Caribbean – Europe April 2020


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Nomad Cruise is a skill sharing journey. The entire program is co-organized with our participants. We’re thankful to all the amazing speakers who volunteer to organize a keynote, a talk, a workshop or a special on Nomad Cruise!

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Noah Laith

Serial Investor

How to survive and thrive in the next financial crisis

Noah is an investment guru, the founder of Riereta Equity Group and the founder of an award-winning CBD clinic. In his talk, he plans to undo some of the myths we have about investing, especially the one that has some of us thinking that you need to be an expert to have a good investment strategy. He will share simple techniques and strategies that will help you know, when, where and how to invest in various opportunities.

Chris Reynolds

High-performance Coach

Building a podcast to fuel your location independent lifestyle

Chris is an experienced high-performance productivity coach for entrepreneurs, CEOs and solopreneurs, while also running the successful podcast The Business Method. In his talk, he will share how he built and grew his podcast into an education platform for entrepreneurs and nomads to help them enhance their businesses. He will discuss the hidden benefits of podcasting and help you determine if you should use this medium to further your business’ success.

Itamar Marani

Executive Coach

Lesson from the special forces: principles and tactics for digital nomads

Itamar has over a decade’s worth of experience in Counter-Terrorism as an ex-special forces operative and he now also works as an executive coach. In this talk, we will go over the most tangible and practical principles, strategies and tactics from the special forces and teach you how to apply them to your location independent business. Learn how to make solid business decisions when most others cave into stress.

Sylvia Jagla

Online Entrepreneur

Create a remote team of empowered individuals and grow your business

Sylvia was recently awarded as a global coaching leader after almost a decade within all areas of Human Resources and she helps small businesses, tech companies & e-commerce owners to optimise organisational needs. In her talk she will share how to set-up a team foundation strategically and how to implement work guidelines and team engagement structures to ensure that your  remote team is happy and that you see consistent results from them.

Jordan Carroll

Remote Job Coach

The 10 habits of highly effective nomads

The things you do everyday are the most important things you do. As nomads it’s easy to disregard our health, relationships, and productivity because of travel. In this keynote you’ll discover how you can apply the lessons learned from creating intentional habits that enabled Jordan to run international marathons, find a significant other, build a location independent business, quit alcohol for more than a year, and get in the best shape of his life, all while traveling the world.

Rosanna Lopes

Affiliate Marketer

How to create nomad communities all over the world

Rosanna is an online marketer who has been working and living abroad for 12 years. She started organizing small meet-ups for nomads in Lisbon 4 years ago. The city is now one of the biggest nomad hubs in Europe and the community has grown to over 7,000 people. In her talk, Rosanna will share her story while also presenting a clear guide you can follow to start your own nomad community.

Sabby Choudhary

FB Ads Expert

How to use Facebook Ads for validating ideas and growing a business

Sabby is a Y- Combinator Alumni and a Facebook Ads expert, managing millions of dollars of ad spend for various startups and businesses. In his workshop, he is going to do some Facebook advertising myth-busting, starting with the idea that FB Ads are a one-size-fits all solution. He’ll tackle what mistakes many people make with their FB strategies and show you how Facebook can be a great tool for anything from testing new ideas to growing multimillion dollar businesses.

Stella Airoldi

Social Impact Entrepreneur

The do’s and don’ts of running a social business in less developed countries

Stella runs several social impact enterprises out of Uganda, including  22Stars, which sells jewellery that is sourced and made locally. As well as a foundation supporting Ugandan families in need. She will talk about how to build effective social ventures while avoiding several mistakes often made when working in development aid.  She will also discuss the top 5 things to take into account when doing business across borders and how to find the right community to help you.

Thorsten Wittmann

Author & Speaker

The 7 magical disciplines of financial freedom

Thorsten is an international financial author and speaker who is also a leading influencer and self made Millionaire within the finance industry. In his workshop he will share, step-by-step, a proven method for making your financial freedom planable. He’ll explain why financial freedom can be such a puzzle and how to overcome overwhelm when planning your financial future by just using some practical exercises and checklists that he will be providing during the workshop.

Johannes Voelkner

Founder of Nomad Cruise

Hierarchy of needs for a nomad

Some people think how digital nomads live is pretty unconventional. In fact, some people think it’s downright crazy. Looking at how our hierarchy of needs looks quite a bit different to the humans of days gone by, Johannes, Founder of Nomad Cruise will talk about our unconventional way of life and dig deeper into what our internal drives are and what makes us take the next step in our lives and why?

Patrick Farrell


How to find purpose through serving others and giving back

Patrick is a veteran cruiser and will be sharing his approach to engineering your life around service as a path to finding joy and purpose. Those That Inspire, a community he started, has allowed him the chance to unite people who wish to inspire positive change in the world through action and leadership. He will teach you how to leverage the Nomad Community to build your own unique skill set and create a life that is both impactful and full of freedom.

Serge Zhevelyuk

Serial Entrepreneur

From homelessness to a 6 figure income 

Serge grew up in vastly different environments from snowy Russia to hot Australia, and during his professional life, he has dedicated his time to multiple businesses, ranging from startups to SMEs helping them grow into multi-million dollar companies. In his talk, he will share his personal story focusing on the importance of setting up the right foundation to succeed in business. Sharing why he believes passion is one of the most important ingredients for prosperity.

