minaal Backpack because of his steady freelance income. In his workshop he’ll go into detail of how to attract the right kinds of clients and how to ensure a consistent income. Most importantly he will cover how to manage your time like it’s a business – teaching you the mindset of the most savvy entrepreneurs. Finally he will also share tips on how to earn beyond your hourly rate.

Ilona Jankowska – Design Thinking

What does design mean to you? Is it about, colour, shape? What something looks like or how it feels? Is a smart phone that requires 4 actions to get to the song you like that smart? Ilona looks beyond the basics of design and considers usability – because pretty design means little if the user’s experience is poor.

Ilona has extensive experience in the technology space, specialising in instructional design and project management. In her workshop she will discuss the principles of design thinking and how to use agile methodologies to better plan and manage your projects. Taking a human centered approach to designing products has meant she has lead various teams to create well designed products that fulfill the user’s needs, exchanging ‘pretty design’ for clever design.

Daniel Monhof – Innovation in technology for travel – a think tank

Daniel is a business development manager for Amadeus, the leading technology provider for the travel industry. His specific focus is developing use cases for emerging technology. Working on innovation projects involving anything from mobile devices, voice and chat assistants to bots and all other forms of AI. His main goal is to consistently improve the user experience for travellers when they are booking trips, looking for information or need general travel related support.

Rather than a standard workshop, this session will be a think tank where together you will investigate the technology nomads and travellers use to travel. What device do you use? Which applications are most relevant to you? Why? How could or should they be improved? What are the major pain points for the constant traveller? What do you wish the travel apps you use, had, to make every plan you make easier? Join the workshop to share your opinion and help build better travel experiences for your community.

Mirko Kiefer – Time-lapse from app idea to listed on the app store

Do you have the perfect app idea but have no idea where to start? Perhaps you’re not a developer or you’ve never launched a digital product before so your idea stays firmly on the shelf. Meet Mirko, the founder of mobile technology firm Blackbelt Labs that combines mobile design, analytics and engineering with distributed teams to get great digital products off the ground and your go-to guy for bringing your idea to life.

Mirko’s workshop will give you a time-lapse glimpse into what you could expect if you really tried to build your own appt He will explain how to to take your abstract idea and create a concrete vision for it. How to quickly and cost effectively validate your app. What to look for when you’re doing market research and how much time you should expect to spend developing your app. A must for those who have a great idea but are just not sure what to do with it.

Elizabeth Kynast – My Plastic-Free Month and how to be an Eco-Friendly Nomad

Elizabeth has two loves, on the one hand she focuses on personal development and the other is environmental responsibility. As we travel across the globe in our transient lifestyle we are likely to use countless water bottles and take away food packaging – even the healthy kind gets wrapped up. The impact we have on the planet is both real and alarming at the same time.

Elizabeth is multi-talented, having worked in the coaching, sales and IT sphere during her career. Recently Elizabeth made a commitment to try live plastic free for a month and she was not entirely prepared for how difficult it would really be. In her workshop she will tell you her story and provide you with some eco-friendly hacks that you can use in your day to day life to lessen your carbon footprint on the environment.

Jan Schulze-Siebert – Personal Marketing – how to use your name to increase traffic and earning potential

As a nomad, freelancer, entrepreneur or influencer it has never been more important to create your own personal brand. When done properly it can elevate your earning potential substantially. Jan is a blogger and his expertise lie in digital and inbound marketing. His day to day includes helping clients get as much visibility through inbound as possible.

In his talk he will go into detail as to why a personal brand is imperative. How to build a marketing system for your own website and creating value for your visitors through automation. He will also share a few tips and tricks on how best to leverage inbound marketing to show off your skills and experience.

Monika Wiederhold – The future of work: connecting digital nomads with traditional corporations.

As a digital nomad you’ll be aware of the difficulties in connecting with big corporates, either the concept of remote work is completely foreign or they just don’t understand how working with you would work for them. Monika, travel and airline industry expert, will discuss how to connect with big business and speak their language.

Monika, CEO at Amadeus Germany, will explain how best to relate to their way of working, understanding their pains and their unique objectives so that you can develop the right kind of solution for them. How to define your way of working and helping them understand that in your field, face to face working is not necessarily relevant or required in the age of digitisation. A workshop that will help you attract and hold onto new sources of revenue through finding common ground with traditional corporations.

