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We are super excited about the program on  Nomad Cruise 6 in April.

Nomad Cruise is a skill sharing journey. The entire program is co-organized with our participants. We’re thankful to all the amazing speakers who volunteer to organize a talk or a workshop on Nomad Cruise!


Tomas Laurinavicius – How to design a winning morning routine

Tomas is a lifestyle entrepreneur and blogger from Lithuania and focuses most of his time on developing healthy habits and teaching others to live a life by their own design. Combining both of these passions into an innovative model for entrepreneurship. In the last five years Tomas has built and sold two businesses, co-founded an agency, co-authored a book,  launched an online course and became a contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneur among a longer list of accolades and now he is ready to share his tips for success with you.

Watch his talk and become one of the million people he is on a mission to help change their lifestyle for the good. He has already traveled to nearly 40 countries engaging with an audience of over 100,000 people, working towards guiding each and everyone of them to design the life of their dreams and it all starts with a winning morning routine!

Tijana Momirov – Turn your freelance and consulting skills into a profitable product

Tijana, a software engineer, product manager and startup consultant has been working remotely since 2010. Living the digital nomad life to its fullest Tijana has travelled to several countries all while helping new and existing companies with developing and defining their own MVP products, recruiting teams to assist in product builds and bringing incredible ideas to life.

In her talk she’ll provide insight into how she has managed getting and keeping clients while travelling.  Focusing on how to ensure communication lines are always open despite different time zones and country borders. She’ll teach you how to move away from the ‘employee’ mindset and start your own business as an independent consultant by identifying your personal brand and niche skills. Her experience in hiring remote teams will be a highlight for business owners who are trying to setup a team across continents. This talk is for everyone from the beginner nomad to those who are in the process of setting up their own location independent business.

Lars Müller – How to hire remote employees and build a fully decentralized company

Lars has been an entrepreneur since the age of 15 and currently he runs a supplement company with 8 full-time employees who are completely remote. In his talk he will share his strategy for staffing up remotely and how to be a great leader when your team is not in the same office as you. He will also be sharing his experience of starting a business through Amazon FBA. He will take you through his strategy for making a profit quickly.

You will also learn how to create a venture that can generate sufficient income on a daily basis so that you are able to  diversify your business easily while it still provides you with sufficient residual income so that you can pursue your travel passions worry free.

David Vu – The serial entrepreneur

Born a son of Vietnamese Immigrant’s, David grew up in the US with his mother who, while watching her husband toil endlessly with limited growth, pushed David from an early age to learn English, build his own business, work for himself and become an entrepreneur. This advice and taking advantage of all the opportunities made available to him by living in the US has seen him become an entrepreneur at a very young age and start multiple businesses.

In his inspiring talk he’ll share how he followed his mum’s advice. Starting from nothing to become a serial entrepreneur! David has various business ventures including; an Airbnb business, seeing him open more than 20 locations in just under a year, and being one of the most successful teachers on the online learning platform Udemy. Learn that taking the leap towards working for yourself will end in the ultimate reward – freedom!


Tal Gur  – Amazon Bestseller and Beyond – Writing and leveraging a book to consistent profits and impact.

Tal Gur has been a world traveler, location independent entrepreneur, and digital nomad for more than 10 years. When making the decision to leave the traditional life behind, Tal began to live a life of his own daring design. One of his greatest initiatives was developing and pursuing ‘100 major life goals around the globe. Creating clear and consistent parameters for achieving goals across the full spectrum of life Tal has now written and published his process. Since the release of his latest book, The Art of Fully Living: 1 Man, 10 Years, 100 Life Goals Around the World, it has enjoyed a bestseller spot on Amazon from day one!

In this talk, Tal will teach you a simple but powerful approach for launching a book and promoting it beyond launch date. He will also share his own inspirational story, highlighting the highs and lows of pursuing your goals with all your heart so you to can experience a life fully lived.

Stella Romana Airoldi – Making an Impact in the World: Creating a Social Business

Stella is one of those people who seem to have been everywhere. And it’s probably true! In 2008 she made the decision to travel the world by herself for about eight months. Wherever she went, she felt like she was confronted with poverty and injustice. Long story short: she got her Master’s in Public International Law and became a board member of SIFE Leiden, where she learned that the best way to help people out of poverty is by making sure that they can provide for themselves. Soon after, she founded 22STARS in Uganda, a business based in Kampala, where women make jewellery from recycled paper. With the project, Stella and 22Stars have managed to secure enough sponsorship for the education of more than 200 children as well as rolling out a number of development projects that serve the communities she works with.

