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Canada - Alaska - Japan
29 Sept - 13 October 2024

Join 300+ digital nomads and remote workers
at the first digital nomad summit at sea!


Join us for the first digital nomad summit at sea!


Join us on a thrilling voyage across the North Pacific from September 29 to October 13, where over the course of 13 days, we'll trace Alaska’s rugged coast and cross the ocean to Japan, encountering Sitka’s humpback whales, Kodiak Island’s majestic bears, and Kushiro’s red-crested cranes along the way.

Cross the Pacific Ocean

Business Conference

Community for Life

Travel the World


Watch to learn more about the Nomad Cruise concept


Route & Highlights

Sept 29 | Departure from Vancouver
Sept 30 | Sea Day - Conference & 30-Second Pitches
Oct 1 | Sitka, Alaska
Oct 2 | Sea Day - Conference
Oct 3 | Kodiak, Alaska
Oct 4 | Sea Day - Conference
Oct 5 | Sea Day - Conference
Oct 6 | Sea Day - Cross International Dateline
Oct 8 | Sea Day - Conference
Oct 9 | Sea Day - Conference
Oct 10 | Sea Day - Conference
Oct 11 | Kushiro, Japan
Oct 12 | Sea Day - Conference
Oct 13 | Arrival in Yokohama (Tokyo), Japan


Learn and grow your business & network on the Pacific Ocean

Nomad Cruise is a unique opportunity to cross the Pacific Ocean and explore Japan while connecting with a diverse community of remote workers from around the world. We've created an environment on the cruise that fosters learning and growth: throughout the trip, you'll have the chance to expand your thinking, learn new skills, and gain valuable knowledge from experts in various fields.

Attend keynotes and hands-on workshops, visit stunning destinations, connect with others and engage in mastermind sessions, and finally, network during our specially curated nightly events. At Nomad Cruise, each day is unique, and this is how we like it!


Grow your network and skills while traveling across the Pacific Ocean


Vancouver to Tokyo

During this journey from Canada to Japan we'll explore some of the most picturesque destinations.

Embark on a fantastic journey as we cruise from Vancouver, Canada, spanning the vast ocean in 13 days. Along the way, we'll discover the charm of Sitka, a unique Alaskan town, and explore Kodiak Island, a truly extraordinary destination, home to the iconic Kodiak bear. Before we reach the vibrant Tokyo, our final destination, we'll make a delightful stop in Kushiro. Famous for its expansive Kushiro Marsh, this serene spot is inhabited by deer, sea eagles, and Japanese cranes. Get ready for an adventure filled with incredible scenery and memorable moments!

And finally, we'll make our grand entrance in Tokyo, a city pulsating with the beating heart of modernity and tradition.


Nomad Cruise Is so Much More than "Just a Cruise"

Sit back and relax on this ALL-INCLUSIVE journey


All under one ticket price includes your cabin, cruise facilities, food, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, and the entirety of the conference, workshops, and all evening events. And on top of it all: a community to connect and create memories for life with. It's kind of hard to believe isn't it?

Comfy Cabin

From a shared room to a cabin with a private balcony.


Gym? Spa? Sport court? Library? Pool? Casino? Theater? We have it all.

Food & Drinks

3 delicious meals per day with snacks in between. Signature drink package.


This goes without saying and what the Nomad Cruise is all about.

Evening Events

Themed dinners, parties, connection games & more.


Make friends for live.


Join our reunions before and after the cruise.

All Taxes & Fees

Taxes and port fees are included in the ticket price.

Included in Your Ticket - Stay Connected at Sea with Starlink!

Exciting news! Nomad Cruise 13 will feature enhanced connectivity, thanks to Starlink internet access. While we encourage unplugging to connect with fellow passengers, we understand your business needs. Expect improved internet, allowing video calls at the Pacific. Please be flexible with scheduling due to occasional hiccups. Join us for a unique voyage, striking a balance between connections and digital engagement. See you on board!


Your home for 13 days

With a fitness center, sport court, swimming pools, restaurants, bars and lounges, a theatre and a spa on board, we are sure you'll feel home away from home aboard MS Noordam, a member of Holland America Line.

Customizable to you


A great way to make friends on your journey! Given gender, age, early birds or night owls, we'll make a perfect match for your stay.

*Note: The pictures provided are for illustrative purposes only.


Want to have your space? No problem. You can choose to have your own private cabin for an additional cost.

Get on board the Nomad Cruise! Simply choose your cabin. Book early and save :)

No Window


Shared | Single

€2000 | €3000

€2500 | €3200


Price includes:
The Cruise: 13 Day cruise + All meals & drinks + Free Starlink Wi-Fi
The Program: The full conference, including workshops, all events and online community
All taxes and fees.


Paid excursions
Crew appreciation: $17/day/person




Shared | Single

€2200 | €3200

€2700 | €3500


Price includes:
The Cruise: 13 Day cruise + All meals & drinks + Free Starlink Wi-Fi
The Program: The full conference, including workshops, all events and online community
All taxes and fees.