Maurício Santos – Manage difficult conversations by organising ideas and experiences

Maurício has been a software developer for more than 13 years and has extensive experience leading distributed teams. He is a facilitator in emergent learning and uses his expertise to guide tech teams through continuous delivery solutions.

Few really grasp the concept of emerging learning but it’s become more and more important for teams and organisations to adopt it to combine ideas, experience and expertise to ensure constant and quick delivery. In this workshop you will be introduced to the Learning 3.0 concept, principles and flow using the Learning Canvas, which promotes being inclusive and interrogating multiple perspectives. It also helps teams to stay focused and avoid distraction created by working through complex projects. Emerging learning is relevant to everyone, freelancers, teams and entrepreneurs alike.

Oguzhan Altun – Photography for Beginners

Osan’s passion for photography combined with teaching people this incredible art form has seen him create the biggest photography school in Switzerland. He finds the practice the most rewarding way to capture life, places and people.

In this workshop for complete beginners, he’ll take you through the basics of taking a great picture, the most important tips and tricks with image composition. By the end of the workshop you’ll have all your photography jargon down, knowing the difference between aspect ratio and depth of field. You will also learn how to use any DSLR / mirrorless camera. A must for newbie photographers wanting to step their game up a little.

Pamela Wagner – 10x Your Business: The Power Of Remarketing

Pamela is a paid ads specialist and former Googler, in love with worldwide paid advertising strategies that push SMEs forward. During her career she has supported over 2000 advertisers, 90% of which had their ads placed in position 1 or 2 within a few weeks of working with her. Her sound advice has been featured in ABC News, Yahoo, Mashable, MSN, Washington Times amongst others. To date paid online advertising remains one of the biggest revenue generators in the digital space and one of the most successful developments in the recent past is remarketing.

In her workshop, Pamela will teach you how remarketing works on Google and Facebook, and what the advantages are of each specific platform. You’ll get to know what the must-haves are before you create a rockstar remarketing campaign, and find out what makes a really catchy ad that converts every time.

Nicole Öhlmann – The WHY Discovery

Nicole is a believer. She believes that we should be the change we want to see in the world. This was her driving belief when she decided to work with purpose-driven people and companies, helping them  discover their Why. What is a Why? It’s quite simply your purpose, cause or belief that inspires you to do what you do. Nicole helps you to leverage your Why so you can make a bigger impact in your world.

This interactive session is all about bringing your Why to life. During the workshop Nicole will help you discover, articulate and refine your Why, so you can share it with the world.

Anne-Marie Buedts – What’s your thing?

Anne-Marie runs a location independent business called “Do Your Thing”, dedicated to helping others find their thing and also guiding them on how to turn their talents into business ideas. She combines her experience in internet marketing with her study of psychology to help other nomads find out what they’re best at and how to use it to their advantage . Because after all that’s the key to being really successful.

In her workshop you’ll explore your personality type and what your personal strengths are. Understanding yourself and your core strengths is key for setting yourself up for success. The workshop will have you interrogating your personal mission in life and how best to tune into your true potential to be the best version of yourself that you could possibly be.

David Sheffield – Social Media Outreach, how to growth hack thousands of customers through Twitter and Instagram

Social Media is the biggest 24/7 trade show out there for those wanting to showcase and sell your products and services. The ease with which platforms can be maintained remotely is exactly why it should be the marketplace and playground for location independent workers but generally we’re just not leveraging it enough. Approaching social media effectively, David asserts, requires breaking away from old methods.

In most cases we understand at least a little about the advertising methods available from the platforms themselves, but they can become quite costly. In his workshop, David will give you a ‘cheat sheet’ that will allow you to build an organic following of prospects that convert without the use of expensive ad systems. He will also show you how to automate the process so you can enjoy a steady pipeline of these new, free-to-low-cost leads.

Ruben van Selm – Logo concepting: an introduction to logo design

The Nike tick, McD’s Golden Arches and Apple’s Apple ;-) are some of the world’s most recognised insignia. Having a great logo can be a game changer. Ruben, a multimedia designer from the Netherlands, will be hosting a practical workshop on logo concepting.

