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Welcome to the official Nomad Cruise 8 guide, where you will find everything you need to know about our plans before departure and after arrival!

We’ll cover everything from what you can expect before we set sail from Las Palmas to what’s in store for you when we port in Lisbon, including where to stay, what to do and how to get around. Plus we’ve included some cool apps for you to download which will make your life in Lisbon a breeze. As always, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking for more detailed information, please check our Trip Wiki.

Nomad Cruise is more than just a cruise – it’s an experience – one which begins long before we board the ship and lasts well beyond our last port. If you have the time, we encourage all cruisers to arrive in Las Palmas a few days before we set sail so you can begin your Nomad Cruise experience by meeting your fellow nomads and enjoying this incredible digital nomad hub.

After we arrive in Lisbon the experience isn’t over. Take some time and get to know this wonderful city. We have a few informal meetups and a big reunion planned in Lisbon that you won’t want to miss. And if you simply just can’t get enough of us, follow us to Porto after we arrive in Portugal.

As with all things Nomad Cruise, nothing is compulsory and we want you to discover Portugal at your own speed.The cruise is just the beginning. The best connections come alive after the cruise and so we encourage you all to stay longer after we arrive to see these connections blossom into business partnerships and long-lasting friendships.

It’s not mandatory, you’re welcome to play as you feel it. But you know where to find us!

This enchanting island city sits on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, only a few hundred kilometers off the coast of Morocco. It has a special place in our hearts, not only because we have started 3 cruises from here, but because it is one of the world’s most incredible digital nomad hotspots, boasting so many wonderful coworking and coliving hubs.

Where to stay in Las Palmas

We recommend you stay close to the bustling and divine Las Canteras Beach. It’s close to the port and has incredible surf. For those of you looking for accommodation buddies please feel free to use the official NC8 Facebook group to find your new roomies

Bed & Chic offers super nicely designed rooms and is close to the port and Las Canteras Beach. Use this code to get 10% discount on the total price: “nomadcruise”

La Ventana Azul Hostel is located directly on the beach and has some great offers for dorm rooms. It is also equipped with a comfy lounge and high-speed internet to get some work done.

HiTide Surf House is also right on the beach and offers double rooms as well as dorm rooms.

How to get from the Airport to Las Palmas (Las Canteras)


The easiest option is to take a taxi from the airport to Las Palmas. The rate should be between 30-35€. Simply find one outside the airport.

There’s also a service called Canary Forum which offers private transfer which you can book in advance, it’s recommended by many Gran Canaria nomads.


The cheapest option is to take one of the many buses outside the terminal in the direction of Santa Catalina (Route 60), fares are as cheap as 2.30€.

Find more detailed information here.

Where to work in Las Palmas

If you arrive early in Las Palmas and want to get some work done, go coworking and meet other cruisers at CoworkingC. This great coworking space offers a special weekly pass for €40 to all Nomad Cruise participants.

Simply head there and mention our name to claim the discount.

3 Things to do in Las Palmas / Las Canteras

If you choose to arrive a few days before we hit the seas then check out these fun activities to make your stay even better! Arrange these activities with your fellow nomads in our official Nomad Cruise 8 Facebook group to start making connections early!

Surfing and SUPing

La Cicer, situated left of Las Canteras Beach, is famous for its surfing. If riding the waves isn’t for you, then hire a SUP board and stand on them! Head to Oceanside surf shop to redeem a 15% discount on gear and surfing/SUP courses as well as free use of their facilities with the discount code NOMADCRUISEOS!

Mercado del Puerto

Visit Mercado del Puerto market and sample the delicious local food that Las Palmas is famous for. It’s situated in such a stunning part of the city that you’ll want to walk around in between tapas. Arrive hungry!

Stroll down the amazing beach promenade of Las Canteras

You won’t find a prettier walk on the island. The famous beach promenade is 3 km long and encapsulates the spirit of Gran Canaria. Just north of Las Canteras you’ll find Playa de El Confital, a perfect spot to experience a sublime Las Palmas sunset.

Pre-events in Las Palmas

Check out our Nomad Cruise 8 Facebook group for up-to-date information regarding our pre-events in Las Palmas. If you’re planning your own activites why not invite your fellow cruisers along to make connections before we set sail?

April 03: Informal Meetup

If you’re already in town, join us for a drink (or two) and meet your fellow cruisers. This is a super informal meetup but is always lots of fun.