Many nomads speak frequently about working on projects that do good but few know where to start, in her talk, Stella will give you insight into just how difficult it can be working in different cultures and especially with war victims without an academic education. She will share how best to deal with these obstacles at the start and how finding the right community will help you move forward.

Johannes Voelkner – 10 Lessons learned from starting Nomad Cruise

Many small discoveries lead to a very big idea!
In 2012 Johannes had been a digital nomad for a year and while he loved the freedom and fulfillment that comes with the nomad lifestyle, he definitely missed having like-minded people around him. So he took action and created one of the largest Facebook groups for nomads.

His aim: help people like him who were passionate about the freedom of travel to connect with other like-minded people to travel, to build businesses and share experiences together.

In the process Johannes learnt 10 incredibly important lessons which ultimately ended in the creation of Nomad Cruise. Explaining the importance of building a community before you launch your new idea and how trusting your gut can be helpful. You can also look forward to learning how to develop lean start-up ideas and how to go about building your own community. All key insights that helped him develop one of the largest workation events in the world.

Bori Vigh – ‘The Bucketlist’

You will see Bori a lot on the cruise. As the host of the conference, she’ll make sure that you won’t suffer a moment of boredom. She is a traveller, a marketer, a blogger and a nomad. Yep, we told you she’s everywhere. We first met Bori on Nomad Cruise’s 3rd voyage and subsequently was one of the hosts of our last cruise. Now she’s back once more with her boundless energy to host Nomad Cruise 6 – Mediterranean edition. You can look forward to her popular “Bucket List” talk.
When she started to talk to people about her bucket list project, she soon found that many people had no clue what to put on their own list. They didn’t know how to identify their wishes or even if they knew what they were. So she created a “formula” that she has used time and again to make her dreams a reality. In her talk she will teach you all about this formula so you can create your own bucket list and learn how to tick each item off your list.

Diego Araos – A Fresh Perspective on Cryptocurrency for Nomads and Entrepreneurs

Diego is a Nomad Cruise Alumni and he is back once more to share his knowledge on the fascinating world of Cryptocurrency. He is the founder a TXHASH, a blockchain Software as a Service, which has recently partnered with to allow users to easily connect blockchains to several other web 2.0 services. If that wasn’t impressive enough he is also a Blockchain developer and Crypto investor.

In his talk he will do a deep dive into the technology and business applications of the exciting world of Blockchains and DLTs (distributed ledger technologies). He will explain how nomads and entrepreneurs can take advantage of DLT technologies for their startups and businesses. You can also look forward to hearing about his own journey from nomad developer, cryptocurrency investor, former crypto-coach to becoming a full-time crypto entrepreneur.

Johnny FD – Time Hacking Like a Boss: Daily Routines, Monthly Schedules, Growth and Maintenance Mode

Johnny, after graduating university and starting a corporate job found, like many of us, that something was missing. After some serious introspection he made the bold decision to move to Thailand in 2008 to pursue his first passion – scuba diving.  After a few years working as a dive instructor, he began training as a professional Muay Thai kickboxer. Always focused on pursuing his dreams he realised shortly after his 30th birthday and 6th professional fight, that to continue to follow his dreams he needed to find a way to subsidise his lifestyle. This was when he started working in the ecommerce space.

Since then he has founded Nomad Summit, successfully started and run multiple six figure businesses, recently selling one of his businesses for $60,000.00. He’ll share time management tools he’s used to free himself of day to day responsibilities, ultimately allowing him to oftentimes take months off to truly live the ‘4 hour workweek’.  In his talk he’ll teach you how to ‘hack’ your daily routine so you can build business habits that will allow you to pursue all the things most important to you.

Rosanna Lopes – How to start your Affiliate Marketing Channel as an Ecommerce Business

Rosanna has over eight years of experience in the digital and affiliate marketing sphere, working for a number of well known businesses and agencies developing their affiliate marketing initiatives for ecommerce businesses. Building strategy, running affiliate marketing channels and achieving growth for companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Uniqlo, UGG Australia, River Island, Goldsmiths, Yumi, Milli Millu and Hoka One One, Rosanna has become a pro in the field. Currently she is a consultant for and founder of RocketCompass, a digital marketing agency that focuses on digital marketing strategy, website audience analysis and channel management.