He’ll show you how some of the most common types of software work and the importance concepting plays in the process. This is not a workshop just aimed at designers, if you have adobe illustrator on your laptop bring it along, for the rest a pen and some paper is all you need to get the most out of this fun and engaging workshop. The workshop will be broken into two parts. The first will go into logo creation best practice and the second half is when you let your inner designer roam free.

Jamie Keddie – Self publishing pitfalls (and how to avoid them)

Jamie is a storyteller and Youtube enthusiast, committed to bringing teaching into the 21st century and digital age. He has successfully authored and published three books Images, Bringing Online Video into the Classroom, and Videotelling. In his workshop. he is going to take you through the journey an author needs to take to get their story from their PC into the hands of readers.

It’ll be a cheat sheet session where Jamie will give you insight into the mistakes he made and how you can avoid them. He’ll engage you with the story of working with an established publisher and then making the decision to strike out on his own. Learn about the difficulties involved in self-publishing and how to avoid them. He’ll also teach you about the crowdfunding process and then how to market your book once it’s been published.

Lucia de Boer – How to trigger great ideas with creative thinking

After overcoming devastating events as a young adult and realising how truly fragile life is, Lucia felt stuck over and over again. During her job as Marketing and Communications Advisor at an internationial company, she decided to turn things around. She spent time reflecting on what she truly wanted for her life and through self exploration and education she found that she was passionate about creativity and helping others unlock their creative potential. Currently a professional trainer in innovative and creative thinking she helps entrepreneurs and leaders with developing their own creative solutions to business challenges they face.

In her workshop she will discuss 3 techniques for triggering your own creativity. Teaching you how the brain works when creativity is used to solve life’s business and personal challenges. She debunks the myth that not everyone is creative and will provide participants with simple exercises for training their creative muscles.

Pieter Kruidenier – How to Kickstart your WordPress Website

In search of freedom and adventure one year ago Pieter began designing and developing websites and online stores, working with any business types, from small NGOs to startups and SMES. Pieter creates engaging websites for his clients that users love to visit

He is a big believer in WordPress, a platform that makes creating your own site easy and maintenance is simple. All the things a busy nomad needs. In his workshop he will share his expertise around his favourite platform teaching you how to choose themes, which plug-ins to use and how to optimise your site. He will show you how to create a site and for those who already have one he will share various insights on how to improve your existing site.

Kunal Kripalani | Movement Matters – Balancing Life as Desk Jockey

Kunal runs a business that caters to an Australian audience of people seeking out the best nutrition and skills to live a life of vitality and performance. It is primarily an eCommerce business, but Kunal has diversified into wholesale and also manufacturing his own brands of whole food nutrition and supplements. These businesses have stemmed from a combination of his interest in nutrition, training in pharmacology and work in eCommerce. Over the years, Kunal’s interest in holistic health has increased. Previously he just focused on nutrition. Today, movement and breath-work have become fundamental elements in leading a pain-free and energetic life. These ideas will serve as one of the pillars of my next business venture.

In his workshop, Kunal will inspire you to integrate more movement into your daily life. This is a HEALTHY workshop, which requires active participation. No one will be sitting on a chair. He will start by talking about the common ailments we all suffer from as a result of screen-centric lifestyles (eg: Kyphosis) and the compounding damage being done over time to our skeletal structures. He will then move on to exploring movement and breath-work ideas from luminaries in the field.

Jantien Klein Ikink and Marleen Hoftijzer – Creative Storytelling

Jantien is a creator. Whether it involves creating a little garden for ants, homemade jam, or writing stories, she just LOVES what goes into the making of something special and new. Her love for stories has always been strong and that lead her to study journalism.

Marleen is a documentary/portrait photographer, filmmaker and blogger. Her main subject matter? People with special stories and social situations. Her photography project project about her neighbours was the topic of her exciting TEDx  talk.

In this immersive workshop these two talented people will combine their love of writing and visual arts to show you how wonderful the creative process is. Jantien will teach you that absolutely everyone has a writer inside them and Marleen will teach you how you can make pictures add extra layers to every story.

