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Take a look at the program of our second cruise to get an idea of the awesomeness awaiting for you on Nomad Cruise 6!

The Cruise Conference | May ’16

Workshop Program

Join our workshop program as we are crossing the Atlantic Ocean. We put together a super diverse schedule with a plethora of interesting topics. Here you will find all information about our speakers, who will share their knowledge, wisdom and experience with you.

We’ll add more workshops over the course of the next weeks. You can select your workshops two weeks prior to departure.

Digital Nomad Workshops

Dive into the endless world of skills, experiences and tipps that will be shared on the upcoming cruise to Santo Domingo. Meet the people who will tell there stories, share their wisdom, and who will help you get where you want to get. They might change your life.


How to run your business remotely from anywhere in the world

Annemarie is a Dutch travel blogger and owner of an online store selling travel gifts. She will explain how she manages to run the business together with a businesspartner, completely location independent, and found a perfect balance between entrepreneurship & traveling. In this practical workshop you will learn about the best online tools, time management, how to manage remote teams and outsource activities in order to be able to live and work from anywhere.  

Tools & tactics to build a highly efficient business with a small team

Greg is the Founder & CEO of Municibid. In this interactive workshop, Greg, will explore the tools and actionable tactics that his team uses to generate and efficiently manage over $10MM USD in sales with just 2 full-time employees. He’ll share how his team uses virtual assistants and tools like Slack, Intercom, Zapier, and Helpscout to handle consistent growth and manage daily operations. This workshop will also explore marketing strategies for a double sided marketplace and discuss tips for hiring remote team members. The session is meant to be an open dialogue to spark ideas and discussion from the attendees who are also encouraged to share the tools and tactics they use.

Get started with Bitcoin

Arjen is an entrepreneurial software engineer, mostly creating innovative online services with small teams. His first Bitcoin-oriented project took off in 2011. In his workshop you will explore what Bitcoin can bring to the table for you and your business. You will learn how to get started with Bitcoin and you will learn about the pitfalls to watch out for in dealing with this evolving currency.

Emotional Branding and Fear Inventory

Theresa is running one of the most successful sexblogs in Germany. She believes that connection and the right emotional branding is key. In this workshop you will not only discuss how to build and improve that connection but also how to integrate this emotional authenticity into your copywriting. On top she will do an exercise called “fear inventory” – an exercise on authenticity.

Start a freedom business with Amazon FBA

Bastian is believing in a business that gives you total freedom. While running a famous German digital nomad blog, he’s using dropshipping to sell products on Amazon.

This workshop is all about starting a freedom business with Amazon FBA. You will learn about all the basics on how you can sell physical goods location independent without the need of an own online shop. He will also answer all your questions related to this topic.

How to become a better freelancer

Lodi is a freelancer that sells WordPress websites and manages a team that makes these sites. In his workshop you will learn all the good, the bad and the ugly about freelancing and how to become better freelancer. His aim is to make 10k per month soon and he wants to help you to do the same as well. This workshop is a very practical one. It also includes many exercises and “home work” – so you can practice what you learned.

Working as a professional translator

Barbara has been working as a freelance translator since 2008. Her workshop will introduce you to the ethical rules of translators, how to get to know the market, which tools to use, why being a member of an association is so important and where to find your future clients. This workshop is perfect for you if you a. always wanted to start translating because you know different languages and you like working with them or b. are already working as a translator, but never studied anything related to the industry and now you are struggling with the topics mentioned above.

Building Websites and Managing your Code

Patrick is a software engineer from New York City. He’s works with various open source software projects and builds websites. In his workshop he will tell you how to build a website from scratch. He will walk you through all the steps and tools needed to build a website and manage your code; including the steps needed to get it hosted online and buy your own domain name.

Financial Planning for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Rhowena worked as a Certified Financial Planner in Canada within the financial services industry for 10 years. She worked with individuals between 19-86yrs old, families, business owners/entrepreneurs and small to large corporations in creating, executing and maintaining written financials plans. In her workshop you will learn about topics like: “What are the ways that I can protect my business/money”, “what is a financial planner” and “why/how your goals can “make” or “break” your financial plan”.