During her talk, Rosanna will run through the different options online business owners have available to them to start their own Affiliate channels. Helping them to decide between own programme and tracking versus network.  She’ll also cover what you need to do to initiate, maintain and nurture affiliate relationships and how to get the best performance from them. A talk not to be missed for those wanting to branch out successfully into the affiliate marketing space.

Tijmen Hobbel – Reframe your brand with great photography

If a picture paints a thousand words, then Tijmen has ‘written’ a body of work that tells stories that you simply can’t tear yourself away from! As a photographer and videographer he has captured moments in time so perfect you can imagine yourself in each of them. Now take the opportunity to learn from someone who knows how to inject life and meaning into every shot you take. With a great deal of experience working within in the music industry he has an extensive portfolio of amazing live event visuals

In his talk he’ll share his go to list of 20 tips and tricks to creating that perfect shot. Learning how to sell your experiences and content visually is all key to developing your professional brand. He will share how you can up your photography game so you can finally push out some quality content on your Instagram and Facebook (business) pages.  With his guidance start putting the pics you take on the cruise to work immediately with your new found photography knowledge.

Ian Robinson – How to Build a Remote Productized Service Business and Podcast like a Pro

Ian Robinson is a location independent entrepreneur, host of Love Affair Travel, and the founder and CEO of Freedom Podcasting. Ian began producing podcasts in 2011 for well known clients including Chris Ducker, Lewis Howes,  Ali Brown, Nick Onken and Tim Ferriss. You might call him the Podcast whisperer. Currently Freedom Podcasting has 9 producers, 50 podcasts in its portfolio and 30 clients on their books. Freedom Podcasting is committed to limiting the time employees and clients spend working so they can enjoy more freedom in their day to day lives.

This talk is for forward-thinking artists, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to produce a world-class podcast and take their business to the next level. Learn what skills you need to become a producer and how to start your very own podcast. Learn from the principles for Freedom Podcasting and find the way to your own freedom through great storytelling. After all podcasting is the future.

Jonas Schorr – Disrupting Cities – How we make our cities fit for the 21st century

One of the most urgent challenges of our generation that few understand is the need to reimagine the way  we organize life in cities globally. Jonas designs and facilitates learning experiences for cities to share and better implement sustainable and smart urban solutions and he has committed to finding solutions for growing urban problems like air pollution and unsustainable food systems. This is by no means an easy task.

In his talk he will explain how new innovations can take as long as 40 years to affect change in cities. Added to that they generally only reach 1% of the biggest cities in the world. So how do we speed up the process? He will share what the main barriers to scaling urban tech innovation are. You will learn why the next 15 years of urban development will be so crucial to achieving our global climate and sustainability goals and what types of cooperation, innovation and financing are underway to re-shape our city life in the 21st century.

Tobias Rauscher – Turn your passion into a fully automated 6 figure business

Tobias is a guitarist, an entertainer and an entrepreneur like you’ve not seen before. As a serial entrepreneur he has built a business that was well supported (and financed) which failed and then went back to the drawing board and bootstrapped his current enterprise to becoming a six figure business. While he has many lessons to share the greatest among those is how pursuing your true passion makes it that much easier to succeed. Combining his business savvy and musical ability, he set up an online guitar academy that teaches people fingerstyle guitar

Through this initiative he has managed to grow a following of over 330000+ subscribers across various social media platforms and has over 30 million views on his Youtube Channel. In this inspirational talk Tobias will share his greatest successes and his greatest f*ck ups, explaining how each of these lessons can help you build and automate your business all while growing your fan and customer base without spending a single dollar in advertising.

Natalia Cohen – Rowing the Pacific: The power of choice and connection

With 15 years experience living in 11 countries and travelling, working and exploring in more than 60, Natalia’s broad range of professional experience within the travel industry includes adventure tour leading, operations management, teaching/training, volunteer and project coordination, as well as working within the Super Yacht industry and Eco-lodge management, running a remote Safari lodge in Tanzania.

Natalia is no stranger to being outside of her comfort zone and has made an art of embracing and adapting to change. Her understanding of team dynamics, the importance of a positive mindset and the ability to live in the moment led her to become part of the first all-female team to row unsupported across the Pacific Ocean. In her talk hear all about this exceptional story as she explains the true power of SPIRIT. Learn how to push through your self-limiting mental boundaries and meet and overcome the challenges that life throws at you.


