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First off all: thank you so much for being awesome and giving a gig on board. Without your contribution, Nomad Cruise could not be the amazing skill-sharing journey it is. 

This little wiki is supposed to help you with all of your questions as a general guideline. We will regularly update this wiki during the next months with more details and the answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

Two nights before departure (on the 16th November) we are organizing an exclusive dinner for speakers and workshop leaders. This special event is a great opportunity to get to know each other already before we set sail, and to engage in exciting conversations with fellow speakers. Please book your flights accordingly – we can’t wait to see you there!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us at – we’ll be there to help.

Before the cruise:

Zoom call

We will have a Zoom call together with all the speakers on Wednesday, October 23 (need to confirm this) to give you more details about the program and to answer all your questions.

Speaker’s dinner

Right after the Speaker Training Day we’ll have our official speakers’ dinner to say thank you for your efforts and to get to know each other a bit better. Details on the venue and starting time will follow at the latest during the Zoom Call.

Your presentation

Please prepare your talk/workshop well in advance. We will collect your presentation at the latest on the Speaker Training Day to make sure that you can fully enjoy the trip without having to worry about preparing your slides last minute.

Speaker Guide

We will create a speaker guide with tips and tricks on how to prepare your talk/workshop. We’ll share the link here soon.


Printing on board is extremely expensive. If you would like to hand out a supporting material during your workshop, please send it to us no later than 3 days before departure so that we can print it out for you. Alternatively going paperless and being eco-friendly is always a good idea:-)!
We can only facilitate printing for workshops – with such a large group it’s simply not feasible to print out material for each talk. Even for workshops we will have a limit of  max 3 A4 pages per participant. We will send out every presentation (where permission is granted) to each participant after the cruise, so no one will miss a thing.

The content of Your Keynote / Workshop:

Real Stories

We focus on real stories instead of theories. Our speakers share the know-how they learned over the years and the strategies that worked for them.

No Sales Pitches

Our speakers share their expertise without asking anything in return. They believe in the power of a skill-sharing community.

Value First

Our aim is to create a conference program of high value. Actionable content that can be applied is top priority!

Practical Skills

We are looking to learn about tools and tactics that improve either our digital skills or our offline presence and connection with people.

Experts Only

Our stage is only open to experts in their fields. No theories, just hands-on advice from people who walk the talk!


Consider designing an interactive talk. They are great fun to listen to, while they also help the audience to get to know each other.

Your Keynote / Workshop on Board

While giving a talk/workshop aboard a cruise ship definitely has its charm, it also comes with a few limitations. Please read through them and make the necessary preparations.


As we’ll be in the middle of the ocean, internet won’t be available for keynotes or workshops, so please don’t rely on Wifi access and prepare everything you need for your presentation in advance. For instance, if you would like to include a video, it’s best to download it before we leave.


There is a screen and a projector available for all the talks. When it comes to workshops, availability will be limited due to the fact that we’ll be running several sessions at the same time. Please let us know in advance if a screen is necessary for your workshop so that we can reserve the right venue for you.


Slots for case studies are 45 minutes long, while inspirational talks last 30 minutes. You should plan in about 10 minutes for a Q&A session at the end of your speech. We’ve found that audiences frequently have burning questions and we’d like to give them the opportunity to engage with your topic.


For keynotes you can expect an audience of 200+ people. Workshops on the other hand are smaller as we believe this size allows an active participation and engagement. Plan with around 30 attendees at your workshop.


We have hand mics, please be prepared for them. We will do a voice check before you get on stage. 


The order of the talks/workshops will be announced about 2 weeks before departure so whether your talk kicks the cruise off or rounds it out, we recommend that you’re completely prepared before we leave.