Business Masterminds

Pete has been an entrepreneur since 1996 and currently does not claim any one particular place as “home” while he travels the world running 3 companies, one of which is heavily location-dependent.
Join his interactive and intensive business masterminds that dive into your current business and and focus on he biggest challenge you’re facing.
This workshop is for business owners who are generating revenue.

Podcasting like a Pro

Ian Robinson is the Founder, CEO and Producer @ Freedom PodcastingMovie Maker and Host @ Love Affair Travel Podcast. Ian and his wife have successfully run their online business for the past 5 years whilst traveling and living all over the world.This workshop is for forward-thinking artists, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to produce a world-class podcast and take their business to the next level. Learn what skills you need to become a producer and start your own business (or work remotely for someone else), how to start your very own podcast, or how you can collaborate with the Freedom Podcasting team to make your podcast become a reality. Podcasting is the future.

Fast Track Your Facebook PPC Success

Miles manages the conversion optimization and the Facebook PPC campaigns for several websites he and his wife own and operate. In his workshop you will learn what it takes to create profitable Facebook PPC campaigns.
Topics will include: Expanding your reach through Facebook audiences, re-targeting strategies that can create more profitable customers for less ad-spend, The key performance indicators you need to track to monitor the health of your campaigns and how to find the cheap clicks and profitable leads in 2016.

Write Your How-To EBook in Two Days

Jean worked as a senior technical writer and trainer in Silicon Valley before leaving the 9-5 to travel the world. She has taught English composition to hundreds of students. Her blog is She writes ebooks on practical topics (Land Your First Online Teaching Job; 10 Creative Ways to Fund Your Dream Trip). This 2 part hands-on workshop guides participants through planning, organizing and writing a short, practical “how-to” EBook in your specialty. You will get templates to make the process easy, guidance and tools to help sharpen your writing skills, as well as an accountability buddy from the class and support from Jean to complete your book on the second day.

How digital nomads can come up with World Changing ideas and #makeshithappen

Nicole Bosky, Founder of Adpreneurs #makeshithappen, and Simon Sramko founder of #NomadsforChange have joined forces together and built “Globalhacks4change” to inspire digital nomads and entrepreneurs everywhere to reinject meaning and purpose back into the entrepreneurial landscape. This workshop focuses on how to come up with world changing ideas, that have the ability to impact society on a 10X level. Whether you want to uncover a new idea, or are working on an existing business, Nicole and Simona teach you how to think bigger and learn how to #makeshithappen. The aim is to leave the boat with a business you can be proud of.

Local Government as an Opportunity

Local governments as a customer is challenging, and because of that, there is a ton of opportunity and money to be made, while having a true social and/or political impact. In this workshop, Greg, Founder & CEO of Municibid and former elected official will review how local government works, how to find opportunities, explore tools, tactics and strategies to market and sell your product / service to government and how to deal with contracts. Greg will provide an overview of what products and services are in demand and provide guidance to attendees on the best way to approach government based on their products and services. The session will mainly be around US/Canadian local governments, but many of the same principles can be applied in most other countries. There will be plenty of time for Q&A.

Coliving spaces and Digital Nomads, a love story

Jon is the co-founder of Sun and Co. One of the firsts permanent coliving and coworking spaces, all under one roof. A home for location independent workers. He will introduce you in his experience in running a coliving space and what he learnt. He will explain you how intense and interesting the relationships are when you live and work with like-minded people. You will also discuss the needs for digital nomads that will be coverec by this kind of spaces.

How to stay connected with your teammates while being on the road

Angelique is working as a chief happiness officer to help companies creating a cool and awesome company culture for talents that live, work and travel anywhere. Her workshop is about how to build connections in a team that works remotely and the role of the manager / team leader. You will learn what to do to stay connected with your team and what you can do to build stronger connections (Also very interesting for freelancer working closely with partners and clients).

Getting started with ElasticSearch

Saskia is working as a freelancer in the field of Natural Language Processing. She works a lot with ElasticSearch and helps setting up or enhancing existing search applications such as eCommerce-Websites, media services and so on.
In the workshop you will learn how to build a website with search functionality and faceted navigation.
A dataset and and all the required software will be provided.
The workshop is limited to 12 spots. Basic coding skills are required.

