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Nomad Cruise 9 Program - November 2019

Join us for keynotes, workshops and networking on our journey from Spain to Brazil

We are super excited about the program on  Nomad Cruise 9 in November.

Nomad Cruise is a skill sharing journey. The entire program is co-organized with our participants. We’re thankful to all the amazing speakers who volunteer to organize a keynote, a talk, a workshop or a special on Nomad Cruise!


James Skotchdopole

Movie Producer

Fireside chat with Academy Award-winning movie producer James Skotchdopole

Oscar-winning Hollywood producer James Skotchdopole will share stories from his illustrious career. He’ll explain the virtue of working your way diligently up the ladder in the movie business, learning from those around you, and how to know when it’s your moment to take charge. He will also share how he comes up with his latest ideas, and how he has a lot in common with the digital nomad scene.

Enelin Paas

Head of Business Development at SafetyWing

Business Growth Hacking with Affiliate Marketing

Everyone is buzzing about affiliate marketing and Enelin, SME full-stack strategic marketeer is here to explain to you how to get influencer affiliates to sell your product or service with zero investment and without wasting money on unneeded advertising. She’ll give the wheres and whys of finding the right kind of influencers who want to promote your business and who can make sales for you. How exciting?

Pulkit Vijay

Serial Entrepreneur

Business Innovation Models & Tools

An experienced innovation manager and serial entrepreneur, Pulkit is an advocate for the development of new business models. In his talk, Pulkit will provide various actionable tools to help find and accelerate innovations for both people who are at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, and existing business owners who are looking to expand their business.

James Ellsmoor

“Forbes 30 under 30” Contributor

James Ellsmoor

Getting the Right Kind of Media for your Nomad Business

Founder of Solar Head of State and Island Innovation, James has focused his career on renewable energy for remote communities and running the Virtual Island Summit. As a writer for and “30 under 30”, he will share how to leverage online media for your nomad business. Learn why coverage matters and how to pitch your work as a digital nomad.

Taylor Mills


How to Execute and *Finally* Start Seeing Real Results

For some of us the scariest part of becoming an entrepreneur is taking the first step! Taylor is an expert in helping you get over that overwhelming feeling. Whether you’re launching a blog or trying to build your online brand, her talk will help you to overcome your fears and actually start promoting. She will explain how you can see immediate progress and achieve sustainable momentum into the future.

Sascha Blitz


How I built multiple successful brands through Instagram

Social Media has been part of the marketing mix for many years now but are you making any sales from your social networking platforms? Sascha has leveraged Instagram successfully to build several businesses and brands that have a 6 and 7 figure turnover in just a few years. in his talk, he will cover how to build a tribe that follows your brand and how to actually start making sales.

Johannes Voelkner

Founder of Nomad Cruise

From Lean Startup to Remote Company – How to take your business to the next level

Johannes is the person behind the success of Nomad Cruise and in his talk he is going to share the lessons he’s learnt from taking Nomad Cruise from a lean startup to a global business. He will also discuss why building a solid community before launching your big, new business idea is the smartest strategy towards successfully scaling up and how to start building that community.

Brent Hammond

Business Consultant & Coach

Get Leveraged: Business Strategies for Building Big Dreams 

Leverage is an important concept when it comes to business success. In this powerful talk Brent will explore business-building strategies that make the most of your time and skills. He will give practical advice on what systems, strategies and people you should put in place to play bigger and take your business or startup to the next level. You’ll leave with personalized actions for getting more done.

Adam Cortez

Owner of Arc Websites

From Freelancer to Agency Owner 

Are you looking to transition from freelancer to business owner? Well then, Adam has the answers for you! Starting as freelancer just 3 years ago, Adam, owner of Arc Websites, has managed to grow his business to support a team who all work remotely. In his talk he will detail how he transformed his business, built his team and learnt how to manage them using great tools for business growth.

Juliana Rabbi

Veteran Recruiter

LinkedIn tips for Digital Nomads

Juliana is a veteran recruiter with over 13 years’ experience working in Europe and South America. Her background in psychology gives her a deep understanding of people and how to harness their potential towards a successful career. Juliana will help you boost your LinkedIn profile to entice potential business partners and grow your personal and professional network to new and rewarding heights.