WS1 - Day 2 - 14.30-15.30

Maria Efimova – Finding and keeping great talent

Level: Advanced

Finding good people who know what they are doing is tough, especially those you don’t see in an office everyday. So how do you make sure you find and hold onto the best talent? Maria has developed a fool-proof strategy for recruitment that helped her hire 100 specialists who became a resilient team that created rapid growth and became the #1 agency in the Ukraine by efficiency ranking.

In her workshop she will talk about her method for finding real talent. How, as a business owner, you can improve your recruitment processes. Addressing the topic from both points of view, she’ll also discuss the five features companies are looking for in a candidate. So whether you’re looking for a star employee or you are a star in the making, this workshop will help you find the perfect fit.

Kristin Wilson – Strategies for sustaining a Digital Nomad lifestyle

Level: Advanced

Kristin is a long-term traveler who has spent nearly 15 years living and working across 50 countries. Kristin began her career working in real estate and development throughout Costa Rica and Nicaragua before launching her current relocation company in 2011. Overall, she has helped thousands of others live, retire, work or invest overseas. Through this, coupled with her own personal experiences, Kristin has gleaned a unique insight into the challenges facing nomads and experts over the long run.

Kristin’s workshop will center around strategies for sustaining a digital nomad lifestyle. No matter where you are along your nomad journey, there will be ups and downs. Kristen will discuss her strategies for success to help gain clarity of purpose, balance work and life on the road, how to avoid common pitfalls and better sustain your lifestyle for the long-term.

Lydia Baikalova –  5 ways to look your best in every photo

Level: Beginner

Unless you live in a cave, having to take, be in, choose and use photos of yourself and others has become a necessity of the modern world somewhere along the lines of having breakfast every morning. Yet, so many people still feel uncomfortable with a camera pointed at them, be it one attached or not attached to a cellphone. Understanding the psychology and technology behind what makes a photo pop takes the guesswork out of the process.

Lydia  has extensive experience on both sides of the camera spending over 5 years as a professional photographer and a head of a photography business as well as over 15 years in print modeling and acting. In her talk she will be sharing the secrets to building a relationship with the camera. Her practical advice on aligning your desired message with the result will help your photos clearly communicate to your audience. She will also touch on choosing the right device for the occasion (while DSLRs and new generation mirrorless cameras are great, much can be accomplished with simply a cell phone) and will go over the basics of composition and lighting.

This workshop is recommended for those looking to improve their travel and instagram photos, dating profiles, learn to be more photogenic and be better photographers to their friends. It may also be useful for photographers who struggle with directing people and getting genuine emotion in the shots.

WS2 - Day 4 - 14.30-15.30

Margaret Manning – 7 ways to build an engaged and passionate online community

Level: Beginner

The founder of Sixty and Me, a global community spanning 150 countries and well over 500 000 women, Margaret Manning will be hosting a workshop on how to build an online community that loves to hear from you and that is fiercely loyal. Sixty and Me empowers and motivates women in their 60s and above to find their own voice and value in a transitional time of life. Margaret has a lively active community on Facebook and a Youtube channel with more than 950 videos and 25 000 subscribers.

In her workshop she will explain the 7 techniques she has used very successfully to build her audience. Margaret has also done several collaborations with experts in their field and has learnt how to leverage their expertise to further her brand offering in a way that benefits her community. Her methodology is based on authenticity and kindness and she will explain the importance of truly getting to know your audience so you can cater to their needs.

Dr. Ronald Kandelhard – International incorporation and taxes

Level: Beginner

Dr. Kandelhard is a lawyer specialising in commercial and corporate law, he also runs his own online business. Through his experience as both a business owner and legal eagle, he has gathered great insight into the sometimes muddy waters of international tax and corporate law for digital nomads.

In his workshop he will cover basic principles of international corporate law and taxation, with suggestions on how to plan an international corporation and where. He will also provide us with details about the rules around information exchange between countries.

Britt Daemen – How to become Google’s best friend

Level: Beginner

Britt has been in the online marketing space for more than seven years and she will be bringing her wealth of experience to the Nomad Cruise community. She is specialized in Google Search; SEO and SEA and is the founder of B-Analyzed Marketing. She believes that great SEO can make a huge difference to how your online business performs.

