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Nomad Cruise V Special Events

Hosted by Bori Vigh and Göran Hielscher

Besides talks and workshops many special events that will take place throughout the cruise.
You can look forward to a number of fun get togethers and games that will make networking easier and that much more fun. Your amazing hosts Göran Hielscher and Bori Vigh will lead you through the program!

30- Second Pitches

Our 30-second pitch event has been going since NC III and has been hugely successful ever since. This is your opportunity to tell other Nomad Cruisers, who you are, what you do and what you think you could do to help all in just 30 seconds. Don’t be nervous. It’s great fun and a friendly environment to share your talents and skills with everyone. The fast-paced event has an electric atmosphere and is not to be missed.

Speed Dating

This is a speed dating event is like none you’ve heard of before. Why? Because there are no scorecards, no ratings afterwards, just a lot of fun and an opportunity to meet and share with other nomads. What to expect? You’ll have 12 ‘dates’ with 12 different nomads who will go from strangers to friends in 5 minutes flat.

Ecstatic Dance Session

Like the title of this event suggests, you’re sure to leave the event feeling great and really in tune with your natural rhythm. Ecstatic dance is based on the concept of ritual dances. We start slow and by the end we’ll work ourselves into a happy dancing frenzy. So come barefoot and get ready to move your body to african rhythms, afroelectro beats, nu cumbia and cumbiatron synths and experimental music. Dress code – comfortable. Bring water and a towel – it’s gonna get hot!

Warm Up Games

While we know that alcohol is a great social lubricant – there are also other great ways to get comfortable and make new connections with your fellow nomads. Introducing the Nomad Games! Göran has a few surprise games up his sleeve that he’ll use in this workshop that will definitely help you make deeper connections with each other. You can also use some of these games as a way to get people comfortable at meetups, masterminds and your own workshops.

Nomad World Cafe

Nomad life is exciting, spontaneous and sometimes a little confusing. Without a doubt whether you’ve been travelling for a while or you’re brand new to this way of life you’ll either have questions to ask or whole bunch of knowledge to share. The Nomad World Cafe is where you’ll find the answers you’re looking for – as long as you drop off your questions about your favourite topics at the beginning of the cruise with us. There will be a special coffee spot where you can join discussion sessions around the questions asked. We believe this is the best way to build and share knowledge across our cruise community.

Design Thinking for Nomad Cruise

On the last offshore day Göran hosts a design thinking workshop for a selected number of participants, where all the others are cordially invited contribute with their experience and insights from the cruise. We aim to investigate your experiences with us, because we put you as our customers in the center of our (future) activities to make the Nomad Cruise a great experience. For those who come and this who come again. This will become the extracted essence of what happened on the cruise and you can support our cordial movement of giving us Nomads an adventurous as even convenient platform on the seas.