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Nomad Cruise 7 Program - November 2018

Join us for workshops, talks and networking on our journey to Brazil

We are super excited about the program on  Nomad Cruise 7 in November.

Nomad Cruise is a skill sharing journey. The entire program is co-organized with our participants. We’re thankful to all the amazing speakers who volunteer to organize a keynote, a talk, a workshop or a special on Nomad Cruise!

Please note, that this is only the preliminary program and more talks and workshops will be added over the next weeks! We still have some last minute speaker slots available, so if you would like to contribute to the program, submit your proposal here right now. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Sebastian Kuehn: Lifestyle experiments that will leave you questioning your reality

Sebastian lives in the land (well any land) where palm trees meet good WiFi, earning his living as an online entrepreneur at Wireless Life and as the co-founder of the German online community Citizen Circle. Sebastian is not a man satisfied with the status quo and in 2018 he embarked on a one-year journey through Lifestyle X, a program that introduces you to 12 different life models that are intended to change your perspective and leave you questioning your reality.

In his engaging keynote speech Sebastian will tell you all about this experiment in lifestyle, covering everything from nutrition, new technology and alternative living. He will explain his intention behind the project, wishing to really question his habits and routines. Be enthralled by Sebastian’s tales of a self-autonomous life in Corsica, being a fruitarian in Asia, spending a month naked in France with naturists and completing a 500 km pilgrimage through Italy. Discover his learnings from this exciting lifestyle experiment and find yourself enticed into shaking up your own reality.

Alex T Steffen: Digital + Human –  The key to high performance

Alex is a business consultant, bestselling author and award-winning presenter. Formerly a Director of Show Quality at Disney, his professional focus is innovation management and the future of work. Alex’ mission is to facilitate effortless innovation for business leaders and entrepreneurs. He works with businesses such as Mercedes, AirBnB, and Huawei on the design of digital ecosystems and innovation communities. Alex is the co-founder of Growth Masters, an invite-only adventure Mastermind, which combines crowdsourced coaching and accountability systems to push entrepreneurs to the next stage in their business.

In this keynote we’ll take off on a journey through the tough circumstances of a digital nomad. In this interactive learning experience Alex will demonstrate that successful location independence builds on mastering complexity and making better decisions. Alex will share the eye-opening outcomes from his personal experience and present three easy actions that anyone can follow in order to increase their quality of life as a digital nomad.

Tobias Rauscher: Key learnings from turning my passion into a fully-automated 6 figure business

Tobias is a guitarist and an entrepreneur like you’ve not seen before. As a serial entrepreneur he has built a business that was well supported (and financed) by some of the biggest media corporations in Germany, which still failed. Combining his business savvy and musical ability, he then went back to the drawing board and bootstrapped his current enterprise, an online guitar academy, into a 100% passive six figure business.

While he has many lessons to share the greatest among those is how pursuing your true passion makes it that much easier to succeed. Through this initiative he has managed to grow a following of over 400,000 subscribers across various social media platforms and has over 30 million views on his Youtube Channel. In this inspirational talk Tobias will share his greatest successes and his greatest f*ck ups, explaining how each of these lessons can help you build and automate your business all while growing your fan and customer base without spending a single dollar in advertising.

Julia Shem:  Printing gold

Julia moved from her hometown in Russia to the USA almost five years ago and hit the ground running by starting several self-sustainable businesses and is now a serial entrepreneur, all at the ripe age of 25. After finding her product she started her e-commerce business and focused on developing a system which fully automated the daily operations, resulting in Julia now being able to travel the world and work almost no hours a week.

In Julia’s talk she will share her story and show you the tools to take your business to the next level, escape the workaholic routine and start living life on your own terms. You’ll learn how to find your product and how to make a successfully automated business with it. Forget spending time answering emails, shipping products and the general hustle of the 9-5. Julia will show you how to automate repetitive tasks and outsource and/or delegate the rest to allow you time to do what you love.

Stefan Klumpp: Optimizing for happiness –  running a 20 people remote business

Stefan will take the stage to share with us his unique insight into how to start, run and grow a successful remote business with one goal in mind – maintaining your happiness. Stefan’s highly successful multi-million dollar business experience will be shared through an informative and captivating talk which will set you on your course to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Stefan will speak about his life of minimalism, discipline and self-organisation which lead him to start a remote business where the focus is people’s happiness instead of making profit. He’ll show you how to find the right people to work with, how to change people’s mindset and how to scale up your business without doing away with your core principles and values.

Fredrik van Huynh: How to build a multi-million dollar business with $2,000

Fredrik is the Co-Founder of Absolute Internship, an award-winning leading global internship program placing university students with top companies in Asia, Europe, North and Latin America. Frequently covered by Forbes Magazine, The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, Financial Times and BBC News, Fredrik is recognized as one of Sweden’s top entrepreneurs, having built a multi-million dollar business from the  ground up.

Fredrik will share his story of the humble beginnings of Absolute Internship to the award-winning company it is these days. In this keynote he will talk about the challenges and successes he has seen on his journey and what it takes to make that leap of faith, believe in yourself all while bootstrapping your business.

Anja Winter: From 0 to 300,000 Youtube subscribers – My journey as a teacher nomad

Anja has taken her passion for language, people and video-based learning to build a Youtube channel with more than 300k subscribers. Teaching German online she has managed to build a learning program that is both engaging and entertaining, that has students coming back daily for the excellent content she creates, teaches and shares.

In her talk Anja will share more about herself, her background and why she loves teaching. She will share the details around her journey as a teacher nomad and how to leverage Youtube as channel for learning. She will take you through how to get started on Youtube, what the advantages and disadvantages are to teaching through Youtube. She will also provide practical examples of challenges she faced on her Youtube journey so that you can learn to manage your own channel effectively.

Sebastian Grote: Run your business from anywhere, anytime

Sebastian started his own business at 18 years old and by the time he was 21 he had over 35 employees. Since then, he has devoted his career to learning innovative ways to structure a classic business in the most effective way. From this he has become a serial entrepreneur and growth coach, travelling the world teaching people how to make their business work for them.

