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This trip is sadly already over, but you can still join our upcoming cruise in the Mediterranean. Check out the details of Nomad Cruise 7!

Join us on the journey of a lifetime.

Join in when over 150 nomads team up to cross the Atlantic from Colombia to Portugal together.

Connect, collaborate and create on a fifteen-day cruise that will change your life. Meet like-minded people, broaden your horizon every day, learn during talks and workshops, and engage in thought-provoking conversations.

Experience the power of our incredible community as you meet former cruisers and start writing your own stories as you become part of this legendary experience.

Nomad Cruise Program

We believe that sharing knowledge, skills and experience is the foundation of an open-spirited community on board. To create an environment of cooperative learning and developing, we organize talks, workshops, and meet-ups. No limits, but new horizons every day.

A day on Nomad Cruise

We start the day with a hearty breakfast, before the first curated talk. After lunch, there is time for hands-on workshops and larger meet-ups every day (check out the preliminary program). The afternoon hours can be used for smaller meet-ups, work-out sessions and more socializing by the pool. After watching the sunset on the top deck, we will migrate to the hold of the ship to have dinner together, go for a drink to the bars and later hit the dance floor. Sleep. Repeat.


Whatever your talent is – we want it! Everybody’s good at something. With Nomad Cruise the time to shine is now!

Our cruisers have organized acrobatics meet ups, choir rehearsals, jam sessions, tango classes and other fantastic events. This is what makes Nomad Cruise special and it’s also what we can’t wait to see more of!



Listen to the thought-provoking talks in the mornings. Let our community speakers inspire you to reflect and reconsider – or take the chance to contribute yourself and become a speaker to share your story, your wisdom and your experience with the community.


Extend your knowledge in our afternoon workshops, where members of the community get you engaged in the topic of their expertise. Embrace these new insights – or broaden the horizons of others in a workshop session that you design.


Meet the people you want to meet. We provide you with the opportunity to exchange your thoughts and discuss your ideas in small groups of people, enlighten them or ask for their experience. Every pot has a lid, and at Nomad Cruise every interest has its group.


No problem cannot be solved. Nomad Cruise will allow you to gather a group around you that will provide you with valuable ideas and impulses to resolve your issues strategically. Open up once, and you will be rewarded many times!


Work hard – play hard. The conference days are full of food for thought. We find balance by exploring two of the three Islands we will stop at together. From volcanic hills to sandy white beaches, the Caribbean will spoil us with its finest features.


We believe that being stuck on a ship with over 150 Nomads provides exceptional networking opportunities – be it at the pool bar, over a dinner or coffee. We’ve seen nomads starting new businesses, collaborating and teaming up to work and travel.

The Route

We’re headed back to good old Europe in May. Our next trip will take us from the port of Cartagena, Colombia to Lisbon, Portugal.

Cartagena is one of the oldest Spanish colonies in South America and combines both beautiful beaches and the perks of a vibrant city. On our way, we will then stop on the two tropical islands of St. Martin and Antigua. St. Martin attracts tourists for its typically tropical landscape and famous Maho Beach, where you can feel the power of aircraft land only meters from the shore. In Antigua, we will have the opportunity to take over white sandy beaches and enjoy the Caribbean vibes at its finest.

From there, our ship will take us across the Atlantic Ocean to the island of Madeira, the “Island of Spring,” which will enchant us with its unique landscape, pleasant climate, and maritime architecture. Our final destination is the Portuguese capital of Lisbon – a city so rich in flavors, culture, history, and beauty that we can’t wait to go back after it welcomed us so heartily last year.


Day 1: Cartagena (Colombia)
Day 2 – 3: at sea
Day 4: Philipsburg (St. Maarten)
Day 5: St. John’s (Antigua)
Day 6-12: at sea
Day 13: Funchal (Madeira)
Day 14: at sea
Day 15: Lisbon (Portugal)

The Cruise Ship

We’ll be back on the Pullmantur MONARCH, one of the largest ships in the Pullmantur fleet. We’re familiar with this ship as it has taken us back to Europe before. We can’t wait to welcome you aboard of our home for two weeks again.

It will provide us with all the perks of life on a cruise ship:

all non-alcoholic beverages / alcoholic beverages including some premium brands / free meals at buffet and unspecialized restaurants / gym and jogging track / basketball court and table tennis / library / disco / poolside entertainment / rock climbing wall where available / spa / casino

You’ll be able to use most facilities free of charge. Additional charges only apply to some services such as spa, laundry, and casino.

