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Nomad Cruise 9 Program - November 2019

Join us for keynotes, workshops and networking on our journey from Spain to Brazil

We are super excited about the program on  Nomad Cruise 8 in April.

Nomad Cruise is a skill sharing journey. The entire program is co-organized with our participants. We’re thankful to all the amazing speakers who volunteer to organize a keynote, a talk, a workshop or a special on Nomad Cruise!

Please note, that this is only the preliminary program and more talks and workshops will be added over the next weeks! 


Sébastien Nuñez

Mentor & Speaker

Superhero State and Habits — Boosting your Productivity

Sébastien enables change-makers to create the world of tomorrow. His first TEDx talk on how he learned 12 languages has reached 200,000 views. From breathing techniques to productivity hacks, Sébastien covers the simple habits to boost your productivity without facing a burnout.

Lýdia Machová

Founder of Language Mentoring

How I’ve created my own profession (and turned it into a 6-figure-profit business)

Polyglot and TED speaker Lýdia speaks 10 languages. As a conference interpreter, she worked with Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy but then changed her career path. She will share her journey of creating her own profession – that of a language mentor. She doesn’t teach people languages but, instead, teaches them how they can learn any language by themselves.

Björn Freimuth

Consultant, Coach & Trainer

Remote B2B Sales – How to get clients without spending a single dollar

Entrepreneur and salesman extraordinaire, Björn has become a master B2B online sales guru. He will detail how you can get and keep clients without spending any capital on traditional marketing and he’ll also provide you with proven sales techniques you can use as a remote worker to find new clients.

Johannes Voelkner

Founder of Nomad Cruise

Lessons learned from 8 years as a digital nomad

Johannes is not only the founder of Nomad Cruise but also a very experienced nomad. In this talk he will share the ups and downs of nomad life and the things he wishes he would have known when he first began his nomadic adventure. He will also explain how building a supportive community will just add to your success.

Waldemar Pross

Co-founder of Peach Perfect Weddings

Streamlining and automating your remote-based business

Waldemar is the co-founder of Peach Perfect Weddings, a boutique wedding planning agency which operates throughout Europe. In this talk, Waldemar will share his experiences in taking a (one-man-show) business from a hands-on endeavor to an automated 8-persons company, within few years.

Bori Vigh

NC Program Organiser & Travel Blogger

What freedom really means

Bori is a freedom hunter. At age 2 she escaped from her cot to discover the residential building where she lived with her family. She has been travelling the world for almost a decade now, searching for freedom. Join her as she shares the knowledge that she has learnt during her journey.

Estefanía Fernandez Fuenmayor

Nutritionist & Writer & Speaker

Nutrition myths & scientific realities of popular diets

Estefanía is a writer, speaker and Nutritional coach for Adidas Runners Madrid, holding a Masters in Training and Sports Nutrition. She will talk about nutrition myths, the scientific realities of many popular diets, and debunk the falsities that have emerged around them.

Marisa Meddin

Entrepreneur, Consultant & Coach

True purpose and pursue meaningful work

Marisa is a serial entrepreneur and career coach, where she helps individuals find their true purpose and pursue meaningful work. This talk is for you if you don’t love your current job, but you’re not sure what career or business would actually make you happier. This talk is also for you if, in the past, you’ve absolutely hated the question…. “What’s your purpose in life?

Michael Wallbaum

Consultant & Software Developer

From office techie to working freelance while traveling

Seasoned consultant and freelance software developer, Michael Wallbaum has mastered the location independent lifestyle, having worked anywhere from fishing villages in Sri Lanka to the outback in Australia. During his talk, he will challenge your believes and provide you with practical tips on how to leverage your existing network and find your first clients to prove you – you can become location-independent too!

Johnny FD

 Founder of Nomad Summit

Passive Income: 18 Proven Methods and Case Studies to Earn Money Passively!

Serial online entrepreneur and founder of Nomad Summit, Johnny FD has built over 12 streams of online income. Johnny will transparently share insights into the multiple passive income streams that he has built as well as other case studies from his network of location independent professionals.

