Before you apply, please read the following carefully:


All keynotes and workshops are related to remote work, business, productivity, health, digital nomad lifestyle, personal development and travel.


We’re especially interested in case studies and actionable advice. Let us know what approaches/strategies/tools are working for you right now and what you’ve learned along the way. Please respect, that sales-pitches for your business are not welcome.


It’s super important is that you are highly experienced in the topic you will be talking about, speak good English and take time to prepare your talk well. Public speaking experience is a plus but not a must. We have some resources ready to help you and we will guide you during the preparation of your talk. 


Keep in mind that internet is limited on board. You cannot rely on it for your talk and need to prepare it in a way that you can hold it fully offline.

Examples of talks and workshops we are looking for:

Digital Nomad Life

Tell us about your experience of working while travelling around the world and how you manage your life as a digital nomad.

Personal Development

Relationships, purpose, motivation and communication techniques are just a few of the topics our audience like to learn about.

Remote Work Advice

We would love to hear about your systems, culture and tools and advice on how you run your business remotely.

Business Case Studies

Tell us how you built your company and what strategies are working for you right now.

About the application

We are constantly measuring the needs of each of our cruises so that we have our program tailored to the tribe of people attending. We review applications with this in mind. If you’re a good match we will get in touch with you.

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