Pullmantur MONARCH

Tonnage: 73,937 GT
Length: 268m
Beam: 32.00m
Draft: 7.5m
Speed: 21 knots
Capacity: 2,733
Remodeling: 2012

The Community

We love people. The ever growing Nomad Cruise community is probably what we are the proudest of. Over the course of the first cruises, we have realized that the moment of arrival in our final port is never really the end. It’s the beginning of something new:

Your new friends will travel with you. They might even become friends for life. After our first cruise to Brazil we met up in small beach towns in Brazil, celebrated New Years in Rio de Janeiro, and many of us are still working and traveling the world together. After the second cruise, most of us stayed in Lisbon a little longer before going to Porto, the Algarve or Barcelona in smaller groups. After the third cruise over 100 Nomads headed to Cabarete to celebrate Christmas together.

Become part of this community. We doubt that you’ll ever regret it.

Global Friends

Nationalities: 40+

Cruisers: 400

Countries visited together: 15

Community Meet-Ups: Brazil Carnival (2015), NYE Rio de Janeiro (2015) and Cabarete (2016), Diving San Andres (2015), Jeep Trip St. Martin (2015), Sziget Festival Budapest (2015), Christmas Jericoacoara (2015) and Cabarete (2016), Santos Lisbon (2015)

New friendships: countless

Inside Cabin

inside-superiorWhat’s included?

14 Nights Inside Cabin
with private bathroom incl. shower
No window

All Meals & Drinks
All beverages (incl. alcoholic drinks)
Breakfast and lunch buffet

Nomad Cruise Program
Island Excursions

starting at 775€*

*Price for shared cabin includes port taxes € 200. Not included: Service charges € 154 (to be paid on board)

Outside Cabin

outside-superiorWhat’s included?

14 Nights Outside Cabin
with private bathroom incl. shower

All Meals & Drinks
All beverages (incl. alcoholic drinks)
Breakfast and lunch buffet

Nomad Cruise Program
Island Excursions

starting at 875€*

*Price for shared cabin includes port taxes € 200. Not included: Service charges € 154 (to be paid on board)

Apply for your spot on board


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve listed below the most common questions and answers about Nomad Cruise including: application process, cost of the event, refund policy, and more, to provide all the information you need about participating at Nomad Cruise and what to expect at the event.

Application and Tickets

Who can apply for the Nomad Cruise?

We are looking for creative, productive and passionate people at different stages of their digital nomadism/remote working. Nomad Cruise is for beginners as well as for pros because we believe that we all have different talents and we can all learn from each other.

The application process also allows us to put together a heterogeneous group concerning age, gender, nationality, experience, skills and interests, yet homogenous concerning open-mindedness and choice of the nomadic/remote working lifestyle.

If you haven’t applied yet and want to join us in the future, please do so soon. Keep in mind that we plan cruises a long time ahead and chances to get on board AND get better deals are higher if you apply early.

What happens after my application?

Once you applied and we considered you a good match for our project, you will receive an invitation. The review will take from 1-6 weeks.

In your invitation, you will find a link that takes you to the booking site. Click it, fill out the form and pay the deposit to confirm your booking. This tells us that you really mean it. The deposit is 150€ and non-refundable.

You will soon after receive your invoice, and you’re all set! The full ticket price only needs to be paid 60 days before departure.

You will receive your boarding pass 30 days before departure. Please print out your tickets for check-in.

How much do tickets cost?

The ticket prices depend on the type of cabin you choose and on the port of departure. Prices start at around € 675 and go up to €1,400.

We increase the price during our sales process. The earlier you secure the ticket, the more it facilitates our planning, making deposits and preparing the beautiful experience that lies ahead of us. This is why ticket prices will increase with more tickets being sold.

What is included in the ticket price?

  • A two-week long cruise across the Atlantic including all port fees and taxes
  • Accommodation in the cabin type of your preference
  • All meals & Drinks
  • Two excursions during our island stops
  • Access to our private venue on board, where most of the Nomad Cruise program takes place.

What is NOT included in the ticket price?

Airfares, visa fees, on board service fees, Wifi (more info below) and other additional services like premium brand drinks, spa or laundry are not included in the price.

Do you have a refund policy?

If for some reason you can’t make it on the cruise, you can cancel your ticket by simply sending an email to

The following conditions apply to cancellations and booking changes for the trip:

> 60 Days: Deposit is held as cancellation
60 – 30 Days: 33% of the tour price is held as cancellation
29 – 19 Days: 67% of the tour price is held as cancellation
18 – 0 Days: 100% of the tour price is held as cancellation

Tickets are not for resale.