After building several businesses from the ground up, Sebastian believes that almost every business can be run location independently. He will share his knowledge and experience of how to balance work and enjoy life on the road at the same time.

Sean Casey: The role of location independence in the identities and relationships of digital nomads

Sean is a full stack web developer, serial entrepreneur, and cultural anthropologist and he has been on the road since 2004. Currently he is an Anthropology PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, exploring the role of location independence in the identities and relationships of digital nomads. Sean introduced us to his anthropological take on digital nomad mobility on Nomad Cruises IV and V.

In this talk, Sean explores notions of “place” and the relationships that digital nomads build with their travel destinations and bases. What decisions guide our travel itineraries? What we look for in our preferred destinations and bases? How we balance local and expat interactions in these places? Whether or not it’s possible to be “at home” on the road? By thinking through these kinds of questions we can make better sense of our experiences, actions, and feelings as digital nomads. A not to be missed talk that will help you learn from other nomad’s experiences.

Jimmy Naraine: Lessons I’ve learnt exploring 70 countries as a digital nomad

Jimmy is an online entrepreneur, adventurer & public speaker teaching over 100,000 students on Udemy. His bestselling courses have been featured by Entrepreneur & Business Insider and he regularly teaches at conferences such as MindvalleyU. He is also the co-founder of Growth Masters – an invite-only adventure Mastermind for ambitious entrepreneurs run in locations such as Bali, Himalayas, Canary Islands and Brazil. However, as a teenager Jimmy suffered from social anxiety and very low self esteem. Now, his mission is to help millions of people destroy their limiting beliefs, tap into their true potential and design exciting lives.

In this inspiring talk, Jimmy aims to motivate fellow entrepreneurs to harness their fears and embrace challenges. He will share 4 to 5 key lessons he has learnt over the past 5 years as a digital nomad. As always, he will try to be as raw as possible and this means sharing some of his biggest f@*k ups. He will also use the feedback from the community to craft the final version of the talk to make sure that it’s a home run for most people.

Natasha Athanasiadou: The rise of the conscious consumer

Natasha is an impressive woman, working tirelessly to improve the footprint the fashion industry (and fast moving consumer goods) have on our planet and humankind. In 2013 she began campaigning for fashion with a conscience, founding Generation Generous, a brand that makes shopping bags entirely out of plastic bottle waste. Since then she’s been featured in publications like Fortune and Cosmopolitan UK for the company’s innovative business model. Her passion for the planet has also led her to initiate the global movement, Fashion Revolution in Greece. She is currently transitioning Generation Generous into a mindset where people are conscious of the impact of their buying decisions.

In her keynote address Natasha will discuss the vastly negative impact fast fashion (and other FMCG products) have had on the planet in the last 40 years. She will also shed light on how to transform our consumer power into a community driven superpower that can ultimately change the way we see ourselves, others and how we live on this planet. This inspirational talk will give you practical advice about the small choices you can make every day to have a larger positive impact on the world.

Martin Georgiev: How to make influential friends and connect with successful people

Martin is what you might call a dynamic guy, qualified as an Aerospace Engineer, his hobbies include breakdancing and kickboxing! He is also a super-connector. All through his life he has attracted the attention of world-class mentors from around the globe so when he finished his studies, unsure of what he wanted to do career wise but absolutely sure he wanted to pursue the Digital Nomad Lifestyle, he did what he did best and began pursuing relationships with powerful entrepreneurs, like best-selling course creator Jimmy Naraine. In his attempts to surround himself with a group of 7-figure entrepreneurs, opportunities and ideas began flooding in. Today he uses his jedi-connecting skills to help other entrepreneurs establish life-changing business relationships.

In his talk he will explain the value of having relationships with game-makers, how their knowledge and influence can really change your life and help you towards personal and professional success. The saying ‘It’s not what you know but who you know’ has never been more true. Martin will share his experiences and how his friendships and connections with truly innovative and influential people have helped him lead a  life that he loves.

Bastian Barami: How to build up a global & automated Airbnb business – without owning a single property!

Bastian is an online entrepreneur, public speaker and founder of the infamous German blog He travels the world on a mission to change conventional career thinking and shows his audience alternative ways to „be successful“ and live a self determined life.

After over 3 years on the road and staying in countless Airbnbs, Bastian felt the urge to have his own place again. What he didn’t want though was to limit himself to one location. You know that feeling. Like most experienced nomads he was more so living the concept of multi locality, mostly going back and forth between his favorite 3 places. So why not set up multiple home bases in the places you regularly like to go back to he figured? And while at it, turn them into a profitable and automated business while you’re not there? Said and done.

In his keynote speech Bastian will share with you how he is building up his global real estate business through Airbnb without owning a single property, what tools and services he uses to set up and run these properties remotely with no more than 15 minutes a week each, and how you too can be at home wherever you go.

Dorota Stanczyk: Deep dive into conscious creativity

Dorota specialises in unleashing your most creative self through the practice of Conscious Creativity, a methodology for accessing our imagination and stimulating deeper thinking on a daily basis. Conscious Creativity also offers us the power to transform ourselves and our society through a deeper understanding of human creativity and perception.

In her talk, Dorota will explore why art is so important to society and the secret power creativity has on humankind. She’ll explain how creativity can be a tool to shift and influence both emotion and awareness. Great creative ideas have the ability to inspire a movement, influence human behaviour, challenge our beliefs and provoke change. In this thorough investigation into Conscious Creativity you’ll see how embracing your creative self will help you change the way you think and help you express your great ideas better.

Mr. Curtin: Zero to hero in 100 days

Mr. Curtin has lived and worked on four continents and made 22 cities his home. A master of many industries, he has worked in everything from tech and science to entertainment. He lives life according to his passions, winning rugby championships, and standing on TEDx stages giving engaging talks on how to go from Zero to Hero in both your personal and professional life,  and now he is joining Nomad Cruise to share his winning methods with you.

His talk will teach you how to own your new city (or village) within the first 100 days. No matter your skills, get ready to learn how best to leverage them as the newbie in your new home. He will share clever ways to create new opportunities to keep doing the things you love and how to take your social life to a new level, all while finding ways to inspire your new neighbours. Sounds great! You can also look forward finding ways to do all of this while still pursuing your own  professional success in your first few months in a new place.

