Before you apply please make sure you agree to the following

  • Giving a talk or workshop is voluntary, there isn’t any kind of compensation.
  • You should be on stage to kind-heartedly share your wisdom with fellow nomads, not to sell your product or service. No sales pitches, please!

Technical details

No internet:

Organising a conference on a cruise-ship comes with its own challenges, and one of them is that there is no internet. For this reason, we ask every speaker to prepare a talk or workshop that works offline (we mean like completely offline). So please, only apply if you can host your speech or workshop without an internet connection.


There is a screen and projector available for all keynotes. When it comes to workshops screen availability is limited, so please, let us know in advance if a screen is necessary for your workshop so we can plan to assign you to the right venue.

Your Presentation:

We know that there is no better motivation than a tight deadline, but we really need you to be finished with creating your supporting materials before we leave port. We collect all your PDFs, PPTS or Keynote presentations before we leave.

About the application

We are constantly measuring the needs of each of our cruises so that we have our program tailored to the tribe of people attending. We review applications with this in mind. If you’re a good match we will get in touch with you.

If you are applying from your phone or face any problems with the form above, please use this form.


If you have any questions about the application process or the different types of speeches, please don’t hesitate to contact Bori at

Bori is responsible for all conference and program-related topics.