Can I bring my partner/family along?

You are welcome to bring your partner/family along and share your cabin with them. You can choose a cabin with either a large double bed or two separate beds.

You can share a cabin with up to 4 people, and children under the age of 18 get a discount on the ticket. Simply send an email to if you would like to book for your family.

Remember that the minimum age to join the cruise is six months and women who are pregnant beyond week 22 cannot join the cruise.

Can I share my cabin with other participants?

We do finally offer shared cabins with another nomad cruise participant. Each cabin can have a setup with two separate beds. By providing shared cabins, we can get more people on board, and you can save costs for your ticket at the same time. You can either make a suggestion of who you would like to share your cabin with or we will choose another lovely participant of the same sex for you.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my cabin?

If you want to upgrade your cabin, you have to do so at least 40 days before the cruise departure date without any extra charges, depending on availability. Downgrades are unfortunately not possible. To request a change, simply send an email to, and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Before Departure

Do you have advice on booking our flights?

You will have to make your own flight arrangements to our start and final destinations. To start your research, we can highly recommend Kiwi or Google Flights to start your research.

Due to the great connections between Bogota and Miami (occasionally New York), it may make sense to fly into Bogota. From the US you can find flights from 100€, from Europe flying via Miami, is usually the cheapest and will cost you around 400€. From Bogota, take a cheap connecting flight. We have made our experience with Viva Colombia! It’s not comfortable, but it’s cheap – but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Once you arrive at Cartagena Airport, you can either uber it to the city or take a taxi from the counter outside the airport. It’s not expensive and pretty convenient.

When should I arrive before the cruise?

Most cruisers arrive 1-7 days before departure in Cartagena. We can also recommend arriving in Colombia a few weeks before departure. Medellin is one of the world’s most popular Nomad hotspots and a great base to stay for a few weeks or explore Colombia from! Find more info about Medellin or join the Facebook group to connect to other Nomads in Medellin.

If you can only make your way to Cartagena on the 11th of May, we recommend arriving early that day so you can make it to the ferry in time.

If you check in, you can have free lunch on board. You can access the port by taxi (SPRC Terminal). We recommend having a printed version of your boarding documents on hand, as you might be asked to show them when entering the port territory.

This is the location of the port:

Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Cartagena

Cl. 28, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Any suggestions about accommodation in Cartagena?

We recommend staying in the old part of town. We also recommend asking in our Facebook group that we open 30 days before departure if you’d like to share your accommodation.

Are there any luggage restrictions?

You may bring as much luggage on board as your flight company allows you to. You can’t bring your pet, your car or your bike. You will check your luggage in during check-in. It will then be dropped in front of your cabin door.

What to bring?

We have been on three cruises by now, and they all have been a little bit different. Our recommendations are based on our experience, and obviously, you know best what you will need on top of that.

For the Conference:

  • Bring your own pens and paper. Yes, we’re all super digital and stuff, but honestly, taking notes on paper sometimes is just more convenient.
  • Bring your own power adapters (Type B and Type C)
  • Bring a multi-socket.
  • Bring all the material you may need for a meetup or mastermind session. We will provide the material for speakers of the curated program.

For Cruise Life

  • All interior of the cruise will be air-conditioned. So bring jackets, wraps or thin scarves.
  • You can wear what you wish to wear, however after 7 pm they don’t allow flip flops or bathing shorts in the restaurant. There will be at least one Captain’s Dinner, where many of the general passengers will dress up more or less glamorously. You choose whether or not you want to go all suit and tie or cocktail dress.
  • There have been themed nights before. ‘All white’, ‘Tropical’, ‘Pirates’, ‘Rock’n’Roll’, ’70ies’ and so on. We usually don’t stick to the rules more than necessary, but if you really care: prepare for this.
  • Bring one or two swimsuits. With all the networking and socializing and conference going on, you will enjoy some downtime at the pool. The pool is saltwater, but the water in the jacuzzis is chlorinated.
  • Bring sunscreen 50+ and a hat. The sun in the Caribbean is relentless.
  • Bring your own meds. We are not allowed to give out any medication. We recommend a carry-on pharmacy with bandaids, cold-meds, Ibuprofen, Voltaren, motion sickness meds, and the like. Bring hand sanitizer. Pullmantur puts up dispensers as well, and we highly encourage using it. In a narrow space like a boat, germs spread quickly, and it’s on you to do what you can to stay healthy. For the female members of the group, we recommend bringing tampons. Everything you have to buy on board will be ridiculously expensive. And parents: bring enough diapers.
  • Bring books, music, small board games.