Kamila Hankiewicz & Ilona Jankowska: Against the odds – building a female lifestyle business in a patriarchal business culture

Trailblazers, Kamila and Ilona, have taken equal measures of passion and originality and managed to create a successful business in a totally male-dominated, conservative market. It’s not commonly known, but there were female samurai’s who needed to fight to prove their worth just like their male counterparts. With this vision of bravery in mind, these ladies started importing Japanese Knives, traditionally considered ‘boys toys’, in an effort to introduce Japanese culture to Europe.

In their talk they will share how they started an online retail business dealing with an industry they had no prior experience in – Japanese blacksmithing. How cool does that sound? Telling you about what they learnt in the process, like what you should always remember and what mistakes not to make when you do business with people from a culturally different market like Japan. And they’ll give you a little more info on those kick-ass female samurais.

Jamie Keddie: The importance of story

We are creatures of narrative. Stories define us. We use stories to entertain, stories to strengthen bonds, stories to persuade, stories to sell, stories to communicate, stories to understand the world.  Jamie Keddie is a professional storyteller and story trainer. He has given talks, workshops and seminars in over 40 different countries. He has written two books for Oxford University Press and is also the author of ‘Videotelling: YouTube Stories for the Classroom’. With a bimonthly story post that goes out to 8000 subscribers this man knows how to tell a good story.

But, why is storytelling so important? Well simply put,  It is the quintessential skill of the 21st Century. Just think of the proliferation of platforms that have added stories to their services. In his talk, Jamie will share the importance of story and teach you how to find, sculpt and tell the most important stories you should be sharing with the world.

Tarek Kholoussy: 6 inspiring lessons from 100 countries, 25 marathons and 1 social enterprise

Tarek is a recovering corporate guy and aspiring social entrepreneur with a BSBA from Georgetown and an MBA from NYU. He has provided strategic leadership within world-leading healthcare and financial services organisations in both New York and London. On a sweltering summer’s day six years ago, walking through the bustling streets of Manhattan, a serendipitous moment changed his life forever.  Since then he has explored 100 countries, run 25 marathons and is now creating a social enterprise.

In his talk, Tarek will share 6 inspiring life lessons he has learnt through his epic adventure. He will share how he overcame the crippling fear of escaping the corporate world to finding himself volunteering in the poorest slums in Kenya to driving a rickshaw 4000 kms across India. Throughout his talk he will reveal how he believes the universe has sent him messages that were both auspicious and impactful, messages powerful enough to get even the most staunch non-believer to believe in miracles.

Jantien Klein Ikink: Stories make all pain bearable

In her inspiring talk Jantien will introduce you to the idea – Stories make all pain bearable. While it might sound like a bold statement, Jantien will teach you how the impact of a story increases when it is shared. What is your story and how can it help you develop yourself (and your business)?

After discovering the power of a story, Jantien decided to make a career out of writing. She writes for newspapers, magazines, her own travel blog and this year she will be publishing  her second book. Jantien also trains entrepreneurs and companies, teaching them how to stand out in a crowd and actually connect with their audience and customers by telling their own unique story.

Vlad Glebov: The nomad lifestyle could change the world

Vlad is a serial entrepreneur and nomad on a mission. Having started several successful ventures he has now turned his focus towards his next startup called, CoLife (we’re dying to know more) and a not-for-profit organisation called Project Earthian. Originally seeing success with his first company that developed commercial sized solar energy projects, Vlad is passionate about shifting people’s thoughts towards putting Planet Earth first.

In his talk he will look at the natural history of humankind, highlighting that nation states are a relatively new phenomenon and that prior to this, as a species, civilisation hadn’t organised around countries. He will discuss the possible long-term consequences for humans if we continue to divide our population into countries. He will also cover his thoughts on how nomads are having a global impact by being at the frontier of a global trend that has the power to change the world. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

Lydia & Alex Baikalov: Multiply yourself – How to scale a service-based business

Lydia and Alex started their photography business with a used camera, one lens and a healthy balance of sibling rivalry and synergy. 6 years later their business has grown to 20 shooters, 5 editors and 3 managers and is considered one of the top-rated wedding photography and videography companies in Los Angeles. Through outsourcing & delegating they more than doubled their business and now they aren’t required to shoot or manage on regular basis. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your business is to let it outgrow you.

Lydia and Alex’s keynote aims to introduce you to the idea of building a system to replace or assist you in your business. Even if your company bares your name it’s not necessarily you that your clients want, but rather what you represent and stand for. This is a brief introduction on how to extract and systematize the essence of your business.


Tijmen Hobbel: Unfuck your photography skills

If a picture paints a thousand words, then Tijmen has ‘written’ a body of work that tells stories that you simply can’t tear yourself away from! As a photographer and videographer he has captured moments in time so perfect you can imagine yourself in each of them. Now take the opportunity to learn from someone who knows how to inject life and meaning into every shot you take. With a great deal of experience working within in the music industry he has an extensive portfolio of amazing live event visuals.

In his talk he’ll share his go to list of 20 tips and tricks to creating that perfect shot. Learning how to sell your experiences and content visually is all key to developing your professional brand. He will share how you can up your photography game so you can finally push out some quality content on your Instagram and Facebook (business) pages. With his guidance start putting the pics you take on the cruise to work immediately with your new found photography knowledge.

David Vu: How to make a kick-ass online course

Born the son of Vietnamese Immigrant’s, David grew up in the US with his mother who, while watching her husband toil endlessly with limited growth, pushed David from an early age to learn English, build his own business, work for himself and become an entrepreneur. This advice and taking advantage of all the opportunities made available to him by living in the US has seen him become an entrepreneur at a very young age and start multiple businesses.

In his inspiring talk he’ll share how he followed his mum’s advice. Starting from nothing to become a serial entrepreneur! David has various business ventures including; an Airbnb business, seeing him open more than 20 locations in just under a year, and being one of the most successful teachers on the online learning platform Udemy. In his talk he will guide you through the various steps of how to create courses that people like to engage with. Learn that taking the leap towards working for yourself will end in the ultimate reward – freedom!