In her workshop, Britt gets back to basics and teach you how to increase your organic traffic by improving your on-page SEO. She will explain what the long-term importance is of having a good SEO strategy and how to implement it to ensure performance. She’ll also help you with how and what to invest in, which SEO tools to use and how to use different Google products effectively. Finally she will teach you the difference between SEO and SEA and when what to use. Hint: it’s got nothing to do with the Ocean.

WS3 - Day 4 - 15.45-17.15

Gundars Strazdins – Pitch and Persuade: design killer presentations that sell

Level: Beginner

Gundars is what you might describe as a visual engineer, with over seven years experience as a freelance graphic designer he has helped clients around the world to develop visual design that resonates with their core audience. Looking at design from both an artistic and scientific perspective has allowed him develop work that transcends from great image to true visual communication.  He is passionate about keeping at the cutting edge of all things design and in his workshop he is going to share some insight on how to create a killer presentation.

Presenting your ideas and business becomes all the more successful if what you are saying is supported by a great visual story, which is your presentation! In this workshop you will learn the basic rules of what makes for great visual design and how to apply these rules in real life. Gundars will also share the tips and tricks of getting your audience to feel what you want them to feel using the true science of design.

Julia Shem:  Printing Gold – How to build a self-sustainable business

Level: Beginner

Julia moved from Russia to the USA at the age of 19 and after working 9-5 as an application developer, she managed to escape the workaholic life, develop several self-sustainable businesses, including selling a product online, software-as-a-service  and Airbnb business and currently works 0 hours per week while traveling the world and doing what she loves.

Julia will share her story and show you the tools and strategies for building a self-sustainable business. You can look forward hearing how you can outsource everything from manufacturing and dropshipping to marketing and customer service.  She will also cover topics such as finding a product or service to sell online or taking your existing business to a whole new level. Learn how to put your income on autopilot by delegating and automating repetitive tasks. Ultimately Julia will share her guide to working smarter, not harder and living life on your own terms!

Viktor Vincej – White Hat SEO Hacks

Level: Advanced

Viktor began his nomad journey four years ago, since striking out on his own he has freelanced in web design, social media management, SEO strategies and implementation for clients all over the world including Slovakia, the US and Australia. More recently he has started his own business projects Traveling Lifestyle and WebCreate.Me where he primarily focuses on SEO and content marketing.

Viktor will share some of his most successful SEO tactics all proven to achieve better results in Google search. He’ll look at how to create a social buzz  while building useful backlinks that boost your rankings. In this practical workshop he will explain which tools to use for planning and maintaining your SEO strategy. You can also look forward to learning some “Low hanging fruit” SEO hacks and what the latest SEO protocol updates are.

Nikhil Mandrekar – Pull crowds with your 500 word pitch

Level: Beginner

Nikhil, founder of, is a business-whisperer, consulting for multi-million dollar investor funds such as AngelList, Anatha, Urban, Catalyst Health Ventures as well as successful startups such as Villaway and Heyware. Having worked with 100+ startups, he has discovered the secret recipe for the perfect pitch.
Whether you’re looking for finance, trying to sign clients or trying to sell an idea, you need to know how to get and keep attention.

In this fun and informative workshop he will help you take your million dollar idea and turn it into a 500 word pitch that packs a punch. Participants should have an existing business idea in mind (if you have your own running business – even better). He’ll teach you how to focus on what’s relevant (to an investor), what’s not and how to arrange this information in slides for maximum impact.
This practical workshop is for everyone who is building their own business.

WS4 - Day 6 - 14.30-15.30

Matt Bowles – How to travel the world for a year+ with carry-on luggage only..And look good while you’re doing it!

Level: Beginner

Matt is a location-independent entrepreneur that has been on the road for 5 years. His company Maverick Investor Group helps people from all over the world purchase investment property in the US. When he started his travels he had loads of cumbersome luggage but over the years he has worked out a slick strategy to downsizing.