Daria Vodopianova

Consultant & Trainer

The LinkedIn funnel blueprint – How to upscale your LinkedIn

2*TEDx speaker, bestselling author, marketing mentor and founder of the Thought Leadership Academy, Daria is the quintessential digital strategist. Learn marketing secrets and top trends in 2019 from Daria, and discover why LinkedIn is NOT a CV and how you can start getting daily leads into your LinkedIn inbox as well!

Tarek Kholoussy

Founder of Nomads Giving Back

6 inspiring lessons from 100 countries, 25 marathons and 1 social enterprise

From climbing the corporate ladder in major cities to supporting social causes in remote villages, Tarek has seen and done it all. Let this corporate director-turned social entrepreneur who founded Nomads Giving Back inspire you with his life-changing experiences as he shares the lessons learned during his personal journey that has helped him chase down his dreams and live the life he imagined.

Judit Osika

Freelance facilitator and edutainer

Traveling (around our) personalities

Judit is a freelance facilitator and edutainer. In her talk she will help you uncover what kind of digital nomad profession is best suited for your personality. This talk is for people who about to take the leap into becoming a digital nomad who are searching for which route to take which will unlock your potential.

Reece Turner

Founder of SPEAKup Challenge

How to master public speaking

Reece is the founder of the SPEAKup Challenge, a training solution designed to improve your public speaking so you can face the world with confidence. In Reece’s 3 hour workshop he will give you a crash course into how to master public speaking, culminating in a public speaking competition.


Matt Bowles

Founder of Maverick Investor Group

Minimalist packing: Travel the world with carry-On luggage

Matt Bowles will teach you the minimalist packing techniques he uses for long-term world travel with carry-on luggage only without sacrificing style. He will also share the specific clothing brands, luggage and gear he currently uses (And his carry-on includes a podcasting studio, an espresso maker and a suit).

Christa Romano

Social Media Marketer

How to create value on your Instagram

A full-time traveling marketer and social media strategist, Christa is also a successful Instagrammer. She will share her tips and tricks on how to grow your Instagram follower base by creating quality content that captures the imagination of your audience.

Aurely Pons

Web Designer

How to create successful landing pages

Talented web designer, Aurely, will guide through a practical and invaluable presentation on website landing pages. You will learn new ways to increase your return on investment for each campaign, and how to create a landing page step-by-step that will immediately draw your clients in.

Thomas Ropel


Performance marketing

Thomas has been working for 9 years at Google and has a successful history as CMO for various startups, including as a business marketing advisor. Thomas will share his unique insights into online marketing and offer tips on how you can utilise various simple methods to help your business grow.

Andres Piñeiro

Social media influencer

How to get your ideas sponsored

Andres started traveling when he was 17 years old. Since then, he has made a living by finding sponsors for is his social media activities. From the biggest graffiti mural in his country, or traveling through Panamá on a bike he knows how to get your projects fully sponsored.

Jonathan Azulejos

Business consultant

Improve your negotiation skills by applying the famous “Harvard Principles”

Whether consciously or unconsciously – we negotiate daily! You negotiate with investors, employees, customers and business partners. In order to be able to negotiate successfully even when larger conflicts of interest occur, basic knowledge of negotiation management is helpful. We’ll improve our skills by applying the famous “Harvard Principles” on our daily challenges.”


Nomad Cruise - Salsa


Learn how to perform the ‘dance of life’ with a partner, how to lead and follow, and how to salsa together without stepping on each other’s feet! The aim is to have fun and learn something new. Your days of confident dancefloor salsaing are just around the corner!

Deep Connections

Our Nomad Cruise community is so unique due to the strong relationships we build with each other. Bori’s interactive workshop will see you connect with fellow nomads and help you turn strangers into lasting relationships. Come with an open mind and heart and we promise you will love it!

Speed Networking

Think speed dating, but instead of searching for love you get to network with your fellow cruisers while your business contacts blossom. It’s fun, entertaining and a great way to get to know your fellow nomads in a semi-professional, laid back setting. Make close friends and business partners – or both!

Talent show

Join us for an evening of entertainment as we host our very own Nomad Cruise talent show. It’s a chance to see your fellow cruisers in a new light as they sing, dance and dazzle us with their unique and hidden talents. If there’s a performer in you thirsty for the limelight then be sure to sign up!

This is just the beginning. We will add more great keynotes and workshops to the list during the coming weeks.