Elizabeth Kynast: Throw procrastination overboard

As a digital nomad, you’re finally living the life you want and doing a job you love. You’ve said goodbye to late nights and crazy deadlines and replaced it with a calm work routine that works for you…or have you? Many nomads, despite being in charge of their own schedule, still find themselves postponing tasks and working late, finishing just before deadline.

Elizabeth is a coach and trainer who has worked with people across various countries and cultures in a diverse set of fields. In her talk she is going to help you understand your tendency towards procrastination and she’ll teach you how to win back control. You’ll discover how to finally get rid of that guilt you feel when you put everything off for tomorrow by reframing the way you think about your work. Learn how to work more efficiently towards your goals by finally throwing procrastination overboard.

Santiago Sosa: Design your ideal lifestyle

Entrepreneur, author and founder of a location independent marketing agency, Santiago and his wife have spent the past 5 years living the digital nomad dream. Now, the couple have designed a lifestyle guide that focuses on happiness and the simple ways you can make your nomadic experience more rewarding. As architects for happiness while bossing your business on the road, the Sosas have lived and reaped the endless benefits of their teachings.

Santiago will share practical tips and ideas on how to create your ideal lifestyle. Focusing on the desire for happiness, he will help you organise your business and nomad life to get the most out of your time on the road. By applying design thinking Santiago will help you start creating your ideal business life that works for you – not the other way around.

Stella Romana Airoldi: Making an impact in the world – creating a social business

Stella is one of those people who seem to have been everywhere. And it’s probably true! In 2008 she made the decision to travel the world by herself for about eight months. Wherever she went, she felt like she was confronted with poverty and injustice. Long story short: she got her Master’s in Public International Law and became a board member of SIFE Leiden, where she learned that the best way to help people out of poverty is by making sure that they can provide for themselves. Soon after, she founded 22STARS in Uganda, a business based in Kampala, where women make jewellery from recycled paper. With the project, Stella and 22Stars have managed to secure enough sponsorship for the education of more than 200 children as well as rolling out a number of development projects that serve the communities she works with.

Many nomads speak frequently about working on projects that do good but few know where to start, in her talk, Stella will give you insight into just how difficult it can be working in different cultures and especially with war victims without an academic education. She will share how best to deal with these obstacles at the start and how finding the right community will help you move forward.

Stefan Klumpp: Networking for success

Mobile Jazz co-founder Stefan Klumpp grew up in a small town in the Black Forest in Germany. After dropping out of high school he started an apprenticeship as a car mechanic and decided from then on to live the life he really wanted. This path lead him to developing self-driving cars at Stanford University, attempting to become a professional kite surfer on Maui, and finally to running a multi-million dollar business out of a camper van whilst traveling the world.

In his talk, Networking for success: How to succeed in life, career and business by surrounding yourself with the right people, Stefan will detail the nuances and intricacies of how to network without coming across as a serial networker. He will offer a series of tips and tricks that will assist you in making connections with like-minded people to ultimately get you where you want to be while being surrounded by the right people.

Marina Mernke: From pain to power

Marina is the founder of Frag Marie, a successful podcast, blog and an online coaching program for single women. Marina’s story is a personal tale of the triumph of will. As a long term ‘single’ she researched the internal and external factors facing single women across the globe. With her story and learnings she hopes to inspire people to take their fortune into their own hands by identifying solutions and possibly finding their passion and vocation along the way.

In her inspiring talk Marina will share how she found her business idea by solving her biggest problem in life. You will learn that success is no coincidence and the key to finding your passion and your vocation is closer than you might think.

Johannes Voelkner: Lessons learned from starting Nomad Cruise

Many small discoveries lead to a very big idea! In 2012 Johannes had been a digital nomad for two years and while he loved the freedom and fulfilment that comes with the nomad lifestyle, he definitely missed having like-minded people around him. So he took action and started to build the community that ultimately led to the accidental creation of Nomad Cruise.

In the process, Johannes learnt many important lessons that can be applied to your business as well. In his talk, he will explain the importance of building a community before you launch your new idea and how taking many small bets led to the success of the cruise. You can also look forward to learning how to develop lean start-up ideas and how to go about building your own community. All key insights that helped him develop one of the largest workation events in the world.

Manuel Tschurtschenthaler: Learn to love learning – how to unleash your full potential

A serial entrepreneur since age 12, Manuel knows the startup scene intimately through vast startup and marketing consultancy experience, working across Europe and founding his own tourism business. With a Masters in Entrepreneurship and his diverse experience he has cultivated profound know-how in the areas of strategic business development and high performance company culture.

Manuel will show you how to fall in love with learning by harnessing a simple self-learning system which will help you unleash your full potential, boost your personal transformation and take your life to the next level. Using a simple combination of fun, advanced learning hacks, surrounding yourself with like-minded people and real-world implementation of theoretics, Manuel will show you how to advance your abilities and career.

Yella Cremer: Reconnect with your sexuality

Since her youth, Yella has traveled the world collecting wisdom and knowledge about love, sexuality and relationships with a focus on the psychology of sex. During her amazing journey over 20 years she has attended over 100 workshops and has been running a tantric massage center for the past 7. She started teaching in 2010, wrote a book about the g-spot and several quick references for tantric massage. In 2012 she founded the LoveBase in Berlin, which is now transforming into an online sex school.

Yella’s talk aims to educated people on how to deepen their sexual experience and how to communicate through touch. It will be a conversation about the current hookup culture, our responsibilities within this area with a focus on consent. It aims to change common mindsets regarding socio-sexual behaviours.

Matthias Zeitler: Building a digital nomad hub in a rural mountain resort – turning nomads into residents

Matthias is a location independent entrepreneur. Not only is he a partner at Coworking Bansko, a home for nomads who would rather work together than alone, on the backdrop of  the amazing Pirin mountains, he’s also in the process of building a small retirement community near the black sea for German retirees. What can we say? He’s a busy guy. With all of this, he still manages to find time to speak and mentor at various tech, coworking and startup events.