For Portugal

  • Arriving in Portugal in May is perfect. It’s not too hot yet; the days are long and sunny, BUT: the nights can be very chilly. Make sure to bring a few warmer clothes you can throw on at night.
  • The currency in Portugal is Euros.

How to connect with fellow cruisers before the trip?

We will start the official trip-related Facebook group a month before departure. In this group, you guys can connect, exchange travel plans, and get in touch with the workshop organizers

On Board


The on board meals are included in your ticket. You can expect a wide variety of food during meal times with many options for vegans and vegetarians.

  • Buffet in morning (fruit, cereal, eggs, variation of bread, pancakes, sausages and more)
  • Buffet for lunch (salad bar, variety of fish, meat, vegetables and desserts)
  • Dinner a la carte or buffet style

For snacks, the Grill is open everyday from 4-10pm.
If you are vegan, please let us know beforehand, so we can communicate this to the ship.


All basic drinks on the cruise are included. However, if you prefer more high end brands, you can let us know beforehand and we can arrange to book a premium package at €10/day for you.

1) All Inclusive: no extra charge

Water, Soft Drinks, Beer, Cafe, Spirits, Cocktails

Included brands or similar: Coca Cola, Miller, Stolichnaya, Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Beefeater, Gordons, Ballantines, Martini. Premium brands and cocktails can be purchased for 1-3 € each.

2) All Inclusive + Premium Brands: 10 € per day

Same as above + premium brands like Red Bull, Bombay, Johnny Walker, Chivas Regal, Kahlua

To book the premium package simply send us an email (, and we will add it to your booking.

Are there any additional charges?

Yes, apart from the ticket you will have to pay a service fee between € 100 and € 150 for staff on board – depending on the length of your trip. Other than that, there will not be any surprises or hidden fees.

Keep in mind however that additional charges apply for selected on board services such as Wifi, SPA packages, casino, laundry and the à la carte restaurant. However, most services on board are free of charge.

How is the WiFi?

Let’s say it’s not exactly fiber optic. We faced a different situation on each trip, so it’s hard to make a general statement. We’ve become very cautious after the wifi-connection completely collapsed on NC II – too many of us used it at the same time. We’re in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean after all. During Nomad Cruise III it was quite steady, but there were one or two days where it was a little too slow for anything.

We recommend being prepared. Don’t expect anything – appreciate everything is pretty much the ideal strategy here.

While this sounds like a total downer, we were surprised to learn, that a large number of participants used all of NC III for a digital detox. They only ever logged in during island stops and other than that kept their devices off. They reported a positive change in their behavior, increased their level of relaxation, and many said that it felt like the first true vacation in years.

How much is the Wifi?

Satellite Internet doesn’t come cheap, which is another reason why we recommend a digital detox, focused on making connections with those on board. There is also an unlimited Wifi plan available, and you can get online for around $20 per day. To get the unlimited pack, you will have to pay the $20 per day for each day of the cruise from the first day you buy it until our arrival and can only access the Wifi with one device at a time.

Nomad Cruise Program

What's a typical day/week like on Nomad Cruise?

One of the fun things about Nomad Cruise is that there is something different going on every day. In the beginning, we focus a lot on breaking the ice between our 150 participants. While that’s not too hard,  as they are carefully selected through our application process, it’s an important part to develop the community vibe early on.

During the days at sea, a day starts with a big breakfast before the morning talks. After lunch, there are plenty of different workshops and mastermind sessions. These can be inspirational events or full-on business oriented. There are sessions on SEO, programming, marketing, finance but also on breathing, relaxation, relationships and balance. Talks are open to the entire group, while workshops are limited to smaller groups to make them engaging and more hands-on.

Depending on our itinerary there are island stops either in the beginning or at the end of a trip. It’s another fantastic bonding opportunity. Just to go and explore the islands together with so many like-minded people who embrace traveling to the max, is such a rare opportunity for many, who are usually on the road all by themselves. We usually leave the ship together in the morning and then either organize basic excursions to popular spots or the groups split up into smaller groups. We meet back for dinner, which is usually wild with all the stories people have to tell about their days.

We use the afternoons for meet-ups, mastermind sessions, relaxation by the pool or to make use of the leisure facilities on board, go to the gym, for a run or play basketball. Everybody can organize their own events at this time, and the outcome is often mind-blowing.