Click “Going” in our official FB event to get notified about the updates.

April 05: Farewell Get Together

One day before we set sail we will celebrate our official send off. This is the first time all of us will come together to get to know each other. Be sure not to miss this!

Click “Going” in our official FB event to keep up-to-date with the latest news.

Intro to Lisbon

We absolutely love this picturesque seaside city, with its rolling hills and enchanting marina. It’s another amazing digital nomad hotspot and offers great coworking hubs all over the city and an amazing community. It’s definitely a place you can enjoy while you work.

Where to stay in Lisbon

The most popular areas to stay are without a doubt Baixa, Alfama and Cais do Sodré. We recommend you stay in one of these areas as they are all very central in Lisbon.

Our friends at Outsite can’t wait to welcome us to Lisbon and are giving us 10% discount for 3 nights or more, exclusive to all Nomad Cruisers! (Code: NOMADCRUISE2019)

Selina Lisbon will open the doors just before we arrive. Check their website for damn good opening deals. 

For more budget options, check out a selection of Best Hostels in Lisbon by Traveling Lifestyle

Arrival in Lisbon

We say goodbye to the Zenith at the Lisbon Cruise Terminal which is just a hop, skip and a jump from central Lisbon, situated just ‘below’ the famous Alfama District. The port’s address is:

Lisbon Cruise Terminal

Av. Infante Dom Henrique

Armazém B

1900-264 Lisboa

Quick hint: Arriving in Lisbon is a spectacular experience and the Nomad tradition is to get up before sunrise so you can see us passing the Torre de Belém and the Ponte de 25 Abril Bridge. Why not start your Lisbon experience by celebrating our arrival with all your fellow nomads as the sun comes up over the horizon.

We absolutely love this picturesque seaside city, with its rolling hills and enchanting marina. It’s another amazing digital nomad hotspot and offers great coworking hubs all over the city. It’s definitely a place you can enjoy while you work.

3 Things to do in Lisbon

There’s a lot to keep you busy in Lisbon but we have a suggestion for 3 must-do activities that you can do with your new (and old) nomad buddies. Our guess is you’ll never be lonely while you explore this beautiful city. Now back to the list in no particular order:

Visit the LX Factory

This is a super cool industrial-chic area where you’ll find loads of little cafes and restaurants with delicious menus for you to taste. There’s even a great coworking spot so pack your laptop to get a half day’s work in before you explore.

Half day trip to Belém

The Torre de Belém is one of the most well-known landmarks in Lisbon, and as mentioned you’ll see it when we enter the city on the morning of the 12th. When you go visit this landmark you just have to try the original Pastel de Nata in Belem. 

Check out the local nomad community

Lisbon is fast becoming one of the most popular nomad hubs in Europe and you’d be missing out if you didn’t check out the local (and very active) Digital Nomad Lisbon Group. They also have a great Meetup group that is hosted by fellow Cruisers. They hold a number of events and activities that’ll help you meet new nomads and get to know the city a bit better.

Top Lisbon Apps

Apps make the world go round, and we’ve put together a list of apps you should think about downloading pre-cruise so when you arrive in Lisbon you can live like a local from day one.



Love that scooter life? eCooltra is a service in Lisbon that allows you to rent an electric scooter from a number of places in the city. You only pay for the time you spend on the scooter and the best bit is it’s kind to the environment because #electric. Download and register for this app in advance because you need to submit a photo of your driver’s license and it can take up to 24 hours for your account to be activated.


This little app helps you navigate Lisbon’s public transport like a pro. It includes the most accurate and up-to-date info on the city’s buses and metros.


Not a big Uber fan? Well, then Cabify may be the option for you. Rumour has it that it’s a little cheaper than Uber and as a bonus it lets you schedule rides in advance too.


Eating Out

Lisbon has great food and we really encourage you to go out and try some of the great restaurants in your area.


Zomato is the app favoured by locals so why not use what they use to find great bars and restaurants.

Places to Work

This’ll probably be the most important piece of info for you, after all, we are digital nomads and without work what would we be?

This app is awesome. It shares info about various WiFi outlets including internet speed and noise from all over the city.


Don’t you hate getting to a spot and having to wait for the waiter to come by so you can get the WiFI password? Well, this app not only shares WiFi speeds it also gives you the passwords for various connections around you.

Nomad Cruise Events in Lisbon

While the cruise might be over, you’ll have no shortage of new friends and epic things to do. We also hate to say goodbye so we’ll be hosting some official Nomad Cruise events when we get to Lisbon.