In his talk, Matthias will share the story of the co-living/co-working space he has built on the rustic backdrop of the Bulgarian mountains. He will share the reasons he believes this village has turned a number of digital nomads into digital residents. Having a place to settle in the EU can be very handy, and Matthias will share all the pros of choosing Bulgaria as your new home away from home.

Matteo Lombardi: The art of the start – How to find, start and launch your idea

8 years ago Matteo left his job as a product manager for L’Oreal to start his own business, a move which turned out to change the trajectory of his life. First with his own website, and then focusing on Amazon, his global e-commerce business grew to €1 million a year in sales, with around €5 million in total sold goods.

Matteo’s talk aims to inspire those starting or wanting to change directions on how to find good ideas. Many people think they don’t have an idea, but in fact, ideas are everywhere. However, don´t stop at finding an idea that just makes money, find an idea that fits YOU, your skills and interests. Take the long view and find ideas that will help you realise your potential, ideas that can take you where you want to go, personally and financially, all while serving your audience and helping them get what they want.

Christoph Heuermann: How to maximize your freedom with Flag Theory

Christoph, born 1990, has been a perpetual traveler for 4 years, looking for the best opportunities for global entrepreneurs in the 120 countries that he’s visited so far. As a consultant, writer and investor, his expertise lie in global taxation and immigration, banking and luxury travel hacking, he is a regularly requested speaker and has appeared on German television.

The talk he will be giving is an introduction into how to design your life as a nomad according to the flag theory. He will cover the basics of the flag theory applied in”perpetual traveling”, a lifestyle for free-spirited nomads far from government control. The main 5 flags of citizenship, residency, company, banking and investment will be covered with concrete examples. Finally, Christoph ends the talk with an insight into his own flag design and an overview of different stages in the life of a perpetual traveler. For those looking to organise the freedom in their lives better.

Lindsey O’Connor: The power of your thoughts – How transforming your life starts with your mind

Our thoughts are very powerful. They have the ability to shape our decisions, and emotions, as well as influence the trajectory of our lives. As entrepreneurs, creatives and nomads, we are constantly stepping outside of our comfort zone. As we stretch and grow, negative thoughts can come up and keep us from moving forward with confidence. Lindsey is a writer, self-empowerment mentor and total personal development nerd, qualified as a Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach and a Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and she’s here to teach you how to get control over those paralysing negative thoughts.

Whether it’s anything from worry to physical ailments, negative thoughts can come up in sneaky ways and start running the show. In her talk Lindsey will share how we have the power to shift those negative voices into empowering thoughts. We can reprogram the way we think about our lives and our business. By shifting our mindset, in simple, yet conscious ways, we can make positive changes, move forward in our businesses and remove those “invisible blocks” holding us back from being the happiest, healthiest and most badass version of ourselves.

Dirk Gostomski: How to develop a robust and compelling financial planning to convince investors and achieve business objectives

Dirk has extensive experience in the development and review of financial models and is the founder and CEO of Financial Modelling Videos, which develops flexible, easy-to-use and robust Excel-based financial modelling tools and video tutorials for both established and start-up companies. He has been building and evaluating complex projects and operational models for a broad range of industries. Dirk comes from a VC background and is also an active angel investor.

This talk will focus on questions like: Why is a robust and compelling financial model important? How to build your own financial model (where to start, what structure, which content). What are modelling standards (tips & tricks to increase productivity, reduce errors and make the models easy to understand, review and adapt)? Which templates or tools to use and how to present key results to convince investors.

Pauline Paquin: Freedom through financial independence

Pauline is a personal finance blogger and a location independent entrepreneur who left the rat race eight years ago to live life on her own terms. From early on, Pauline realized that money buys freedom and set off on a journey towards financial independence, building one income stream at a time. After business school, she started a company, got into real estate, and now manages a guest house and an education project in Guatemala. She has been blogging about all things money for the past five years and is passionate about empowering other people financially.

In her talk, she will cover the basics of personal finance and show you how creating sources of passive income can help you live the life you want. She will help you plan ahead to avoid the cycle of saving/travel/go broke/go home/repeat. Pauline will show you how you can have your cake and eat it too, and prepare for a bright financial future by laying the foundations right now.

Palle Bo: Learning to podcast like a pro from a radio veteran #theoriginalpodcast

Palle Bo is a radio veteran (we’re talking the 80s here), author, and podcaster. In his radio career, he’s been a morning host, sales manager, station manager and co-founder of  a few radio stations. He is on a quest to visit every country in the world and document everything on his podcast, The Radio Vagabond.

There has never been a better time to get into podcasting. In this talk, Palle will give great insight into how to create shows that people love to listen to and keep coming back for more. He will also teach you how to use a podcast for skill-sharing and to brand yourself as an expert in your field. If radio is the theatre of the mind, then Palle is going to teach you how to be the director, actor, scriptwriter and costume and set-designer all in one. He will cover how important it is to weave stories into your podcast and why it matters so much. Sounds awesome!


Bori & Göran: Deep connection workshop

Level: Beginner

Bori and Göran first met on Nomad Cruise 3, hosted Nomad Cruise 5 together and are now debuting their Deep Connection workshop on Nomad Cruise 7. You will see Bori a lot on the cruise. As the experience designer of the conference, she’ll make sure that you won’t see a moment’s boredom. She is a traveller, a marketer, a blogger, and a best seller writer.
Göran is a professional nomad as many of us: From Design to Copywriting to Design Thinking. On NC7 he’s also gonna be a DJ for an Ecstatic Dance session for all the crazy dancers among us nomads.

Our incredibly open and warm Nomad Cruise community is unique due to the strong relationships we are building here, but what are the main pillars of a deep connection? Bori and Göran’s interactive workshop will make you connect with many people, helping you turn strangers into lasting relationships. We promise you will love this.

Dr. Ronald Kandelhard: International incorporation and taxes

Level: Beginner

Dr. Kandelhard is a lawyer specialising in commercial and corporate law, he also runs his own online business. Through his experience as both a business owner and legal eagle, he has gathered great insight into the sometimes muddy waters of international tax and corporate law for digital nomads.

In his workshop he will cover the basic principles of international corporate law and taxation, with suggestions on how to plan an international corporation and where. He will also provide you with details about the rules around information exchange between countries.