Technologies and tactics to grow your remote business

Steven advises self-funded businesses on how to grow and scale through emerging marketing techniques.. In this workshop you will hear unique ideas and patterns you can use to grow your own business: * How to get into the mind of your client – without talking to them. * How Steven used his location in Vietnam to become an expert in the US. * How a cold email over Christmas netted $128,000. * How one VC intentionally grows their network without risking their brand. * The B2B giveaway that turned $70 into $70,000.This workshop is for business owners who sell to other businesses.

Organize your project for success using Scrum principles

We’ll explore the basics of Scrum, a project management framework that is applicable to any project with aggressive deadlines, complex requirements and a degree of uniqueness, having anywhere from 1 to 9 team members. Originally applied to software projects, Scrum has gained traction in many other fields as a way to optimize predictability and reduce risk. Today we’ll get familiar with the team roles, events and artifacts Scrum defines. We’ll get our hands dirty in a SCRUM game, simulating an actual project.

WordPress Security – How to prepare your site against attacks

Nils is a fulltime traveller, Systems Engineer in a global IT team and has 15+ years of experience with web application development, infrastructure, maintenance, security and wordpress hosting.
This workshop will be about wordpress security and the awareness about. He will show you how your site can be attacked and hacked and most importantly what to do against it and what to do in case of a successful hack.

Writing Sells

Alexander is an author, writer and experience designer co-creating while currently organizing a writing retreat camping at the coast.

His credo is to transform lives for the benefit of society, which is why his workshop will be all about writing. You will learn how to make more sales, create a writing habit, write effective headlines, write for short attention spans and learn about the value of good copywriting. You’ll practice your creative writing and gain tips to edit your writing.

What can old industries learn from digital innovators?

Hodge has been involved in renewable energy for 10 years. Currently he is helping utilities develop decentralised business models. After a short input, he invites you to a discussion around transformation processes caused by digital disruption: we all know how Airbnb, Uber, Tesla, Amazon, Fintech and SolarCity are ‘eating the lunch’ of pretty much every industry like hotels, taxies, automotive, banks – and utilities. What can they learn from us? What are opportunities for the digital generation? How cater to these clients remotely?

Instagram: How to use it for your business

Stella is a social entrepreneur who founded a jewellery business in Africa to support the local people. One part of her marketing strategy is Instagram.

In this workshop you will learn how you can use Instagram for your own business. Which apps and which analytic tools you can use to see how you perform. How to reach your clients, how to interact with them, how to use Instagram as your business blog and much more.

How to use a Mac like a Pro

Starting with ‘I switched from Windows to OSX, what is different?’ to some advanced tipps and tricks we will show how we are using our Macs. Finder, Spotlight, Time Machine, Keyboard shortcuts and some other default OSX applications will be the main topics. You can add your own experiences and workflows during the presentation. Bring your own Macs to comprehend immediately.

Activity Management, with a focus on perspective and balance

With a background in management consulting and telecom development, Paul eventually left corporate life, to create his own mark on the world. Initially, like many entrepreneurs, Paul struggled with productivity after giving up the 9-5 structure of project managers, timelines, milestones, and well defined deliverables. As “your own boss,” you are accountable to the most flexible manager around, yourself.

As a self-professed lifehacker, Paul read countless time management books and tried various systems. Ultimately, each of the systems were insufficient for todays needs. Eventually he took the best aspects of each, to craft a simple, maintenance-free method, to augment todays daily activity flow.

In this workshop he will introduce the method and show how a high level perspective can help define intermediate smaller tasks, aligned to longer term goals. He will also provide participants with access to a digital implementation of the organizational system, so they can reap the productivity benefits long after the session.

Special Interest Workshops

A wide range of topics covering personal development, language learning and many more.

How to find your state of FLOW

Marcela is the founder of where she is creating learning journeys. She believes in the concept of the world as a classroom.