How to organize a talk or workshop?

As a crowd-oriented business, we believe in the power of a sharing community, and if you feel like you have something to say, we highly encourage you to hand in a proposal. We are proud that our conference is based only on the contributions made by our participants.

If you would like to contribute as well please fill out our workshop form. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

If you’re a bit insecure about the ifs and hows, get in touch with Lina (

Are there going to be other people on board besides our group?

Yes. Transatlantic cruises usually attract very open-minded individuals who generally can connect with the digital nomads quite easily.

Two weeks on a ship. Isn’t that boring?

You mean with all the workshops, talks, meet-ups, masterminds, acrobatics, meals together, chilling by the pool, meditating in the sunrise, listening to impromptu jam sessions, starting new businesses, exploring islands? Well…No!

After Arrival

What time do we arrive in Lisbon?

We arrive early in the morning.

We suggest not to make early flight arrangements because disembarkation can take a while.

What happens after the cruise? Is the trip over or do people continue to travel together?

What many of you can’t anticipate is that Nomad Cruise is really just the beginning. After our arrival, everything changes. Suddenly you have a global network of new friends you can rely on, new potential business partners, travel companions, and soulmates. Many team up and travel together or meet in different place in Europe.

For the first days though, we recommend to stay in Lisbon – it’s a fantastic place to stick around. The city itself is beautiful, creative and vibrant. It is set between beautiful beaches and the breath-taking landscape of the Algarve in the south and the Silver Coast in the north. Both areas are well worth a visit.The city itself is beautiful, creative and vibrant. It is set between beautiful beaches and the breath-taking landscape of the Algarve in the south and the Silver Coast in the north.

We will organize a meet-up on the first evening to get everybody back together for a proper goodbye. We will meet at time-out market at 6.30 pm (a beautiful food market venue in an amazing near waterfront location). This may seem early, but since Portugues dine late, we will have more space. This is not an official dinner with reserved seats. It’s a meet-up for everybody who wants to meet up!

Those, who decide to stay in Portugal or Southern Europe, might be interested to know that we will organize a small reunion for us Tarifa, Spain on June 14th. Tarifa is a beautiful beach town at the southern tip of Spain, where many Nomads reside throughout the year and we can highly recommend to visit for a week or two. Read the Tarifa Digital Nomad Guide to learn more about it.

In August, many Nomads will get together in Budapest for the world-famous Sziget festival, which is another great opportunity to meet up. If you need a place to stay around Budapest we can recommend Vagabond Nation or joining Flaks at the Balaton. Overall we can highly recommend southern and eastern Europe for a rather low cost of living, good wifi, and less tourism for those of you who want to stick around in Europe for a while after the cruise.

And if you’re still around in September we can highly recommend a visit to the Canary Islands and taking Nomad Cruise V back to Panama with us. We will have a special deal for all participants at the end of the trip.

Important to Know

Here’s everything you need to know to help you plan your Nomad Cruise


The weather on board changes as we cross the Atlantic. While the Caribbean is known for its humid and warm weather year round, Europe will be transgressing from spring to summer as we arrive.

Be prepared for tropical nights, hot days, a chilly Mediterranean breeze and the lower temperatures of early summer evenings.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend the following for travelers going to Colombia:

Get your routine vaccines: measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine, and your yearly flu shot.

They recommend this vaccine because you can get hepatitis A through contaminated food or water in Colombia, regardless of where you are eating or staying. The same applies for typhoid, especially when you plan to visit smaller cities or rural areas, or if you are an adventurous eater.
Yellow fever is a risk in certain parts of Colombia, so the CDC recommends the yellow fever vaccine for travelers 9 months of age or older to these areas.

Visa requirements

Tourist visas not required for many nationalities for up to 90 days. However, Nomad Cruise cannot be held liable for insufficient visas. You must research if with your nationality you need a visa for any of the following areas: Colombia, St. Martin, Antigua, European Union
To research visa requirements we recommend VisaHQ.


If anything goes wrong, don’t worry! Our excellent customer support department will get back to you soon, and you can always get in touch with us under – Please pass this email address on to your family in case you like to go on a digital detox but want to make sure they can contact us in the case of emergency.

Do you miss any trip information?

We are constantly extending the trip-wiki, based on your mail requests and questions in the Facebook community. Please send a message here and we’ll answer as soon as we can and add it to the existing info here as well.