Tanja Baumann: GDPR tips & hacks – what you need to know

Level: Beginner

If you haven’t heard of the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR as it is more commonly known, then you must have been living in a time capsule for the last year. Taking effect earlier this year, this is the first upgrade to data protection regulation in Europe since 1995, when the internet was just starting out. Having said that, even if you have heard about it, it’s still likely that you don’t understand it or how it affects you and your online business. Well we’d like to introduce you to the person who is going to remove the mystery around GDPR, Tanja Baumann.

Tanja is a digital nomad and a certified data protection manager and in her workshop she will share the details around how to become GDPR compliant. She will explain who needs to  deal with GDPR and who doesn’t, all while sharing various GDPR tips and hacks. Most importantly she will show you that all the panic around data protection is unnecessary. If you have an online business then this workshop just might be for you.

Richard Majsai: Problems create problems, solutions create solutions

Level: Beginner

Thinking differently has power! Richard is an online marketer who has worked with various clients from co-working spaces to international giants Coca Cola, currently he does business coaching and runs his marketing agency which he established two years ago. In his workshop he is going to cover how reframing your thinking can lead to better results. Through his own experience with this coaching methodology called solution focus he has seen the power of removing the problem from the center of the discussion and replacing it with discussions around solutions.

You may be asking yourself, how can you possibly find a solution if you don’t know or understand the problem. Richard is pretty confident that you don’t need to do either to get forward momentum. Curious? We sure are. He will also talk about the power of small and incremental change, and how frequently pursuing smalls steps can result in massive change. If you’ve been looking for a new way to approach your business challenges and team management this workshop is the one for you.

Kristin Wilson: Strategies for sustaining a digital nomad lifestyle

Level: Beginner

Kristin is a long-term traveler who has spent nearly 15 years living and working across 50 countries. Kristin began her career working in real estate and development throughout Costa Rica and Nicaragua before launching her current relocation company in 2011. Overall, she has helped thousands of others live, retire, work or invest overseas. Through this, coupled with her own personal experience, Kristin has gleaned unique insight into the challenges facing nomads and experts over the long run.

Kristin’s workshop will center around strategies for sustaining a digital nomad lifestyle. No matter where you are on your nomad journey, there will be ups and downs. Kristin will discuss her strategies for success, helping you gain clarity of purpose all while learning to  balance work and life on the road. She’ll also adress how to avoid common pitfalls and better sustain your lifestyle for the long-term.

Max van Collenburg: Messenger Marketing 101

Level: Beginner

Max helps entrepreneurs increase revenue by sending the right message, to the right people at the right time with Personalized Marketing Automation. With a smart combination of Messenger Bots & Email Marketing, you can create an automated experience that will provide value, tell stories, build trust and get your audience to grab their wallet.

In Max’s workshop you’ll get to learn what Messenger Marketing is all about and how you can use it to grow your list and get your audience engaged with your brand. You can also look forward to learning how you can use Messenger Marketing in your own marketing strategy. Finally, Max will introduce you to the wonderful world of chatbots and teach you the key elements to creating your own engaging and profitable Messenger Bot. With AI changing the face of marketing exponentially this workshop is for all you forward-thinkers!

Kathrin Härle: Learn how to define a successful and sustainable pricing strategy

Level: Beginner

Kathrin wears two professional hats, on the one hand she leads price management for one of the business units for Robert Bosch, the world renowned German enterprise. On the other, she runs two online businesses and has developed a successful price strategy for digital products and services. Basically you can just call this lady Price Guru!

In her workshop she will take you through all the need to know elements of pricing. This kind of knowledge is a must have for any business owner. So what can you look forward to learning? Well pretty much everything there is to developing a good pricing strategy, from how to price your product at launch  to managing pricing through it’s extended life cycle. Learn what external and internal factors affect pricing and what the latest scientific insights on price psychology are. But that’s not all, Kathrin will also be sharing some excellent Excel tools and checklists to get your new pricing strategy off to a good start. This one is not to be missed.

Angie Wing: Become a Creative Boss

Level: Beginner

Are you in a rut? Does your fear of failure keep you stuck in place? Many of us find ourselves so scared to take that leap of faith and believe in our own ability to fly, that we never move forward and realise our dreams. Angie is a Human Potential Coach and since taking her own leap of faith when she left her rock star career in medical sales to become a coach, she has been dedicating her life to helping people heal from their past and move forward into a future full of possibilities.

In her workshop she will show you how to take action. She will talk you through creating a good business plan and how to take your creative ideas from dreams to reality. Have you ever wondered what you could achieve if fear didn’t hold you back, if there were no boundaries? Angie will help you move past those mental blocks that keep you stuck. At the end of this workshop you will walk away with a solid creative execution plan, timeline, budget and the confidence to move forward like a boss.

Tobias Rauscher: How to blow up on YouTube and generate leads 24/7 on autopilot

Level: Beginner

Tobias is an outstanding musician, author, and entrepreneur and he has a wildly successful Youtube channel that has seen his videos get more than 30 million views. He is currently in the process of creating a course that teaches musicians and non-musicians alike, how to successfully grow their following on YouTube. The course covers various techniques that Tobias uses to generate his own success and he’s ready to share his methods with you.

In his workshop he will help you understand how YouTube really works behind the scenes and where traffic comes from. Learn to launch your videos the right way, leverage the YouTube algorithm and growth hack your views. Sounds cool, huh? If you’re just dying to learn how to up your viewership then this workshop is definitely for you.

Jantien Klein Ikink: How to make your personal story work for you (and your business)

Level: Beginner

After discovering the power of a story, Jantien decided to make a career out of writing. She writes for newspapers, magazines, her own travel blog and this year she will be publishing her second book. Jantien also trains entrepreneurs and companies, teaching them how to stand out in a crowd and actually connect with their audience and customers by telling their own unique story.

In her workshop, Jantien will introduce you to the idea – how to make your personal story work for you and your business. Jantien will teach you how the impact of a story increases when it is shared and how that can influence your mission and business. What is your story and how can it help you develop yourself and your business?