This workshop will teach you how to travel the world for a year+ (through both cold and warm climates) with carry-on luggage only. Matt will share the most valuable travel/packing lessons he has learned from living in over 45 countries in the past 5 years. In 2013 he left the U.S. with an obscene amount of checked baggage and gradually downsized to carry on luggage and will teach you how to do the same. He will discuss details about buying clothes that are uniquely conducive to long-term-travel, how to remain fashionable as you travel, and discuss the specific gear and brands he uses. (And his carry-on luggage includes a podcast studio, an espresso maker, and a suit by the way :)

Ayesha Williams – VAT does not stand for Vodka and Tonic

Level: Beginner

Most of us tend to be pretty confused about how to manage the finances and tax for our online businesses. What are the rules governing cross-border online transactions? When should I register my business for VAT? What is VAT in the first place? Ayesha can help you figure it all out. She works with e-commerce clients, helping them to navigate all the intricacies of VAT and reporting.

In her workshop she will be covering all the need-to-know information a location independent business owner requires to be on the right side of the law.  She will introduce the different VAT requirements for various countries in the EU and you can look forward to learning how to use VAT tools so that managing this portion of your business is easy and without effort.

Thomas Levene – What’s the deal with Cryptocurrency?

Level: Beginner

Don’t know your Bitcoin from your Blockchain? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Well-established Cryptocurrency investor Thomas Levene’s workshop will shine a light on the ever-prevalent topic of online currency which has become all the more notorious because of it’s high trading value and pundits discussions around it being a ‘bubble’ that’s set to burst.

Tomas will take you back to the beginning – how Bitcoin started, what Blockchain technology is and how it compares with legacy technology. Providing case study material from various industries that show how Blockchain is disrupting old systems. He’ll also go into the limitations to the current technology and what the future for Blockchain uses and protocols from 2018 onwards will look like. With the tone of conversation in and amongst governments currently, this is a workshop not to be missed as it seems the cryptocurrency revolution is set expand and grow even more.

WS5 - Day 6 - 15.45-17.15

Danny Callan – Understanding the power of Adwords and Google Tag manager

Level: Advanced

Running a digital agency out of Manchester, Danny is a bit of a paid digital strategy savant. His agency also includes a very strong software development arm. Currently he manages over £100K a month on Adwords & Facebook. He is incredibly passionate about developing Google Adwords strategies that convert. In his workshop he will take you through the basic principles of Google Adwords, teaching you how to optimise your account.

You can also look forward to getting to know how Google Tag Manager works. Danny will teach you how to set it up and why it’s such a powerful tool. His workshop will delve into setting up an Adwords campaign and the how to optimise your campaign to ensure you get bang for your buck. Finally he will touch on why Google Tag Manager is so important for effective marketing in the digital space.

Claudia Freimuth – How to Structure your Time to Optimise your Performance

Level: Advanced

Claudia is a consultant and coach. She leads projects for the university in Bremen, builds bridges between economy and science, and is the founder of DRV-NetzWerkstatt, an event platform that connects management professionals twice per year to brainstorm in interactive workshops. She’s passionate about motivating people to develop themselves and their workplace by helping to see their existing strengths, and to find where they can apply even more magic.

In this step-by-step workshop, see how amazing you are already, then learn new tricks to optimise your time using innovative tools to work together. The game is to get the most out of your group in a short amount of time. You are only three steps away from being more efficient and effective in your work, and Claudia will walk you through how to structure your days, weeks, months and years to make that happen.

Charlelie Jourdan – Brainstorming techniques that actually work to solve any problem

Level: Advanced

Charlelie has had an illustrious career, working as a parliamentary assistant in Europe, a startup entrepreneur, a coach and a consultant. He is also the co-founder of a communications agency in Brussels. Business is his forte but creativity is his passion! As an established creative director Charlelie spends a great deal of his time helping other creatives come up with spectacular concepts that solve their business concerns.

In his workshop he’ll teach you the right way to brainstorm. He’ll teach you the brainwrite methodology he uses with that will allow you to maximise your ideas. From there he’ll take you through an exercise using a strategic matrix to help classify which ideas are the most powerful. Specifically looking at cost versus impact as key variables. Learn a practical way to measure the potential success of your best ideas.

Elizabeth Ames – Future Program Solving

Level: Beginner

Elizabeth has been working remotely as a creative strategist and designer for many years now, travelling to and working from over 30 countries in her location independent tenure to date. Over the years she has formulated a creative team which has tapped into a lucrative network of Australian businesses, executing their creative campaigns. She plans to open her own marketing agency soon.