Paid Excursions
Crew appreciation: $17/day/person




Shared | Single

€2400 | €3600

€2900 | €4500


Price includes:
The Cruise: 13 Day cruise + All meals & drinks + Free Starlink Wi-Fi
The Program: The full conference, including workshops, all events and online community
All taxes and fees.


Paid excursions
Crew appreciation: $17/day/person


Balcony, jetted bathtub


Shared | Single

€3500 | €5500

€4200 | €6000


Price includes:
The Cruise: 13 Day cruise + All meals & drinks + Free Starlink Wi-Fi
The Program: The full conference, including workshops, all events and online community
All taxes and fees.


Paid excursions
Crew appreciation: $19/day/person


At the moment all our cabins are sold out. Join our waitlist and we’ll get back as soon as we have an available cabin for you. 

On the Nomad Cruise we have reinvented the purpose of networking. We connect to belong.

This is not your typical networking event


Belong to an amazing community

The Nomad Cruise is a place to create memories and leave with a real and honest network of people. By being stuck on a boat you’re bound to make new friends. We believe we all have something that we can learn from one another— this is a place where professionals, freelancers, and founders meet and stay friends for life.

The alumni are recognized as high achievers and driven successful thought leaders. From CEO’s and executives to artists and storytellers. Our community is made up of 1,500 individuals from over 70 countries.

We welcome creatives, critical thinkers, entrepreneurs, 9-5ers, and those going through a personal and professional transition.


The cruise is just the beginning


Bonus: Join our reunions and discover Japan with the Nomad Cruise community!

Get ready for an extraordinary post-cruise adventure because the excitement continues beyond the cruise! If you can, plan to stay for at least 2 weeks after arrival to reconnect with your fellow nomads and set out on an enchanting journey through Japan. Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Okinawa, where vibrant coral reefs and sandy beaches await. Stand in awe of Mount Fuji, Japan’s iconic symbol. Capture breathtaking views, explore the surrounding beauty, and share unforgettable moments with your fellow adventurers. Experience the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, where modernity meets tradition. From neon-lit streets to historic temples, Tokyo is a melting pot of excitement and culture. Stay tuned for more details on this unforgettable reunion program across Japan.


The Nomad Cruise is for you if

You dream of living a digital nomad lifestyle but don’t really know where to start.

You're looking for people that share the same interests, ambition and drive.

You’re interested in growing your entrepreneurial skills, get a new perspective, and build a remote business.

You feel excited to walk away with an amazing community that you can’t believe existed and weren’t apart of otherwise.

You want to travel to beautiful bucket list destinations.

You want to network with and learn from business professionals.

You want to experience all the perks of the cruise ship including all inclusive food, pool time and entertainment.

You can’t wait for what happens after the cruise, and thrilled for the new journey you’re about to embark on!

Don't take our word for it

Whether you’re looking for self-enrichment, networking, business and skill development, travel, goal-establishing, or friendship; Nomad Cruise will exceed your expectations.

Julie ClarkFounder & CEO, Capa Consulting Group

There is never a dull moment when you put 150+ interesting people in one place – you know amazing things will happen. From Salsa dancing at the disco to creating new business ventures and playing guitar to the sound of the waves, Nomad Cruise was a great experience that we hope to enjoy again very soon.

Santiago SosaFounder, All Digital Media

Incredible experience with amazing people. Learned more in these two weeks from some serious experts than I have in many months, and made some lifelong friends!

Brandon OlinBusiness Owner, Movility

One of the best decisions this year was joining the Nomad Cruise. A journey of a lifetime filled with highly interesting talks, workshops, meet ups, beautiful scenery, a whole lot of new nomad friends and inspiration.

Tijmen HobbelPhotographer & Videographer

Join the team

Organizing Nomad Cruise is only possible thanks to the amazing support of our speakers, partners and volunteers. Want to be part of the team as well? Let us know below.

Become a Partner

Do you want to team up or sponsor the event? That's great! We look forward to hearing from you!

Apply here
Become a Volunteer

Volunteer spots are limited and preference is given to former participants and those who booked their ticket already.

Apply here

Your questions answered

Who is the Nomad Cruise for?

We are looking for creative, productive and passionate people at different stages of their digital nomadism/remote working. Nomad Cruise is for beginners as well as for pros because we believe that we all have different talents and we can all learn from each other.

We always have a heterogeneous group concerning age, gender, nationality, experience, skills and interests, yet homogenous concerning open-mindedness and choice of the nomadic/remote working lifestyle.

While many participants typically range from 25 to 50, we warmly welcome nomads of all ages, whether younger or older!

If you haven’t booked yet and want to join us on our next cruise, please do so soon. Keep in mind that chances to get better deals are higher if you book early. Early bookings will also get the best cabins.

Can I come alone?

Sure you can! We make it super easy for you to connect with the other participants, so we promise you won’t be alone for too long. Most of the participants who join us for the first time come alone and leave with hundreds of new friends.

Can I share my cabin with other participants?

We do offer shared cabins with another Nomad Cruise participant. Each cabin can have a setup with two separate beds. By providing shared cabins, we can get more people on board, you can save some bucks on your ticket, plus you’ll have a friend from the very first day. You can either make a suggestion of who you would like to share your cabin with or we will choose another lovely participant of the same sex for you.