Björn Freimuth: Remote B2B Sales – How to get clients without spending a single dollar

Level: Beginner

The truth is, any business is made or broken by sales. Whether you’re selling yourself, your skills, your talents or your products it’s an important skill to learn, and let’s be honest not all of us are natural salespeople! In this fascinating workshop Björn, an entrepreneur and salesman extraordinaire will take us through his experience in building a successful B2B sales business online.

He will detail how you can get and keep clients without spending any capital on traditional marketing for your company or product. He will also provide you with proven sales techniques you can use as a remote worker to find new clients without ever having to be in the same room, city or country as them.

Natascha Battus: How you make better decisions

Level: Beginner

We live in a time of almost unlimited variety and possibilities and while that may seem wonderful in theory, in practice it can be overwhelming and lead to decision fatigue. Natascha is an author and coach that focuses on mental flexibility and motivation. In her coaching she works with the Zurich Resource Model, an evidence-based methodology developed by the University of Zurich, that is used to stimulate mental strength in elite sports and in burnout prevention programs.

In her workshop, starting from the premise that too many choices can stagnate your progress, Natascha will help you unravel what it is that you really want. You can look forward to understanding more about the neurobiological tendencies that affect human motivation and change. Using the strategies she will teach, you will leave the workshop more equipped to get to the bottom of your needs so you can focus on your personal goals.

Nils Heymann – How to trade in crypto with reduced risk

Level: Advanced

Nils is a DevOps engineer extraordinaire, with varied experience in web programming, system administration, hosting and network administration. When he’s not killing it at his own job, he finds himself trying to automate things. We’re talking everything from flight research to crypto trading.

In his fascinating workshop he will delve into the cryptic world of crypto. The reality is, depending on where you look, you’ll pay different rates for the same currency. In this workshop Nils will share some methods to beating varying exchange rates to win big with cryptocurrency without big risk. Learn about the tools you need to make sure you profit in your crypto trading.

Sanna Stefansson – Project management without losing your mind

Level: Beginner

Sanna is a communications consultant specialising in project management.  She helps teams focus on what they do best, like design, development, copywriting and strategy, and she takes care of the rest. This involves planning and structure, ongoing communications between all stakeholders, and sometimes just mental support.

Sanna’s workshop will benefit those who sometimes wonder if their clients are fundamentally insane or why their team members can’t seem to understand them. Through sharing her ideas and experience Sanna will discuss her approach to project management and the difference between working with large corporate companies and solo entrepreneurs. (Hint: meditation and tequila are both valuable assets)

Nicole Ohlmann: How to stay in amazing places across the globe by becoming a pro house and pet sitter

Level: Beginner

Nicole is an adventure traveler and nomad. She loves a little thrill and enjoys seeking out novel experiences around the world. Between adventures, she works as a Digital Product Designer and owns her own marketing business  Think But Why. To keep life exciting during these working stints, she uses housesitting to change her environment and give her a peek into new cultures. At any given time, you may find her living a big-city life in New York, tending animals on a rural farm in Portugal, or researching her next big trip.

Whether you’re nomading on a budget or just tired of repetitive hotel rooms, there’s a way to get that feeling of home away from home. Nicole will share 10 useful insights that will get you started and help you land your first house sitting gig. If you love animals and adventure then you’ll definitely take away some valuable information as to how you can trot the globe and keep pets company in some incredible places while their owners are away.

Daniel Walzer: How to create a b2b offer and test it under 30 days

Level: Beginner

Daniel was born to be an entrepreneur. He started his first business ‘Mr Crepper’ at the age of 14, where he was making delicious crepes, but not a lot of money. Nowadays, after studying Business Psychology and working in a bank, he found his own company where he carries out projects in seven different countries together with his remote team. Daniels’ company WALZER CONSULTING AND TRAINING GmbH  supports their clients to build lucrative new business fields and implement faster processes by providing Training and Consulting for Corporations up to 25.000 employees.

In this workshop you can look forward to learn about how to work with traditional companies as a nomad. Daniel will tell you everything about how to create a b2b offer and how to test it under 30 days. At the end of the day you will know how to build your own successful consulting- and training business.

Malena Harig: How UX design can enhance your customer satisfaction and conversion

Level: Beginner

Do you understand your customer needs and how your website or digital product fulfils them? Great, because that is exactly what user experience design is for. If not, don’t worry. Malena is a user experience and visual designer at Valtech, one of Germany’s leading digital agencies for business transformation and digital experiences. To Malena design means more than just aesthetics. It is about creating unique experiences that transform products and businesses so they make people’s lives better. She has a Bachelor Degree in Media and Communication Design and started her nomadic life while finishing her Master Degree in Business Administration.

In her workshop Malena will help you understand the fundamentals of UX design by using personae, customer journeys and expert reviews. She will explain how to take on your customers’ perspective by designing complete customer journeys on your website which are most conducive to business success.

Justus Zeemann: Discover what editing brings to your snapshots

Level: Beginner

Justus began experimenting with photography and Photoshop when he was just 16. Fast forward to today and he has built online courses that focus on the visual arts, including videography, design and photography. He has over 21 000 students and became the German Udemy teacher of the year in 2017. At the beginning of 2018 he sold all his ‘stuff’, became a non-resident and now travels the world (slowly) proudly boarding every plane with hand luggage only.

After this workshop you will understand how light works and what you get out of a histogram. When you look at your pictures in future, you’ll know where to retouch them and how to twist the pixels for professional results. The workshop will include live demonstration, so you get to see how to make pictures pop in real time. If you want to unleash the potential of your pictures, this is the workshop for you!

Ilona Jankowska and Søren Thielcke: Design a happy life

Level: Beginner

One, a musician, trainer and consultant. The other, a project manager, trainer and design thinker. Søren and Ilona met during NC5 and this time they want to give back. Through extensive experience in meditation, the arts and a lifelong yearning to understand our most primal desire ‘what is life all about?’, Søren and Ilona have accumulated a wealth of understanding to help you stay aligned with your inner self and follow your dreams through achieving emotional freedom.

By combining their diverse skills and passions, Søren and Ilona facilitate and support others in their journey of reconnecting with themselves and learning to be ‘healthy selfish’. Are you ready to grow? Do you have the courage to be honest with yourself? If yes, you are welcome! Bring your inner kid with you!