During her creative brainstorming (which can directly relate and help your own business) — you’re given a scene from the future — filled with problems. It’s now your job to find the problems, rank them, then look at solutions for the problem which, if solved, can impact the world with the most change. In life and business this is also the case — we must open our eyes to the problems our business’ face, then look for creative ways change can be made. Sometimes we so often become focused on one idea, one solution we fail to see the other possibilities, which, could be better. So this workshop is designed to help get your creative juices flowing. Be creative – think outside the box.

WS6 - Day 7 - 15.45-17.15

Samantha Wolhuter – Building Bots: Learn how to create your own Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Level: Beginner

Samantha has had an established career in marketing and advertising for over a decade working for big global agencies like Ogilvy, TBWA and Leo Burnett in both the creative and strategic arenas. Last year she decided to make the move to becoming a fulltime digital nomad. Since attending Nomad Cruise 4, she has partnered with another previous cruiser to build a business training people on social media best practice for businesses. She has also been doing some significant work with a tech agency headquartered in Amsterdam on the development of chatbots and other voice interface AI.

Approaching the topic of chatbot development from a creative perspective, Samantha will guide you through a step by step process for creating your own Facebook Messenger chatbot. In her workshop she will detail the difference between the concept of a push versus pull bot. She will also cover how to structure your bots conversational ability to ensure that each user has a rewarding experience with your brand and you get data that you need from each customer interaction.

Alexander zur Linden – Frequent Flyer and Travel Hacker Extraordinaire

Level: Beginner

After ten plus years of office captivity, Alexander plotted his escape and put his travel hacking theories to the test with a year-long trip around the world. He started with the first Nomad Cruise in 2015 from Gran Canaria to Brazil and followed up with low-cost, high comfort flights all over the world. He leveled up to the highest frequent flyer status on three major airline alliances in only a year and earned a first class round-the-world ticket. Now he even gets paid for flying. Hello nomad dream life!

Leveraging his own experience, Alexander will show you how to travel comfortably on the cheap, and will introduce the frequent flyer programs and tools he uses to book flights. Want to dig deeper? You’ll walk away from this workshop with even more resources you can use to become a genius at saving money when booking flights and using your travel to get benefits with airlines, hotels, car rental companies etc.

Paloma Roldan – An Introduction to Design Thinking

Level: Beginner

Two years ago Paloma was working for the EU commission but found herself planning  bigger and brighter things. So she left the 9-5 behind and founded PRENDE -a Training & Consultancy business that helps companies innovate like Startups. Now she trains individuals and businesses the practice of Design Thinking and Agile.

Design thinking is a method from Stanford University that uses 5 key steps: Empathy, Definition of the Problem, Ideation, Prototyping and Testing to solve business challenges. Paloma will use a blend of exercises and theory to demonstrate how this type of ‘thinking’ changes the way you approach problems and how it is an excellent catalyst for developing creative and innovative ideas. This particular method is known as “human-centered innovation” so participants will have to empathize with others in the room to really get to the core of innovation.

WS7 - Day 7 - 18.00-19.00

Robert Herber – How to build great apps 101

Level: Beginner

Since he graduated Robert has been building apps, working as a consultant and co-founding startups. So if anybody knows what goes into building an app that people love, it’s him. In his workshop he’s going to talk about the various approaches to building apps as well as the steps involved in releasing an app. Hello AppStore:-)

Robert will spend time explaining what it really takes to build an app-driven business. What the key markers are on your road to success look like. He will also guide you through the all-important step of getting started with your build. If you have an idea for an app, this is your opportunity to discuss the nuts and bolts involved in taking it from concept to reality.

Michael Metzger – Storytelling that draws people in

Level: Beginner

Self-proclaimed storyteller and Science Slam coach (how cool does that sound?), Michael  will be taking you through the essence of great storytelling. He currently works with scientists and workshop participants guiding them through and helping them to make sense of complex information. Finding that golden thread.

In his workshop he will help you to learn how to craft stories about your business that make sense. He’ll share the best techniques to create focus and simplify lots of information. Then, how you can take that information and present it to your audience in a way that entices them and draws them in. He will cover all the key requirements for telling user-centered stories that are compelling and add value. This workshop is for anyone who is looking to fill in the blanks of the important information they need to get out into the world but haven’t been able to so far.

This is just the beginning. We will add more great talks and workshops to the list during the coming weeks.


Have something you’d like to share with the community? It’s your time to shine! Nomad Cruise is successful because of the knowledge sharing on this incredible journey and it’s the participants who make it worthwhile so let us know if you’d like to organize a talk or a workshop.