Søren Thielcke – First Steps with your MAC

Become a Mac specialist in minutes! Project Manager and retail expert, Soren Thielcke is here to show you Apple like you’ve never seen it before.

German born Soren has a background in almost everything, including time spent at Apple, where he stepped up to the task of braining-up the computer giant’s experts, colleagues and clients.

Now he’s ready to share his expertise with you!

Packed with tips, tricks and best practices on how to get the most out of your MAC experience, Soren’s workshop will have you thinking of fantastic new ways to use IT to make your business more profitable.

Suzanne van Duijn – How to Get the Best Exposure with Free Publicity

‘The best things in life are free’, why should online exposure be any different? Suzanne is flipping conventional forms of paid publicity the bird, unleashing everything you need to know to get the most out of free publicity. Already at the helm of her own agency for entrepreneurs alike, Suzanne is a specialist in all things blogging, social media and public relations.

Whether you want to learn the right way to tweet, like, snap or gram it, this workshop will have you harnessing the largely untapped power of social media, helping you establish that online presence you’ve been searching for.But things get even better when other people start saying good things about you. Suzanne explains how to see your name in the media more often.

Julia Schmitz – Presenter and interview techniques

Julia has extensive experience in TV journalism having studied and taught journalism in Germany for many years and interning at major German TV stations ZDF and HR. She most recently received her degree in TV presenting from the Speaker-Academy in Frankfurt and currently works as the presenter for NGO Adra Deutschland.

In her talk she will teach you how to be comfortable in front of the camera. A little known skill that will help you get your audience’s attention and keep it. She will also share interview techniques and how to get the relevant information from your interviewees. While not all of us our destined for the big screen, video content is king and behaving naturally on camera is a great skill for anyone wanting to venture into the video space.

Till Leon Kraemer- Discover your Conscious 6 Figure Business Idea

Till Leon is a career & entrepreneurship coach, focusing on those second & third career shifters, helping  them to find the meaningful career they were meant to have. Working from his own experience, he changed his own career when after spending years in a job that didn’t resonate with him he decided something needed to change.

Tapping into your unique talents and gifts requires conscious investigation and being aware of who you are. Till Leon believes that by incorporating your talent into your business design, you will  be more authentic,  successful and happy.  In his workshop you will (re)-connect with your  “personal story”, become aware of the unique range of qualities that you should use to make your business more true to you.

Hunter Roberts – Your Money or Your Life?

Striking the balance between financial and emotional success no longer needs to be an uphill battle thanks to strategist, counselor, shaman and spiritual advisor Dr. W. Hunter Roberts.

Using over 25 years of industry insight and experience, Dr W. Hunter Roberts works closely with entrepreneurs of all walks of life, using multiple modalities, Dr. W. Hunter Roberts to assist high-powered, independent business people excel in both their personal and work lives.

This exciting workshop will have you examining the importance of setting healthy boundaries while establishing yourself as a business savvy mogul.

Annemarie Konijn – How to Create a Highly Productive Virtual Office

Annamarie, owner of  “Ik wil meer reizen” and “Traveling Dutchies“, travel blog and online store for travelers began a business that started to grow exponentially since 2014. It became apparent that she needed to optimize the company’s workflow to ensure that operationally everything continued to run smoothly. Her and her partner began to invest time and effort in learning about and trialing  various online tools that would allow them to run a virtual office seamlessly.In their workflow one can find everything you would find in a ‘real’ office. Only this one can be managed from everywhere in the world.

In this workshop you will learn all about creating your own virtual office, what tools to use to support your business. She’ll also guide you through how best to work with remote teams and outsourcing various tasks.Besides helpful tips & tricks for working online, the core focus of the workshop will be how to use tools like Trello and Slack efficiently, two excellent platforms that are geared towards managing online teams and projects.

Xylia Buros – Aligning Your Content with Your Mission & Goals

Xylia is a Communications/PR consultant, writer, and editor specializing in architecture, design, hospitality, and travel. Over the course of her career, she has served as a marketing manager at top architecture firms, publicist, and magazine editor. She is now working with innovative companies worldwide to help them hone their messaging, expand their businesses, and reach new audiences. A magna cum laude graduate of NYU with a degree in English Literature, she has written about art, design, and business for several magazines.