Matt Bowles 

Real Estate Investor

Creating a location-independent business in a non-virtual space

Matt Bowles runs Maverick Investor Group, a real estate brokerage that helps people buy cash-flowing rental properties in the U.S. He is also a full-time nomad. In his talk, he will break down 7 actionable techniques you can use to reverse engineer your business plan to avoid geographically restrictive mistakes, mitigate your target customer’s perceived risk in buying from a remote-first company and leverage your location independence as a competitive business advantage.

Tony Ventura

Specialist in New Technologies

Secret tools for growth hacking

Tony is a self-proclaimed Tech Hunter and an experienced Growth Hacker helping people find the best tech tools to make their life and job easier. In his talk he will share the best gadgets, apps and websites he’s discovered that you can use to travel cheaply, find clients and become more productive. Learn how to use creativity, technology and smart strategies to achieve bigger and better results. Do more with less effort.


Chris Reynolds

High-performance Coach

The neurochemistry of how to massively accelerate your brain’s productivity power 

Chris is a high-performance tactician and is the founder of The Business Method. In his workshop, he will explain how he helps entrepreneurs optimise their productivity to reach peak performance consistently and scale their businesses using research-driven techniques. By understanding neurochemistry, we are able to manage anxiety, bad habits and make better decisions. Walk away with an awareness of how to shift your physiology to reach peak performance states and practical steps to minimising stress.

Itamar Marani

Executive Coach

Lessons from the special forces: achieving mission clarity for your business

Itamar has over 10 year’s experience in Government and Private Counter-Terrorism Industry. In his workshop, he will go over how the special forces decide which missions to pursue and why. Laying out the key principles involved in the decision-making process, then taking these principles and applying them to your business. You will leave with an understanding of what to do next and have a solid mission plan for the next 90 days.

Bal Sieber

Award-winning Designer

3 steps to design your career around traveling in style

Bal is an award-winning designer, content strategist, and digital craftsman. During his illustrious career, he has written for Net Magazine, How Magazine, and was a judge for The FWA. In this workshop, Bal will walk you through the crucial steps to build a career around traveling in style while loving your work. He will teach you how to uncover what truly motivates you, how to develop a compelling personal brand, and the mindset to keep you winning in the game of life.

Jordan Carroll

Remote Job Coach

The unique “no application remote job search” strategy

Jordan worked remotely at a Fortune 100 company and multiple startups in various industries over the past 5 years. He now teaches people how to do the same! In his workshop he’ll show you his simple 3-step system that helped him get hired without the traditional application process, the biggest mistakes virtually all remote job seekers make, and 13 social media hacks you must optimize to be visible to the right people online.

Liam McClintock

Certified Meditation Instructor

The neuroscience and practice of meditation

From Yale graduate to finance job to the founder of FitMind, a mental health technology company, Liam went from high-pressure job to studying meditation full time with yogis and monks. In his workshop, he will share the most recent science about this ancient practice. He will also discuss the evolutionary psychology and neuroscience of meditation, and provide techniques for beginners while also helping those who meditate regularly to take their practice to the next level.

Marianne Green


Measuring your success through solid KPIs

Understanding your level of success within your business or any project requires pre-set key performance indicators (KPIs). Marianne, runs a remote consulting firm called The Finance Team Limited and in her workshop she will help you set and understand what your KPIs are or should be. She’ll drill down into really understanding what is meant when businesses talk about KPIs and she will also share how you can capture and report on your own KPIs

Wade Sellers

Nomadic Storyteller

Make badass video content with your phone

From a career in the FBI to building mobile apps that bust human traffickers to now being a storyteller with a passion for short-form video, Wade has quite the background. In his workshop, he will teach you how to make killer videos that build a real human connection to your brand. In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn more about video creation and editing techniques while also getting a deeper understanding of viewer psychology.

Kevin & Brit

Teacher & Entrepreneur

Improv group games workshop

Keep the story going and learn how improvisation games can make you more open to possibility in your business, lifestyle and social interactions just by saying yes and letting your imagination run free. Even if sometimes they’re a little crazy or silly. This workshop is loads of fun. You’ll laugh, You’ll cry (from laughing) but most of all you’ll get the opportunity to express yourself in a creative and supportive environment.

Andreas Siapanis


Ways to optimise your personal and company tax status

Nomads have the opportunity to work and live around the world – however without the correct company structure and personal tax residency, you may be facing heavy taxation for no reason. In this workshop, Andreas, migration and corporate lawyer will discuss company and personal taxation and explain solutions and opportunities where nomads can optimise their lifestyle to minimise these factors.  You will also learn how to open and operate a company in an international market with minimal tax implications


Piranha tank

If you’ve got a great idea and you don’t know how to pitch to the world (or potential collaborators and investors) then Piranha’s workshop is for you. During the workshop you’ll learn the elements required for the perfect pitch and you’ll be able to show off your newfound skill and your super idea to your fellow Nomad Cruisers and get real-time feedback from our business mentors.

Deep connections

Our Nomad Cruise community is so unique due to the strong relationships we build with each other. Bori’s interactive workshop will see you connect with fellow nomads and help you turn strangers into lasting relationships. Come with an open mind and heart and we promise you will love it!

Speed networking

Think speed dating, but instead of searching for love you get to network with your fellow cruisers while your business contacts blossom. It’s fun, entertaining and a great way to get to know your fellow nomads in a semi-professional, laid back setting. Make close friends and business partners – or both!

Talent show

Join us for an evening of entertainment as we host our very own Nomad Cruise talent show. It’s a chance to see your fellow cruisers in a new light as they sing, dance and dazzle us with their unique and hidden talents. If there’s a performer in you thirsty for the limelight then be sure to sign up!

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