Jordan Carroll

Remote Job Coach & Consultant

Networking in the Digital Age

Everything you need in life is already right at your fingertips. However, most people carry misconceptions about networking that limit their ability to capitalize on opportunities. You need a fresh perspective, strategy, and system to cut out the stress, uncertainty, and waste of time traditional networking provides. In Jordan’s interactive talk you’ll leave with takeaways you can start using on the cruise and beyond to become a magnet for luck, authentic connections, and money!

Bobby Casey

Managing Partner, GWP LLC

Tax and Residency Planning for Nomads

Tax is a complicated subject no matter where you live or set up your business. Since 2001, Bobby has worked with location independent entrepreneurs helping them to structure their business and personal situation for tax minimisation. In his talk he will explain how to properly structure your business as a digital nomad, while also establishing legal residency in a country and avoiding common reporting standard pitfalls.

Rosanna Lopes

Online Marketer

How to create Nomad Communities all over the world

Rosanna is an online marketer who has been working and living abroad for 12 years. In the last 4 she’s been nomadic. She started organizing small meet-ups for nomads in Lisbon 4 years ago which has now grown to a community of over 7,000. Thanks to her efforts, Lisbon is now a vibrant digital nomad hub. Rosanna will share her story and provide you with ideas on how you can start your own digital nomad community.

Ann Davis

CEO of Venture with Impact

Making Social Impact as a Digital Nomad

If there’s one thing we know about our community is that we love to give back but sometimes, because  we’re in our host city for such a short time we’re just not sure how? In her talk, Ann, CEO of Venture with Impact, will walk you through the process of creating an impactful, skills-based volunteer project with a local organisation that can be completed in a limited time period.

Jimmy Naraine

Online Entrepreneur

Lessons I’ve learnt exploring 70 countries as a digital nomad

Jimmy is an online entrepreneur and public speaker who teaches over 100,000 students on Udemy. His bestselling courses have been featured by Entrepreneur & Business Insider. His talk is sure to motivate fellow entrepreneurs to harness their fears and embrace challenges as a way to ensure success. As always, he will try to be as raw as possible and this means sharing some of his biggest f@*k ups.

Yasir Syed

Founder of Culture Clash

When Cultures Clash

In this intriguing talk Yasir, digital nomad and founder of Culture Clash, will share the importance of intercultural dialogue, a skill which is exceptionally important for all nomads as we visit new countries. He will also explain to us how to manage a difficult situation that comes from cultural differences. Don’t get lost in translation and make the most of cultural learning in every new city you go to.


Founder of Dating Beyond Borders

Dating While Traveling

In her talk, Marina will focus on the various cultural differences that come into play while dating people from foreign countries and cultures, including what to know while dating on the road.
Marina is the founder of Dating Beyond Borders, a YouTube channel with 400k subscribers. Marina writes, directs, produces and presents her videos.

Bill Hinchberger


Brazil with Bill

It’s no secret we’re setting sail for Brazil and we just happen to have an expert on the country onboard. Bill is a veteran foreign journalist with two decades of experience writing about Brazil. In his talk he’ll share how to make the most of your time in the country as well as how to make friends with the locals and avoid any problems while visiting this wonderful place.

Julia Goehler

Professor for Medical Education

What if you could really know yourself?

How often have you consciously tried to get to know yourself? Through scientifically sound consciousness exercises, Julia, will teach you how to go beyond what you think you know about yourself to really try and get to the essence of you. She will also give you insight on limiting beliefs and using scientifically based investigation she will talk about alignment and resonance when it comes to those beliefs.

Dr Ali Binazir

Founder of Hapiness Engineering

Engineering Happiness 

Can you be a successful entrepreneur and still have enough time and space to stay healthy, happy, and sane? Is balance possible? “Absolutely,” says Dr Ali Binazir, so long as you take care of the 5 Pillars of Human Thriving. After years of research and visiting the world’s happiness hotspots, he is ready to share the secrets to happiness he has discovered along the way.