Viljar Rystad: Design Sprint Workshop – Learn how to build and test a prototype in 4 days

Level: Beginner

Building products the users actually want can be hard. The key to product success in today’s world is to quickly validate if your ideas are any good. Unfortunately, most teams spend months building before they test their ideas with real users. This can be painful!

Luckily, there is a process that can help you solve complex problems and test new ideas in just 4 days, called Design Sprint. It’s a step-by-step process teams use to define the problem, generate ideas, and then validate those ideas by building and testing a prototype. It is used by Airbnb, Google, McKinsey, among others. It works!

In this hands-on, fun-filled workshop you’ll get an introduction to Design Sprints and learn techniques you can use with your team to generate ideas and solve problems quickly, without useless discussions.The workshop is hosted by Viljar, the founder of Løpe – Norwegian innovation consultancy who use Design Sprints to help leading companies to bring useful digital products to market faster.

Xylia Buros: How to write your own professional bio

Level: Beginner

Gain the credibility you deserve and impress your clients or customers with a well-written and compelling professional biography. In this workshop, Xylia is going to walk you through the basics and the finer details of how a good bio functions. Learn how to cull the most important and crucial details of your professional life for a bio that will open doors for you and gain you new business.

Xylia is for sure the one who can teach you how to write a good bio. As a magna cum laude graduate of New York University (NYU) with a degree in English Literature, Xylia has written about art, design, and business for numerous publications. Running her own Communications/PR consultancy business while traveling the world, Xylia works remotely as a strategist, writer, and editor specialising in architecture, design, and hospitality. She helps innovative companies worldwide increase their revenue and visibility through effective communications strategy and media relations.

Camilo Olarte: How nomads will create the workplace of tomorrow

Level: Beginner

Creative leader, experience designer and world traveler. These are the terms used by Camilo to describe himself. A serial entrepreneur from a young age, Camilo is driven by a passion to make a positive impact on  the world through innovative ideas. His aim is to transform our generation of user into a generation of creators.

Camilo will bring out the inner designer in you to create and develop a workspace of the future. You’ll begin to see how the nomadic lifestyle will drive these changes for generations to come. You will gain insight into methodologies, tools and mindsets for applying creative problem solving to your professional and personal challenges.

Lea Daranyi: Improve your article writing game – Use journalist tricks to write better posts for your blog

Level: Beginner

Lea has been a successful writer and journalist since her first article was published at the age of 16. Since then she has accumulated a wealth of experience and exposure writing for well known Hungarian publications and websites, bolstered by her degree in journalism. She has written for pretty much every medium, so there is a lot we can learn from her.

Lea will share her years of writing and journalism experience to help you craft your best lines yet. She will cover what magazines look for in writers, how to structure your articles and how to generally be a better writer. Whether its writing for news outlets, business publications or blogs, Lea has a few tips and tricks to get you on the right path.

Till Kraemer: 3 steps to create a purposeful 6 figure business

Level: Beginner

Till Kraemer works with Entrepreneurs who are frustrated because they lack of direction & meaning. As someone who struggled earlier in life to leave his old business and personal life in Germany behind in order to design the business and lifestyle of his dream in Mallorca Spain, Till knows first hand the power of leveraging his personal talents and life story to get the business and lifestyle you want!

In this workshop he will make you familiar with the 3 steps you need to take in order to create a thriving business model based upon your talents and your life story. Because when you are able to build a business model in alignment with the things that make you unique and that you truly believe in, you will be able to create not only meaning for yourself, but also massive value and impact for your clients, which will be the foundation for greater financial success!

Melanie Retzlaff: Escape “time for money” as a service provider

Level: Beginner

Melanie has created a successful career out of  helping freelancers and other service providers maximise their revenue and minimise their stress levels. Her aim is to help people build their own ‘water pipeline’ rather than ‘carrying water buckets’ daily. She achieves this by strategically altering their business models and implementing delivery processes.

If you’re a freelancer or a service provider whose time is money and are looking for ways to increase your revenue without increasing your stress levels, Melanie will show you how. Her exciting workshop will teach you how to smartly alter your business model and multiply your current hourly rate by delivering maximum value rather than a set amount of time.


Dori Juhasz: Learn how to salsa

Latin-American culture is bold and vibrant and the salsa is the heartbeat of its contagious energy. A lover of all things dance, Dori has devoted many years to learning the best salsa moves, tips and tricks from the world’s leading salsa virtuosos (including a trip to Cuba – the salsa Mecca) to give you a deep insight into one of the world’s most popular dance styles.

You will learn how to dance with a partner, how to lead and follow and how to dance together without stepping on each other’s feet. The aim is to get an introduction to this amazing dance so when we get to Brazil you can continue learning from the locals. Your days of confident dancefloor salsaing are just around the corner!

May Ling Lai & Matt Bowles: Entrepreneur Hot Seat

May Ling Lai is a business founder, consultant, and innovation specialist. She co-founded a nutraceuticals business and managed to achieve $2 million in revenue in just 2 years in her early 20s. She later worked in financial services for 15 years, at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and an $8bln hedge fund. She eventually co-founded a specialty finance firm that had over $1 Trillion in assets under advisory. Her experience includes helping over 200 companies prepare for their IPOs and another 100 companies prepare for investor meetings and also shorting companies through a systematic strategy for a large hedge fund portfolio.
Matt is the co-founder of Maverick Investor Group, a company that helps individuals buy rental properties in the best U.S. real estate markets regardless of where they live. He also hosts The Maverick Show podcast. Matt has been a location independent entrepreneur since 2007 and, as a full time digital nomad, he has run his business from over 50 countries since 2013.

These two understand what it takes to create a successful business in venture. In this special event, get in the “Hot Seat” and present your biggest business challenges and questions and get live strategic feedback from May and Matt. This event is for entrepreneurs at any stage in the business cycle, from established business owners, to solo-preneurs and everyone in between. Get a perspective injection from two individuals who have a proven strategic business development track record.

This is just the beginning. We will add more great keynotes, talks, workshops and specials to the list during the coming weeks.