In her workshop, Xylia will guide you on how to ensure that your website, resume, biography, and other marketing materials convey exactly what you intend. Attendees will first brainstorm on their mission and vision statements, and ideal client/customer profiles. Questions include: Is my content accurately conveying my mission and values? Where do I want my business to go? How do I want my clients to act after reading my content? If you’re taking part in this workshop, please bring your own marketing materials so you can pair off and analyze each other’s content.

Björn Freimuth – Remote B2B Sales: How to get clients without spending a single dollar

The truth is, any business is made or broken by sales. Whether you’re selling yourself, your skills, your talents or your products it’s an important skill to learn, and let’s be honest not all of us are natural salespeople! In this fascinating workshop Björn, an entrepreneur and salesman extraordinaire will take us through his experience in building a successful B2B sales business online.

He will detail how you can get and keep clients without spending any capital on traditional marketing for your company or product. He will also provide you with proven sales techniques you can use as a remote worker to find new clients without ever having to be in the same room, city or country as them.

Maria Kinoshita – An introduction to digital training

Maria is the founder of Octo D, an edTech startup that focuses on B2B multilingual eLearning module development. She is passionate about alternative learning styles, travel, and business development. Maria has plans to launch a Nomad coliving space in Montreal next year, which will offer nomads the opportunity to live, work, and learn in a city that is a mosaic of diversity.

As digital learning becomes more prevalent around the globe, there are many questions around its efficiency and implementation. In her talk, Maria will give an overview of the different kinds of learning solutions, and explain how you can use learning technologies and edTech to benefit as a Digital Nomad.You can look forward to a whole new perspective on learning and education in technological environment.

Virginia Campo – Recruit for the future – finding 550 millennial talents in 365 days

Self-described ‘Humanologist’ at Selina, a hospitality and tourism startup, Virgnia has successfully helped this fledgling business grow from a 1 country, 44 people office to a company spread across 15 locations in 6 countries now staffing over 650 people in just over a year.

Working across private and not-for-profit sectors for organisations like HSBC Bank and the United Nations she has vast experience in finding the right kind of talent for the job. In her talk she will cover some innovative methods for recruiting for startup businesses, how to attract millennial talent and most importantly how to interview new recruits. She’ll also give you some insight into the future of recruiting. An all important talk for entrepreneurs wanting to build their business.

Maxim Stuehrenberg – Where Tech-driven innovation and sustainable consumption meet

With a background in informatics, engineering and economy Maxim brings an entirely new approach to the topic of sustainability. Passionate about finding ways for people to consume more sustainably, he has adopted technology as an instrument to achieving these goals.

In his workshop he will shed light on how machine learning algorithms, gathering various kinds of data, will be able to provide individuals with practical guides on how to consume more responsibly. His key aim is to raise awareness around this new and innovative approach towards sustainability. His talk pioneers a practical vision of how technology, when used correctly, will help save the planet.

Andrea Saccà – How to built a professional E-commerce using Magento

Being able to manage your own website, especially if you’re in e-commerce, does not have to be complex. Andrea, a Magento expert with more than 10 years experience working with this platform will teach you how to create your own dynamic e-commerce site.

A published author on the topic, Andrea will give you a full overview of one of the most famous, scalable open source platforms available to date. You can look forward to finding out how to use the platform best, including how to easily install and configure it as well as where to find themes and plugins. For the developers in the crowd he will touch on how to customise sites to help offer their clients premium e-commerce site.

David Jupijn – Habitualized Success

David describes himself as a junkie for all things personal development. In the last decade he has been trialing and testing all methods of personal development to find that sweet spot that helps you develop good personal and professional habits.

In his workshop he will take you through his journey of self discovery and how you can implement the behaviours he has learnt to enable your own personal success. He will take you back to the basics explaining exactly what habits are, how they are formed and how to implement new constructive habits. He will also provide you with practical methods to regain momentum when you find yourself ‘slipping’, and while, there are so many possible ‘good habits’ to adopt he’ll explain which are the best to start with. Hint: it all begins with the perfect morning routine!