April 12: Welcome Meetup

We know it’s hard to say goodbye and that’s exactly why we host our first reunion on the night we arrive. Venue? That’s a surprise but you’ll definitely know before we get off the ship!

April 18: Nomad Cruise meets the Lisbon Digital Nomads

Being a nomad is all about community and that’s why we want to make our Nomad Cruise tribe bigger by introducing you to the local digital nomad community in Lisbon. Johannes, the founder of Nomad Cruise, will be giving a talk, which is not to be missed. Make your social circle bigger! Check out the official FB event and click “Going” so that we can keep you updated. 

There’s no way to get bored in Lisbon and besides these two pre-planned events you can also look forward to a number of spontaneous meetups like watching the sunset at the famous Mirador de Santa Catarina and much, much more.

While Lisbon is the apple of Portugal’s eye, Porto is definitely its little diamond in the rough. Most famous for its port wine, Porto is also home to amazing architecture that dates back to medieval times. The Ribeira District will transport you back in time with its tiny cobbled streets and ancient houses. It has also become a home to nomads who are looking for an alternative to Lisbon.

Where to stay in Porto

We recommend that you stay as close to central Porto as possible. Vitoria or Sé are great options which are both close to the famous Ponte de Luis and Ribeira.

Blue Sock

Blue Sock Hostel promises a great cultural experience for all those who choose to stay. They also have dorms, singles and doubles available so you can find an option that suits you and your budget.

Selina Porto

Is a great option with a number of accommodation options to choose from. If you’re all about that dorm life they have you covered, or if you need a little alone time they have single and double rooms too.

For more options, check out Best Porto Hostels list by Traveling Lifestyle

How to get from Lisbon to Porto

Porto is a short 300km away from Lisbon and there are various ways for you to get there. Just depends what kind of travel you’re up for!


Trains from Lisbon to Porto are frequent and the service is operated by CP. We recommend that you choose the fast train, called Alfa Pendular (AP), which runs every hour or so. The trip takes about three hours. Tickets can be booked on CP’s website up to 60 days in advance. A regular ticket will cost you anything from €25 to €32 one way.


The bus between Lisbon and Porto takes about three hours and 30 minutes. Buses run every hour and a half throughout the day, and the service is carried out by Rede Expressos / Renex.


Did someone say road trip? After NC8 you’re going to have a whole lot of new friends and we’re pretty sure there will be a few road trip junkies in the bunch. Rent a car and take a slow drive to Porto. Be sure to stop at Ericeira and Peniche, they’re super cool little surf villages that you have to see. If you prefer the scenic route then this is the best way to see more of Portugal’s beautiful coastline.

3 Things to do in Porto

Porto is lovely and has a really different vibe to Lisbon, and while the list of things to do is literally as long as our arms we decided to give you our top three choices. Again, we suggest you get on the FB group and try and find others that are keen to explore beyond Lisbon once we arrive there.

Explore Baixa and Ribeira

These two neighborhoods are packed with history and culture. While Ribeira truly dates back to medieval times, Baixa is home to most of Porto’s famous landmarks. Whether a stroll down ancient cobbled streets is what you’re after or you’re simply looking for the best Insta-landmark pics, these two spots have you covered.

Take a Tram from Ribeira to Foz

Travel old school and hop on Tram Line 1. It’s super fun and you end up on a lovely beach with some cool surf shops at the end of the line. It’s a great day trip but we recommend you catch it early because this is a really popular must-do item on any Porto traveler’s list.

Taste Porto’s Port

Porto is Porto because of its Port production, in fact it is where most wine is aged and then sent all over the world. So a port tasting trip is on the cards. The most famous port wine cellars are Caves Ferreira, Caves Cálem and Caves Churchill to get the ‘definitive port experience’.

Events we host in Porto

A visit to Porto wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have a Nomad Cruise Meetup!

April 23: Porto Meetup

Once you’re done exploring Lisbon we invite you all to join us in Porto for another NC8 reunion in cooperation with What can we say, we simply can’t get enough of you guys! We will confirm the venue closer to the time.

You guys are a self-organising bunch so we know there will be a number of impromptu meetups in Porto. We know from past cruises that many of you tend to meet up all over the country (and the  world) so stay connected and don’t forget to share your next meetup with the community. You’ll be surprised with how many people are in the same hood as you!