Can I bring my partner/family along?

You are welcome to bring your partner along and share your cabin with them. You can choose a cabin with either a large double bed or two separate beds.

Both of you will need to book a shared cabin separately and mention each other’s full name in the check-out form when we ask if you have anyone to share your cabin with.

Family bookings:
You can share a cabin with up to 4 people.  Infants must be at least twelve (12) months old on the date of embarkation for Transocean crossings.
Simply send an email to if you would like to book for your family.

Is the ticket for the cruise tax deductible?

Yes! Many participants have used it to reduce their taxes. How much you can deduct in the end depends on your country and tax advisor.

Are there any restrictions?

There are a few restrictions in the cruise line’s policy which we have to abide by:

  • Women cannot have begun their 24th week of pregnancy at any time before or during the cruise. If you are pregnant or sailing with a guest who is pregnant they must provide a physician’s letter stating the expected due date, medical fitness to travel and the pregnancy is not high risk.
  • Due to international restrictions imposed by cruise companies, citizens of Russia, Belarus, North Korea, Yemen and Cuba are only allowed on board if they have a residency certificate in a country not listed above.
  • For solo travellers the minimum age to join is 21 years.

What happens after booking?

Once you’ve booked, you will receive access to our Cruise Wiki, offering even more information to help you plan your cruise in advance.

About 45 days prior to departure you will also be invited to our Telegram Group, so you can connect with other participants and plan your trip together.

What shall I do if the cabin i want to book is not available?

We have limited cabins for this trip, and while we can’t promise anything, we are working on making more cabins available.

If your preferred cabin category is not available, you are welcome to sign up to our waitlist and we’ll let you know in case we have a spot for you.

If you’re flexible with the cabin category and want to make sure you don’t miss out on the adventure, we recommend booking the closest category to your preferred choice, and if we can, we will update your booking to your favorite cabin type. In this case, we also invite you to fill out our the waitlist to let us know what type of cabin you’re after.

Is there wifi on board?

Our ship will be equipped with the Starlink broadband internet connection system, which is a faster and more reliable internet experience compared to our previous trips. Holland-America’s Premium Wifi package is included in your ticket price.

What drinks can I enjoy with the included Drink Package?

Your Nomad Cruise ticket comes with the Signature Drink Package included.

Holland America’s Signature Package is an alcoholic package for guests ages 21+. (Minibar in the cabin is not included).

You can choose from a selection of beers, spirits, cocktails, and wines by the glass up to $11 per serving. Plus, you can choose from all non-alcoholic options available with the Quench Package (Coca Cola products, premium coffee such as espresso and cappuccino, juices, mocktails and bottled water).

There is a daily 15 drink limit for both alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages.

When should I arrive to the departure city?

If you have the time, we highly encourage you to arrive one week earlier, as we will organize different programs to discover Vancouver and connect with other participants before the cruise begins.

Can you share tips for booking my flights?

Arriving in Vancouver: Vancouver has an international airport, located on Sea Island in Richmond, British Columbia, serving the city of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland region. It is located 12 km from Downtown Vancouver.

We recommend arriving at least one or two days ahead and booking a hotel in Vancouver for one night. We will have some advice on places to stay in our trip wiki.

Departure from Tokyo: The ship arrives in Tokyo on October 13th at 7 am, and it might take a few hours until you are able to disembark, therefore we advice against booking an early flight. Getting to the Tokyo Haneda (HND) Airport will take around 15 minutes by taxi.

What happens after arrival?

The disembarkation can take a while, so we suggest not to book any early flights.

We encourage you to stick around in the area for at least 2 weeks after the cruise. This gives you an excellent opportunity to build deeper connections and brainstorm potential business collaborations with those you met on board. If you have more time available you don’t won’t want to miss the reunions we will organize after the cruise – they are always a ton of fun and a great way to explore yet another beautiful destination – or two!

How can I contribute to the program?

Speaking on stage at Nomad Cruise is one of the best ways to show your expertise to other members of our great online-entrepreneur community.
As a skill-sharing conference, we do not offer any compensation for the talks/workshops – we are looking for voluntary contributions.

You can find all the information about giving a talk or workshop on board and apply here.

If you are not chosen as a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator, we still encourage you to be an active part of the program. Organize your own meetup on your specific topic or participate in the various special events we host (e.g. talent show, mastermind).

Do you have a refund policy?

If for some reason you can’t make it on the cruise, you can cancel your ticket by simply sending an email to

The following conditions apply to cancellations and booking changes for the trip:

> 60 Days: Deposit is held as cancellation

60 – 30 Days: 33% of the tour price is held as cancellation

29 – 19 Days: 67% of the tour price is held as cancellation

18 – 0 Days: 100% of the tour price is held as cancellation

Tickets are not for resale.

How do you address the environmental impact of your trips?

For each cruise we calculate the carbon emmission that is released during the trip and offset it with the official offsetting platform of the UN Nations. You can read more about how we stay carbon-neutral here.

Can’t find the info you are looking for? Check our detailed FAQ or contact us at

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