Joe Bruce

Business Coach

Mindset Mastery – Controlling the Little Voice Inside your Head 

When you start a business your mindset takes a seat on the board of directors. If unchecked, it becomes your biggest risk. But when properly nurtured it becomes the dream business partner. In his talk, Joe, mindset master and business coach, will expose the common pitfalls and mind-tricks that trip up and hold back new businesses while exploring psychological habits that you need to be a happy, high-functioning entrepreneur.

Victoria Lozada


Eating nomad

We’ve all heard the saying you are what you eat and as a nomad it can be difficult to ensure that you stick to a good, healthy diet while we’re bouncing from place to place. Nutritionist, Victoria, will be sharing some practical tips on stress-free eating habits that are not costly and completely sustainable while travelling. With these easy tips your belly will always be full and happy.

Harrison Hunter Reid


How to add Jet Fuel To Your Productivity

After selling his first business, Harrison has dedicated himself to public speaking in an effort to inspire change in people, so they can inspire change in the world. In his talk, Harrison will teach you how to create geometric productivity, and show you what steps to take in order to flash past your goals while living the life of your dreams.


Christa Romano

Social Media Marketer

How to capture and edit share-worthy photos for social media

A full-time traveling marketer and social media strategist, Christa is also a successful Instagrammer. In this workshop you’ll learn the psychology behind what makes a photo share-worthy, and some practical tips that you can implement to grow your own following on social media.

Marianna Zelichenko

Founder “Odder Being”

The Power of your Story

Changing career lanes can be a bit difficult, especially when you don’t have any prior experience or formal education in your new field. In this thought-provoking workshop, Marianna, will teach you how to use your personal story to attract new clients or employers. Learn how to craft the perfect elevator pitch and get the job you’ve been dreaming of. Let your personal brand talk for you.

Josh Dykes

Co-Founder of SPEAKup Challenge

How to master public speaking

Josh is the co-founder of the SPEAKup Challenge, a training solution designed to improve your public speaking so you can face the world with confidence. In Josh’s 3 hour workshop he will give you a crash course into how to master public speaking, culminating in a public speaking competition.

Ania Krol

Freelance Coach

Freelancing with Confidence

The way the world works is changing and it has never been easier to become a freelancer but many people are nervous to take the leap into working for themselves. Ania, who has been a full time freelancer and freelancer coach will share her tips on how to get started, where to find and how to keep clients and the key elements needed for creating your own successful freelance business.

Morgan Daniels


Habits: Change the way you think to change your work, motivation, life, and income

Good habits create success while bad habits hold you back. In this workshop Morgan will  teach you the science behind habits, while also helping you to work out which habits serve you right now or which don’t. You’ll get some great habit-hacks during this workshop that perfectly suit the nomadic lifestyle. You’ll also be encouraged to take up at least ONE new habit that will help transform your current regime.

Jimmy Naraine

Online Entrepreneur

How to build your own online course

Jimmy is an online entrepreneur who teaches over 100,000 students on Udemy. His bestselling courses have been featured by Entrepreneur & Business Inside. In his workshop he will  show you the best way to get started RIGHT NOW. How to use the “free course model” to build your audience and how to pick the topic, platform and craft a solid strategy that will help you build your very own course.


Piranha tank

If you’ve got a great idea and you don’t know how to pitch to the world (or potential collaborators and investors) then Piranha’s workshop is for you. During the workshop you’ll learn the elements required for the perfect pitch and you’ll be able to show off your newfound skill and your super idea to your NC9 tribe at the Business Breakthrough Session and get real-time feedback from our business mentors.

Deep Connections

Our Nomad Cruise community is so unique due to the strong relationships we build with each other. Bori’s interactive workshop will see you connect with fellow nomads and help you turn strangers into lasting relationships. Come with an open mind and heart and we promise you will love it!

Speed Networking

Think speed dating, but instead of searching for love you get to network with your fellow cruisers while your business contacts blossom. It’s fun, entertaining and a great way to get to know your fellow nomads in a semi-professional, laid back setting. Make close friends and business partners – or both!

Talent show

Join us for an evening of entertainment as we host our very own Nomad Cruise talent show. It’s a chance to see your fellow cruisers in a new light as they sing, dance and dazzle us with their unique and hidden talents. If there’s a performer in you thirsty for the limelight then be sure to sign up!

This is just the beginning. We will add more great keynotes and workshops to the list during the coming weeks.