Her workshops covers the topic of the flow concept: Moments of obligation, failure as hidden opportunities, the choice of becoming an entrepreneur / digital nomad and how to avoid the imposter syndrome.

“No more drama!” Cool concepts to design relationships

Steffen runs a video blog about life quality and communication. He is using practical concepts that will disrupt your perspective on drama and relationships. The focus of this workshop is self experience. He will show how you get yourself into drama and how to avoid it using a deep and easy understandable concept called “drama triangle”. It’s perfect for private and also for business relationships. Steffen was a soldier for 11 years, is educated in psychology for 15 year and travels the world with his girlfriend.

Better English – how to improve your English and lose your foreign accent

Lina-Maria is a fully trained teacher of English (M.Ed). Her workshop targets non-native speakers of English who struggle with their strong local accent. Not only will she illustrate why good English is important and what is considered good English, but also she will point out typical mistakes and introduce you to a range of exercises to help making your English more Authentic. She will practice with you in the workshop, but also she will share her tips for a more confident communication in English.

Travel Hacking

Interactive discussion sharing travel tips & hacks. Pete will share how to fly in 1st / Business Class for ~$1,400.00 (Typical routes are NYC to BKK or NYC to Bali). This will NOT be focused on “credit cards” or for US Citizens only, although a broad range of topics will be covered.

Social Entrepreneurship: Building a social business in Africa

Stella has many years of experience working in Africa with people who are uneducated, aids / HIV positive and fled from the war. They are from different ethnic groups with different languages and traditions, but Stella managed to set up a business to make jewellery out of recycled paper (like labels of beer bottles or posters). Besides that she started a social project to support them with school fees, education, medical problems and local micro business projects.

In her workshop you will learn more about social entrepreneurship, especially in Africa: the pitfalls and good points. You will have a look on how you can use a business to stimulate peoples creativity and help the poor.

Navigate your RelationSHIP

Birgit is a love & relationship coach. Her goal is to help people regain their happy heart and to let go from the stress they have in their relationship or in their quest to find the right partner.

After this D2R workshop you will feel much more comfortable navigating the seven seas of love. You will stop feeling helplessly exposed to what “love” does to you. Because now you know the patterns, dynamics and concepts behind the most pressing aspects of: How do we fall in love. Is there a difference between men and women when falling in love. How do we make it last and keep it excited. Are humans meant to be monogamous? What happens after an affair?


We aren’t afraid of heights, we are afraid of falling. We aren’t afraid of showing our true selves, we are afraid of getting hurt. We learn to build walls, to protect ourselves and to be in control. We play it cool and never give it all in, and by doing that we’re not allowing ourselves to be real and to connect.

Vulnerability is not for the weak. Vulnerability is the ultimate act of courage. The courage to show yourself to the world as you are. An interactive workshop by Gustavo and Dragana, the founders of D2R, on how being vulnerable can have a profound impact on your life.

How to build a strong local network during your travels

When not teaching languages in Brazil, Josh moonlights as the unofficial ambassador to Belo Horizonte’s startup scene during his travels around the globe.
In this workshop Josh will show you how to go from having 0 local contacts and 0 knowledge of the local language to having a powerful network of friends and potential business partners in a matter of weeks, not years. Ideally suited for nomads who stay in cities for longer than two weeks at a time.

Beautiful Strangers – Intimacy and excitement

In this workshop, intimacy will be explored. How close could you (be)come? What makes situations awkward and why is that? What makes things exciting and in what evolutionary perspective could you place it? What connects people? Is it chemical or also rational? What makes the rational irrational and why? It’s about talking, doing, being or becoming. You choose.

Emotional Intelligence for Business and Personal Success

Jane is a coach, facilitator and training consultant with a decade of experience working for MNCs. She is also the founder of In her workshop, she will share the knowledge and know-how of being in-tune with your own and another person’s emotions in order to achieve the success you want in both professional and personal lives. Research has shown that leaders equip with Emotional Intelligence display more leadership effectiveness, better people retention and ultimately an improved bottom line.

Important: This is not the final workshop program. Additional workshops will be added over the next weeks. You’ll be able to select your preferred workshops two weeks prior to departure.